Au Cameroun, un ex-combattant séparatiste passe aux aveux

Success Nkongho qui fut l’un des plus farouches combattants séparatistes ambazoniens a choisi de rendre les armes. Parallèlement, il accuse la Fondation Paul Ayah Abine de financer la guerre dans les régions anglophones.

La crise anglophone connaît ces derniers jours des rebondissements avec la volte-face du désormais ex-combattant ambazonien Success Nkongho.

“J’ai quitté la guerre parce que je ne peux plus participer à ce conflit où toutes les lois internationales sont violées, où des personnes sont mutilées. Je suis un homme de conscience. Cette guerre a créé des divisions entre nous, les anglophones. Au lieu de lutter pour la démocratie, les Ambazoniens ont imposé leur opinion en utilisant les armes”, confie-t-il dans un témoignage exclusif sur la DW.

Des révélations accablantes

Success Nkongho ne se limite pas à répondre à ce qu’il nomme “l’appel de la République”. Le théologien fait également des révélations depuis les Etats-Unis qui accablent des personnalités et certaines ONG. Ainsi, il accuse la Fondation Paul Ayah et son promoteur d’être “des partenaires et facilitateurs des Ambazoniens. Les financements qu’ils reçoivent sont destinés à aider les soldats ambazoniens”, avoue-t-il.

Directement mise en cause, la Fondation Paul Ayah Abine a réagi en déposant une plainte contre l’ancien combattant ambazonien pour diffamation et propagation de fausses nouvelles.

Gérard Zambo, analyste politique, considère que Success Nkongho cherche avant tout à se sauver et prendre position pour les prochaines élections législatives qui se dérouleront en février 2020.

“Si le Dr Akongho ne se livre pas à ce jeu, il peut mal finir”, estime Gérard Zambo qui pense pense aussi que si l’ex-combattant décide de sortir de sa rébellion, “il faut bien qu’il se dégage un espace d’expression politique. Il sait que le pays est tourné vers des enjeux politiques importants. Pour écarter tout potentiel adversaire, il doit être prêt pour ce scrutin”.

La DW n’a pas pu obtenir une réponse de la Fondation Paul Ayah Abine qui refuse toute déclaration, dans l’attente du début de la procédure suite à sa plainte.


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  1. Success Nkongho does not need to be a Judas or stain Ayah Foundation to secure a candidacy for any elective post in the days ahead. Nomination to elective posts is even easier and better than touring Ambazonia to campaign.

    • Did you ask yourself if his accusations are well founded?

      • Don’t mind this digital warriors who sit in the comfort of their homes pouring fuel into the furnace.

        Many of them would not be where they are if the Cameroon of their youth did not have relative stability.

        Let the former baron of the ruling party (current supreme court president of the decapitation-nation) take his former campaign financier to the ‘occupiers’ court and argue his case. Press releases are not enough. Let him prove that he’s not been running arms for those burying innocent african girls and boys alive. Let him prove that he is not a surrogate of those who think they can decapitate and kidnap with impunity.

        If he wants, he can reach me at AfricanBlackleg at gmail for a ticket to the Hague where he can sue the entire country if he wants.

        kumkum pass garri. kikikikik

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        Ayah Foundation accused successful Sucess Nkongho of human trafficking of Cameroonian girls and did not tell us that he participated or attempted to participate in human trafficking! That makes Ayah a very shady character, besides the fact that he clearly misappropriated 66 millionCFA intended for projects in Akwaya.
        Now Success Nkongho has announced that he has proof that Ayah’s foundation is trafficking arms for Ambazombie terrorists!
        I am calling on the president to immediately fire the heads of the responsible organs if they have not already started interrogating the Ayah foundation on this! These Ambazombies have killed thousands of innocent ppl with those guns!
        Black Legs are calling for immediate interrogation and televised search of Ayah foundation

  2. Kumkum Pass Garri

    Dear Cameroon Government,

    In my capacity as General Diamond of the Black Legs movement for RIGOROUS DEMORALISATION OF Ambazombies, I am calling on you to immediately start a public investigation into allegations that the Ayah foundation is trafficking guns for Ambazombie terrorists The investigation must involve tracking every penny that has gone in and out of the Ayah foundation account and its directors accounts. If there is any misrepresentation in their finacial documents which should be public, I urge you to immediately to immediately freeze their accounts and suspend their status as a charitable organisation!

