CAF expresses concerns about Cameroon’s readiness to host Afcon

Soccer24 | The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has expressed concerns about Cameroon’s readiness to host the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

The tournament will begin on 9 January 2022, and according to the competition’s Organising Committee, certain areas need ‘urgent attention’ ahead of the kick-off.

CAF said in a statement: “The Executive Committee noted the report and the progress made so far. The EXCO emphasized the need to make follow-ups with the Local Organising Committee on the areas that still need some urgent attention ahead of the kick-off on 9 January 2022.

“On the TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations and Covid19 situation and preparations for supporters, the Executive Committee raised some sanitary matters that will be part of on-going discussions between CAF and Cameroon government.”

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  1. If it is because of the smell in Yde coming from the thrash on the streets, then I strongly suggest CAF should cancel the competition without delay.
    Yakk, always trouble or something is wrong etc.
    We have already lost appetite for the competition. Jee!


    A country ruled by DECEIT, TERROR and FALSEHOOD can never ever sustin for long.
    Little wonder, the INFORMAL VIVRE-ENSEMBLE has collapsed.
    LRC is still fighting an UNWINNABLE war because of oil.
    Without oil, there will be no SNH and SONARA. Unfortunately for LRC, BAKASSI OIL is SC.


    • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      Three thousand BIRs have been sent to Bambalang and other villages to kill General NO PITY.
      Unfortunately for the LRC terrorists, General NO PITY is at present on holidays in Manyu. He is relaxing and planning his next move against LRC TERRORISTS.
      Since the BIRs cannot find General NO PITY, they turn their frustration on INNOCENT villagers. They burn down villages, kill civilians, steal properties and rape women.
      One thing is evident:


      Simply put, LRC TERRORISTS can NEVER EVER, I repeat NEVER EVER defeat the BOYSES IN THE BUSHES. There are hundreds of General NO PITYS in SC. It will be a sheer waste of precious time to kill the General NO PITY of Bambalang because the war will instead intensify.

  3. Bamenda Infrastructure are still missing in the picture. No Bamenda Municipal Stadium, no hotels and roads etc. aren’t that clear indication of the discrimination we are crying about? Where is equitable distribution of national resources, when some cities have three mega stadiums, brand new state of the arts roads, hotels and water systems and others have nothing at all . Look like two different countries to me

    • Equitable distribution of national resources is a fundamental right of every community in Cameroon. But AFCON can not be played in every city in Cameroon. I also don’t think new hospitals and roads should only be built because of the AFCON. Cameroon being a country that does not admire maintenance of infrastructure, my best guess in that these new infrastructures will start falling apart as soon as this competition is over. Football will never make Cameroon an economy viable nation – hosting AFCON is just a show of face.

  4. Why did it take AFCON so long to smell the stench!!! Doula airport should have been the beginning and end to this conversation.