Au Cameroun polémique autour de la suspension d’un prêtre pour syncrétisme

Urbi & Orbi Africa | L’évêque diocèse de Bafoussam, dans la région de l’Ouest du Cameroun, a suspendu de son poste d’enseignant à l’université catholique de Bafoussam le père André Marie Kengne, administrateur de la quasi-paroisse de Bamesso, pour apologie du syncrétisme religieux, et glissements hérétiques.

Il est reproché à ce prêtre d’avoir mis en ligne une vidéo dans laquelle il fait la promotion de la culture traditionnelle et ancestrale Bamiléké qui selon l’évêque n’est pas conforme à la doctrine chrétienne. L’affaire a donc vite fait de diviser au sein du collège presbytéral du diocèse de Bafoussam.

Au Cameroun polémique autour de la suspension d’un prêtre pour syncrétisme

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  1. Mad people dancing to the tune of foreign evil religion at the expense of rubbishing their own great culture. Africa will only see light when we as a people realise that the whiteman’s religion, the bible and the Koran are books that have been used to enslave our minds, and to reduce us to slaves of all foreign ideologies and supremacy. How do people feel everytime they kneel down in front of an image of Jesus that is a whiteman? Madness in the 21st century.

    • I totally agree with you my dear. The truth about the so called “whiteman” is beginning to be out. White Jesus has never worked for Africans who have denigrated their own tradition and cultural practices. And because a majority of Africans chose the easy path to success, they carry the white man’s religion on their head to exploit fellow Africans.

      • I just have a question why do you call it the “whitemen” religion where for example the origins of christianity started in the Middle East?

        • Even, the other prophet chose Bilal ibn Rabah, Black man, as his successor.

          We don’t have to run away from those books but appropriate them by bringing out some of the truths and giving them the local colouration they deserve.

          Teach Kleda and Tumi that Jesus is African, Arabia and Africa used to be one and the same land. Teach imams that Mohamed’s successor is Black. That’s all, they will all discover that those books they think are theirs, are not. Those books are closer to us than them.

          Hence, paint Jesus black with a broad nose, Bilal, the prophet, is already black…

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