    If those SNWL terrorists can appoint themselves Generals and send messages to the government let them know that we Black Legs can do same! More Black Leg Generals wanted!

  3. Graffi and Bayangi at their best.
    No sane person, is doubting that the Ayah Ayah foundation, would be framed.

  4. The article or report talks of a “crise Anglophone qui tire vers sa fin” hahahahahaha.
    1-Do Anglophones now vote for their governor?
    2-Is the local police answerable to the Governor?
    3-Are recruitments into the local civil service done within the region?
    4-Are the local assembly and house of chiefs the defacto legislature and not just deliberative organs for the regions in all matters save international relations and monetary policy?
    5-Have the name and country of the joke called cameroon been changed?

    If 1 to 5 have No as an answer anywhere, please wait for the next wave of attacks and while we are at it tou might station multiple BIR stations in Ambazonia for life.
    We will never yield.
    The longer this problem goes unsolved the more bloody shall be the denouement.

    • blood money (mttb) do make dis one think say e own pipo dem na mumu. how can i blame you. blood money would have made even Einstein walk naked on Alaska st in Kumba so what more of this wicked creature making bep bep bep online.

      Expedia is running sales for tickets. Contact me at AfricanBlackLeg at gmail let me get u a one way to go lead a battalion. Nyamfuka!

      Wickedness and contempt for your fellow african lives has pushed to decapitate, bury alive, and butcher them.

      your decapitation-nation will not see the light of day in ur life time. get used to it. not even somaliland will endorse people who bury their fellow africans alive.

    • There is this southwest chiefs conference building site, on the way from Muea to Buea,
      through Malingo, on the lefthand side going up. They moulded many blocks and even
      dug the foundation. Then like the famous tower of Babel, confussion crept in.
      Hopefully, all the runaway chiefs, are anxiuosly, waiting for the special status package.
      What a group of misfits and enablers, who have no sense of development, no plans.
      Away with the claim, that chiefs should be honored. These are a useless bunch of
      fraudsters, lazy individuals and ocultic citizens blindfooling the ignorant masses. There
      is need, to get reed of them and band such nonsense. We only need elected officials,
      who can be sacked in case of any mismanagement, stealing, bad behavior{ocultism}
      etc. This, should be the ideal Ambazonia

  5. The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC has become extremely desperate.


    They have now contracted Success Nkongho to help stop the UNSTOPPABLE momentum.
    Success Nkongho is a skilful conman, liar, FAKE pastor and FAKE doctor. He has mastered the art of 419 to the extent that however strong you are, he would placate you if you dared give him a listening ear.
    He truly is a doctor in the scamming business. He has mastered the art with wit and finesse, period! He knows how to deceive the gullible.
    He claims to be a great Man of God who also happens to be the President of West African Pastors Association and Chancellor of a university’.

    In sum, this new Enfant chérie of LRC is indeed a classic example of good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      An attack in Bakebe checkpoint, Manyu on the 10.01. 2020 by Ambazonia Forces has left 6 (six) French Cameroun terrorist soldiers dead on the spot, 1 Hilux damaged

      * MY TAKE *

      The writer had warned severally on this same forum that historians will consider the months of January and February 2020 as the BLOODIEST months in the history of “one and indivisible” SC.
      He has been vindicated.



    • **** WARNING ****


  6. KKPG wata no be H2O


    Ambazombie terrorist Ayaba Cho is in advanced discussion with the government of Cameroon and is expected to drop his weapons and fly to Yaoundé to seek amnesty!

