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Bus attack kills one, wounds several in anglophone Cameroon

Yahoo News | A coach driver was killed and several other people were injured in an attack on a passenger bus convoy in strife-torn northwestern Cameroon, a public broadcaster said late Sunday.

The attack launched by armed men on Saturday night is the latest violence in the restive region, where English-speaking separatists have declared an independent state.

Images shared on social media of the incident appeared to show five coaches with their front windows and roofs smashed in by construction equipment.

Witnesses told local media that the attackers had also used heavy machinery to dig a large trench in the middle of the road, which was undergoing repairs in the village of Akum near the city of Bamenda.

The assailants “forced their way on to the construction site and seized an excavator which they used to dig a hole through the road”, said an employee of the roadworks company managing the project.

Separatist unrest in Cameroon’s two minority English-speaking regions — North-West and South-West — has left scores dead and displaced about 200,000 people since late 2016.

Years of resentment at perceived discrimination at the hands of Cameroon’s majority French speakers have led to almost daily acts of violence and retribution, triggering an army crackdown.

A total of 109 members of the police and security forces have been killed, according to government figures.

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  1. Les Camerounais francophones pensent-ils réellement qu’il est normal d’avoir le même président depuis plus de 40 ans? C’est si elles accordent à Paul Biya un autre mandat de 7 ans. Tout le Cameroun devrait demander à Paul Biya de partir et de laisser les Camerounais ramasser les morceaux de ce pays qu’il a détruits. Biya doit partir!

  2. Do Francophone Cameroonians Actually believe that it is normal to have the same President for more than 40 Years? That’s if they accord Paul Biya another 7 years term of Office. All of Cameroon should be calling for Paul Biya to Go and Leave Cameroonians to pick up the pieces of this country he has destroyed. Biya must Go!

    • Korak: Who are you really? a fire fanner? I suspect you alot.

      • Charles! Yes. Am mad like everyone is supposed to be at this old man trying to drag the whole country to his grave. Is there any retirement age in Cameroon and what is the retirement age? If the president who is supposed to the chief law enforcement official does not lead by example then who is enforcing the retirement law? That is why youths cannot find work, because the seniors Do not want to goon retirement peacefully and give the next generation a chance. Look at how many Presidents other countries like France & United states have had, During thoes 36 years. why because they understand the need for renewal of ideas and the neccesity for the president to go and rest. No one can keep going for that long without getting tired or exhausted. let Paul Biya go enjoy his retirement in peace

        • we need a serious uprising in subsaharan Africa like Arab spring. It is not normal that , someone like Biya who came to power peacefully at a very young age, do not wish to hand over to another person and go enjoy his retirement in peace .In subsaharan africa , starting from Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo Brazaville and the Chadian president , they all have gang up against their own people. It is time for them to go. starting with Paul Biya of Cameroon.Arab Spring refers to the democratic uprisings that arose independently and spread across the Arab world in 2011. The movement originated in Tunisia in December 2010 and quickly took hold in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

  3. Am just wondering! what Good is the cameroon Parliament , the senate and Constitutional counsel if none of them is allowed to debate the main issue facing the country and resolve the matter once and for all.Why should Anglophone cameroonians risk their life to go vote if there is no clear feature for them in a United cameroon?

    • The Arab Spring is exactly what should be happening and not this Ambazonia nonsense depriving anglophone kids from going to school, destroying the anglophone transportation system and economy coupled with kidnappings and beheading of anglophones who don’t support their foolishness. The Arabs never destroyed their schools, infrastructures and their own economy. They matched to Tahrir square and forced Mubarak to resign. The same tactics was used by the Burkinabe to oust their dictator. I suspect the Ambazonians have a different agenda. Their leaders think that by committing these atrocities, Biya will give them a piece of the national cake (à la SDF) which has nothing to do with the anglophone cause. If this is not the case how can you harm the same people you pretend to be fighting for?