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Au moins 80 collégiens kidnappés à Bamenda, dans le nord-ouest

africanews | Des dizaines d‘élèves kidnappés par un commando armé dans un collège de la ville de Bamenda, chef-lieu de la région anglophone du Nord-Ouest. Les autorités gouvernementales et sécuritaires qui ont confié l’information à l’agence de presse Reuters, évoquent au moins 80 personnes kidnappées.

Le journaliste camerounais et collaborateur d’Africanews, Joël Honoré Kouam précise que le principal du collège ainsi que le chauffeur font partie des captifs, alors que des coups de feu se sont fait entendre dans la foulée de l’attaque. La responsabilité de ce rapt n’a pas encore été établie. Mais le mode opératoire fait penser à celui des séparatistes anglophones qui combattent le gouvernement dans l’espoir de créer un Etat indépendant pour les deux régions anglophones du Cameroun.

Depuis le durcissement de la crise dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest fin 2016, les séparatistes menacent toute activité étatique dans ces zones. La semaine dernière, des employés d’une compagnie agricole étatique ont été amputés de plusieurs doigts dans la ville de Tiko, dans le Sud-Ouest, à en croire le gouverneur de la région. Bien avant, plusieurs écoles ont été la cible d’attaques armées et d’incendies.

Selon les chiffres d’ONG, au moins 400 personnes ont perdu la vie dans le conflit anglophone. L’armée camerounaise, quant à elle, estime ses pertes en vies humaines à une centaine de militaires. Le bilan n’est toujours pas connu côté séparatiste.

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  1. They can kidnapping the all villages

  2. Ambazombians == Boko Haram 2.0

    They have to be dealt with as terrorists. Simple as that.
    Now going after kids in school.
    Are they not allowed to educate themselves?

  3. Agents of Meka, atangana nji, Assomo and beti bulu militia. They are behind the kidnapping.camerounese soldiers

    • At the same time others are hidden in the US,UK, GERMANY, CHINA etc..enjoying (fufu/jama-jama) spreading idiocies all day long here.


    The handiwork of FAKE AMBA BOYS. These fake Amba boys are sponsored by ex-convict Atanga Nji.

  5. This is a staged kidnapping by la republic du Cameroons . The Cameroon army is behind the fake kidnapping

    • Why are you afraid? Read the comments on the report about people who just had their fingers hacked off… Notice the jubilation from your comrades??? Check out some of those insane videos, especially those ones by the inexperienced fellow named Eric Tataw… that fellow has repeatedly requested that children,
      teachers, and all those who reject your madness be abducted and killed! What are we debating here? We don’t even need to go too far. You fellows are running your mouths carelessly on cyberspace, oblivious that those inanities you proclaim might be used against you.

      • Ras Tuge,

        you remember Chibok gals?

        That was Shekau’s greatest blunder—his downfall.

        His cousins down south have just dug their own grave. That’s why they are all coming out like mad cows to refute their deeds, direct or indirect. As if they don’t know that those monsters they have created in the bushes no longer wait on their orders before acting.

        Amba boys are now taking things into their own hands, not knowing that such actions would encourage EU/USA/SA to chase away IG monsters from their various countries. IGs know they are now in deep sh##, especially after their boys killed that USA citizen.

        When bush fire start, MONKEY be the first for bush for understand wehti go next happen…

  6. This cameroon Military are really bunch of fools and gansters. They go around and kidnape innocent children to blame the Amba Boys. why when everyone knows what your evil plans are.

  7. just shut up bastard you can see the pictures stop blame lrc

    • Sir ,if you have nothing constructive to dish out better stay mute rather than spew such low IQ on social media. I have been following your write ups. Full of invectives and lacking ………
      Do yourself some good by writing in a language you are most comfortable with

  8. Stage event to change the narrative of who killed the American missionary Mr. Wesco.
    Anglophone Cameroon is militarized everywhere, to Tavel from Matezem West Cameroon border to Bamenda about 23km there are more than 6 military control points.
    The same army we saw on video executing women and children are now kidnapping children from school to create a “Saudi “ explanation as to killed Mr Wesco.
    Just like we were told the wife of minister Ahmadou Ali was kidnapped by Boko Haram from his own home with personal security guards and then returned unharmed.
    Who is fooling who?
    Staging kidnapping of schools kids to hide the brutality of war on the Anglophone people declared by the man who has just be appointed president by France.
    Government sponsored executioners

    • Your termite warriors killed the ‘English-speaking’ Whiteman. Can you also dispute the fact that Fru Ndi’s sister was abducted by your warriors? Can you dispute all the videos on Youtube wherein children are hunted in schools and severely beaten… with your blessings and material support? The answer is NO.

      Your Ambazombi adventure is akin to a typical Frankenstein story! Your warriors steal cars, weapons, military attire which they use in making insane publicity videos… murder innocent people, amputate children and others etc etc etc. You must bear the consequences, my dear.

      While all these barbaric acts are ongoing, your barrister Fru Nsoh is sinking your people even deeper! He is claiming that refugees cannot be deported which is simply bemusing! Sweden deports them everyday!