    An unnamed insider with intimate knowledge of the negotiations indicated that Ayaba Cho insists he is an individual and is seeking amnesty for himself and not the entire Ambazombie Defeated Forces(ADF). When asked specifically about amnesty for Tapang Ivo he responded ” The Revolution is a lost course, now na time for anyman helep e sef God for we all… Are you sure Tapang is not in the process of negotiating his own amnesty?”

    According to the iInsider scores of Ambazombie terrorist scammers in the diaspora have contacted the government to request amnesty since Success Nkongho landed in Nsimalen.

    • No surprise, Ayaba Cho is graffi.

      • Joshua,

        mttb aka blood money will soon make you run from your shadow. how is paying sako’s rent, mimbo and chop for ur pastor president?

        in the name of odeshi. aman!


        • Tell me why Chris Anu will project a video from the DRC to the entire world with french and ligngala speakers in the background that it is from Kumbo? Is he fulfilling his own end of the bargain of collecting money from Paul Butcher Biya so that his CPDM mother in Kondengui can be released? Joshua where is Yanick Kawa Kawa, Nakere Nambere and the other SW traitors before him Franklin Njume? Why did Agbor Bala and now Success Nkongho make such a big U-turn in this struggle for freedom? Why do you lazy Southern Zoners prefer to see all the children of the Northern zone killed and buried just so that you hang onto imaginary power? If you are Biya will you negotiate with firebrand Ayaba Cho or with Sako Ikome Dull Samuel? Why do u embrace any false gossip debasing NZ?

  7. Many more will have to suffer, many more will have to die.
    Amba will live free or.die.
    Aluta continua

  8. Une fois de plus, Biya vient d’être battu à son propre jeu.

    Les forces de défense et de sécurité du Cameroun ont incendié des maisons et des magasins en AMBAZONIE. Nous avons la liste de ce qu’ils font en plus de leurs actes barbares.

    Ils pillent, ils brûlent, ils tuent, ils mangent des chiens, volent du bétail
    Pour se faire passer pour des Ambazoniens.
    Ils s’habillent en clochards dans les rues et cachent des armes.
    Ils infiltrent pour écouter ce qui se dit.
    Les fonctionnaires vivent dans le chantage permanent
    Ils volent les pc, les téléphones et tout ce qu’ils trouvent.

    LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources way dem thiefam.La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. NoBoDy can Accept slavery

    • dear terrorist sympathizer,

      while the military’s actions have been less than professional (which is not surprising), please safe the moralizing for the pentecostal scam artists ordering young men to decapitate, bury alive and mutilate innocent africans who do not agree with their facebook republic.

      you do not have a monopoly of lists. the kingdom of black legs have audios of u pipo abroad commandeering kidnapping enterprises in gz. we have the list of pipo who stole the money of gullible pipo who drank your kool aid in the name of mttb. we have the list of the accounts where that money is hidden. we know the circuits in maryland and houston where they chop that money. we have the list of your legal minds running child trafficking schemes.



        Les gens sont venus vers vous, ils vous ont tendu la main et qu’avez-vous fait? Non seulement vous les mordez et poignardez dans le dos, vous les insultez, les torturez, les massacrez et vous osez prétendre qu’il y ‘aurait pire là bas ? Que peuvent-ils voir de pire avec plus de 15.000 morts, des ressources pillées, des villages rasés, des maisons détruites ? Pour vous, ce sont des rats, des cafards, des Bamenda, des NOSO = (des malades), ce sont des ambafools, ce sonts des ambazombies etc… However, la liberté est un droit humain et nous allons etre libre de mettre en expression nos talents, nos conceptions et notre créativité sans avoir à subir votre esclavagisme francophone.

        La décentralisation, c’est pour les blaireaux.

