Bamenda – Motorcycles Prohibited in Central Streets

Cameroon Tribune | On the strength of Release No. 020/PR/E/GNW/IG of September 4, 2020, circulation of motorcycles has been restricted to some neighbourhoods of Bamenda.

The circulation of personal, service and commercial motorcycles in Bamenda have been restricted in efforts to step up security and the protection of people and property in the face of recent killings, abductions and other frustrations suffered by the population.

It is against this backdrop that a Press Release of September 4, 2020 by North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique prohibited the circulation of motorcycles along some major streets of the city. Among them are streets linking the Hospital Roundabout in Bamenda II Sub division, City Chemist- Veterinary Junction-Ayaba -T junction- Commercial Avenue etc, City Chemist- Rendez vous junction-Army Rescue – City Council Veterinaty Junction, Finance Junction-Veterinary Junction, Finance Junction- Foncha Street, Cow Street-Ghana Street, Foncha Street- Ntaseng- City Council, Bamenda I Market- Governor’s Junction, Finance Junction- Governor’s Junction, Governor’s Junction- Hot spot- End of Tar , Custom Junction – Mile I.

Making the decision public in Bamenda, Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique appealed to the population to embrace the initiative by the SDO of Mezam and the City Mayor to give peace and security a chance. He blamed the recent abductions, killings and torture of teachers, school children, women and Defense and security officers on an identified terrorist group using motorcycles. The Governor condemned the acts of violence which spread fear among inhabitants whose resolve to embrace peace, reconstruction and development is evident. The Governor’s Release reassured the population about the government’s commitment to dismantle violent persons and groups and cause them to assume responsibility for their acts and guarantee the protection of the population and their property.

It emerged from the Governor’s communication that the decision restricting the movement of motorcycles is the result of a crisis meeting in Bamenda involving the Mezam SDO, the Reformed Motor bike Ridders Union, Drivers Union, taxi drivers syndicate and other legalised trade unions

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  1. Besides the security problem, the only way to reorganise african cities like this is building new ones serrounded by vast farms and industries ten to fifteen kilometers will incite people to move there because of jobs created and better living conditions. It cost five hundred million dollars to build a modern city of one million people in splendid African architecture, a smart waste collection system, perfect transportation with 12 path way roads, two as footpaths, two for public transportation, and two for private vehicles.

  2. This ban has been put in place because a colonial uniformed officer was brought down,and not to protect the population.the uniformed officers are afraid of their lives,but the will never have cintrol of our territory.

    • LRC citizens must go. Do it now before it is too late. Go back to your country.

      • Ambaman,

        You will have to kill us all. Unfortunately, you do not have the means or even the intelligence to accomplish that.

        If you don’t believe me, i’ll send you a one way ticket to fly to Cameroon, specifically Bamenda to join the fight.

        You’re either a coward or a beneficiary of the kidnapping network that your cult is using to intimidate our people.

        I suspect you are both. Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki

        There will be no independence.

        If e hot you, abeg go hang for the closest Amba mango tree..

  3. It is only ambazozos pastors who qualify “repentance” as “treason”. They do not recognize any confession. For the so called pastor Ayuk calling a repented ex ambazozo fighter “traitor” is equal to calling Saul (Paul) “traitor” as well.
    Writer, plz u better specify *AMBAZONIA GENERAL* NOT* NOTORIOUS ARMED ROBBER* though that is their behavior in the Virtual republic of ambazombies. Biya should deploy armored tanks and air strikes after asking neutral people to relocate in other regions. No dialogue with those beasts.

    • Unfortunately for you, there is no motion of support yet. Biya, is still waiting,
      reason why, nothing has happen so far.

  4. It’s clean up time. all women beheaders and kidnappers must be wiped out. thanks our gallant military. for every one police officer killed = 10 amba kidnappers down. mash fire military.

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