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Bong: I missed ‘the love’ with Cameroon [+video]

BBC | Brighton defender Gaetan Bong on why he is back with Cameroon, what life is like under new coach Clarence Seedorf and how to persuade the next Kylian Mbappe, whose father is Cameroonian, to play for the Indomitable Lions


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  1. If Paul Biya was a smart leader, he would push for all the infrastructures be ready before June 2019. And hopefully the “war” in the North West and South West would have died down as well. Just to stick it to the double crossing stinky North African Arabs. Morocco just back stabbed Cameroon very good.

    • Every CPDM criminal thinks the same as their brain is enclosed in beer bottles. Did Morocco asked your diaper president to appoint a Nurse as minister of economy, civil engineer as minister of health or a brazen convicted Thief fresh from prison as minister of decentralization? Blame others for your laziness and stinking corruption. Take your sorry IQ go find bread and sardine.

  2. It because legacy is ending he will die in power i know for sure cameroonian will get up one of these days just to hear that biya deceased i know for fact then then the long awaited change will come