        • Reciting the same thing day in day out. I am not surprised coming from the facebook republic cultist that some of you are. poor tropical anglo-shacksons. Kikikikikiki

          That lecture should be directed at the authorities in Yaounde. Or to your queen in england.

          i am a proud son of west cameroon. but i am also a pan-africanist. unlike what your cult preaches, not everyone who is opposed to your barbarity (decapitations, mutilations, finger cutting, live burials etc) is a fan of the Cameroon gov’t. you will neva learn from ur dishonesty and propaganda even though it has cost the lives of innocent people.

          you will have to walk over some of our corpses to go to that your buea on facebook.


          Expedia sales still on for the courageous who want to fight lrc. kikikiki

        • Brothajoe the Bameta Devil

          Why always Bameta people selling their own to the evil devil at Etoudi? From the days of the Bameta master manipulator Solomon Tandeng Muna to the days of his descendants like this insane short devil sniffing the butt of Ambazonians on this forum, we have observe this trend of trading the freedom of their own people for short term gains, avarice and political positions.

          Right now as I am writing, it is the same Bameta gang called the Momo cartel that is doing everything in its power to keep a short thieving Bakweri devil called Samuel Ikome Sako who prefers to see a prisoner Ayuk Tabe dead than be released because he is a threat to his imaginary throne. Irene Ngwa the Bameta witch and lying Chris Anu whose CPDM mother has already collected money must all die.

        • L’enemie:

          Only an apologists for beheading, finger chopping, kidnap, mutilations, and scamming will call someone condemning your cult a devil.

          I am a devil for peace. I am a devil against sending young boys to their death over a fantasy. I am a devil that believes africans should dialogue with each other instead of killing each other over colonial identities.

          I am a proud devil who is also willing to pay your flight to gz to fight your lost fight.


          NB: I know blood money aka mttb has turned your into a blood thirsty madman, but i hope you get this through that coco-yam head of yours.

  9. Des tentatives de sabotage en vain
    Vous essayez par tous les moyens de saboter les AMBAZONIENS en vain.
    Vous montez tous les jours des coups foireux qui finissent toujours par vous trahir.

    -Des enlèvements quotidiens (par votre milice tribale)
    -Balikumbat (les populations chassent les bandits infiltrés). Échec lamentable
    -Bangourain, échec lamentable
    -Ayafor Florence, échec lamentable
    -Le professeur tué pour accuser IG, échec lamentable
    -Enterrement d’une femme en vie, échec lamentable avec un autre montage grossier
    -Vous continuez avec votre cinéma pour essayer de convaincre qui ?

    • Dear peace loving people of West Cameroon:

      The Ambazonians do not have your interest. These are examples of why:
      1. They attacked embassies and SDO offices then claimed Biya declared war on them.
      2. They deceived you the UN will intervene.
      3. They chopped and drank the money that gullible people donated to their so-called struggle. (Just ask the circuit owners in Houston and Maryland)
      4.They are decapitating our people.
      5.They are burying us alive.
      6.They don’t want our children educated while theirs go to school.
      7.They kidnap our people for cash ransoms.
      8.They turn on their own once they start thinking for themselves e.g. nambere, sisikou and nkongho.

      I have offered them free tickets to go to gz and join the fight but they are too scared.


      • Says the Bameta devil that seeked asylum in the USA 19 years ago as an Ambazonia fleeing torture. You this short Meta disease. you will be cured of that curse Muna stock on your short back.


        Go to Mbengwi, Tad market, Guzang, Acha, Njikwa, etc and preach what you are ranting on here? Make use of the free flight and go down and educate your own people let us see if you will escape alive you this old humpty dumpty.

        If your weak sagging balls cannot stand up to demand from criminals who have destroyed the future of generations unborn the best thing you crooked teeth can do is to shut the fock up and watch. We will get to Buea weather you like it or not. You will not smuggle your way in when all is settled because you must pay the 7 million Tapang imposed on you criminals.

        • mttb/blood money will make you run from your shadow. you will see enemies everywhere but the enemy is your own reflection. keep exposing the limits of your sanity. we enjoy seeing you twisting like the trapped animal that you are.


odio elit. justo massa pulvinar quis, venenatis,