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Camair-Co employees demand 2 months’ salary arrears payment

Business in Cameroon | Staff delegates at Camair-Co, Cameroon airlines corporation, sent a letter to MD Ernest Dikoum last April 9 demanding the payment of 2 months of salary arrears.

“We just went through two months without being paid any money and we are starting a third month without any hope of getting out of this situation which really worries employees. For several months, we were paid one salary for two months. And due to bank commitments, invoices and various charges, employees get in debt just after they receive their salary,” they say.

According to internal company sources, this situation affects the mood, psychology, safety and performance of employees who lack concentration and are no longer enthusiastic to go to work.

As a reminder, Camair-Co has been going through difficult times for several months now, as all of its aircrafts are damaged. In January this year, the company generated XAF1.4 billion in revenues well below the monthly average of XAF2.4 billion recorded throughout 2018.

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  1. Welcome to the show, Camair-Co. Don’t worry, the Swiss are around the corner.

  2. What a country. Everything attached to Cameroon is affected, but yet some of us don´t see any need for a change. Ahead ahead Cameroon of ” One & Indivisible”.

  3. DEMOCRAT,,,,the most important thing is possesing the instruments of change,not asking for it.
    beyound is how countries are build in the real world,not that of democraric illusion which is nothing but a strategic trap
    MEDIA step 5
    INDUSTRY step 2
    AGRICULTURE step 1
    you first master agriculture which gives birth to industry,industry then generate capital to creat banks to use as an instrument to speedup economic expantion.then you invest in technical and scientific education,media to commercialise what you have build.lastly you craft a system of government with the the six instruments of power i mention early.we have been tricked to start from system of government.it is where we end.


    Dictator Biya’s sh*thole UNWINNABLE war is to blame.

    LRC is now suffering from a chronic illness referred to as “défaut de moyens financiers”.

    1. The GOC can no longer subsidize the bankrupt Camair-co
    2. The amount for microprojects of parliamentarians have been reduced from 8 million to 6 million
    3. Ministers and directors have been banned from travelling abroad.
    4. The “prime de soutien” for terrorist soldiers have been suspended
    5. Dictator Biya created the commission on DISARMAMENT. The Interim Government created the commission on ARMAMENT: Only God knows when the war will end


    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Peace is cheaper than war

  5. “Nothing good ever comes from Cameroun”


    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Dictator Biya’s sh*thole UNWINNABLE war has bankrupt the country. Dictator Biya created his so-called commission on disarmament. However, the interim government created the commission on ARMAMENT. to upgrade the weapons of Amba boys.
    The war will surely continue until LRC emerges by 2035.

  7. When this white elephant project was introduced after the collapse of Camair, we advised that there is no need in wasting tax payers money into an investment where Cameroun did not have a comparative advantage. Yet they continued and spoiled the entire show with the purchase of Chinese planes MA 60. The outcome was as projected and nothing can salvage the situation. Because Cameroun is notorious of bad investment, coupled with corruption and impunity, they’ll continue wasting tax payers money in the name of national pride which has long crumbled.


    This was expert advice of the writer to the GOC several years ago. His advice was IGNORED. He has 100% been vindicated

    * Camair-Co will NEVER breakeven.
    * “le taux de remplissage des avions Camair-co se situe à environ 30%, très loin du taux de 75% requis à une compagnie pour être rentable.”
    * Fraudsters are Putting The Final Nail In Camair-Co’s Coffin.
    * The Government is simply dumping money into a giant hole.
    * as at December 31, 2014, Camair-Co debts stood at FCFA 33.2 billion
    * The monthly revenue stands at FCFA 2 billion, while expenditure is FCFA 4 billion.
    * Camair-Co is in a State Of Non-Declared Bankruptcy
    * Camair-Co can never be a Going concern. In other words, Camair-Co will always lack the ability to make enough money to avoid bankruptcy.


      B. Selected reason for the Predicaments of CAMAIR-CO:

      1.Bloated personnel
      2. Bloated salaries
      3.Leasing Aircraft with exorbitant lease rate and faulty leasing contracts
      4. Government interference
      5.High competition in the Airline Business
      6.POOR MANAGEMENT ( the most important reason)
      7. The high rate of management turnover
      8.Hiring the wrong people
      9. flawed cost control
      10. The revenues of Camair-Co will always be lesser than the expenses
      11.Top Management with no Aviation background
      12. favouritism, nepotism/tribalism, patronage
      13 Poor customer service
      14.Irregular flight Service
      15. handiwork of fraudsters
      16. The value of the intangible asset, Goodwill, of Camair-Co is zero.

      C. Recommendations

      1. Privatize


      2. Airline mergers


      3. Liquidation


      The MONTHLY subsidy of the GOC to Camair-co was FCFA 2 billion. The GOC had always respected her obligation.
      Unfortunately for Camair-co, Dictator Biya declared his sh*thole UNWINNABLE war on Southern Cameroonians. He was dreaming of a BLITZKRIEG. However, Amba boys gave him an OPEN-ENDED war. An open-ended war is not only very expensive but also very uncertain. Simply put, no one knows IF and WHEN LRC terrorist will defeat the “secessionists”. LRC now has serious liquidity problems because of this SH*THOLE FOOLISH UNWINNABLE war. The white elephant project, Camair-co, is no longer a priority for Dictator Biya. His priority is to stop his sh*thole unwinnable war.

      AND GUESS WHAT ???

      Dictator Biya cannot SINGLEHANDEDLY stop the war. The agreement of Amba boys MUST be sought

  9. Even at this point, they will still see Paul Biya, as God and father of Cameroon to whom
    all goodness comes from. No pity for you all. Put the uniforms aside and go to the farm
    as Pa Bah Achu always advices.

  10. African President: We need your help. As one of our dearest sons. we hope you can help.
    Mo Ibrahim: Help how, Mr. President?
    African President: We just need you to sign as collateral for a loan we are applying for.
    Mo Ibrahim: Me? Why me? Remember I gave you a very nice offer and you turned it down?
    African President: What? What offer are you talking about?
    Mo Ibrahim: I said you should organize elections and then hand over to a legitimate winner.
    African President: But we are legitimate leaders. We are leading our people!
    Mo Ibrahim: Really? Leading them to where? To the grave? Look at how your economy is falling apart!
    African President: Well, we thought your offer was for President Al-Bahir only.
    Mo Ibrahim: Is that so? Well, sorry for your misunderstand. Nice talking to you.

  11. Sad to say, that though leaders, they lack patriotism. Or, is it patriotism, when Biya will be killing
    his people with impunity? Or, patriotism, when he can not attend to the Cameroonians in refugee
    camps, but will send money to Paris, for the reconstruction of the evil Notre Dame Cathedral, to
    be seen as a patriot? Just asking.

  12. Celui qui ne connait pas l’histoire est condamné à raconter des aneries digne d’un loser perdant, jaloux de la capacité des autres à proner et à mettre en pratique l’ART de L’auto détermination. Quand on est pas concerné ne serait ce qu’une seconde par un problème, alors l’hypocrisie de peut que s’accentuer. Les anglophones sont tués tous les jours par votre milice. Vous dansez partout, ainsi, vous validez l’option de barbares envers les populations anglophones. Nos MORTS ne vous concernent pas. Nous sommes tous témoins depuis 3 ans. Une vrai honte pour une armée (professionnelle ?). Si on explicite le truc, on se retrouve des professionnels du CRIME, du Banditisme, de la TORTURE, des incendies et de la BARBArIE.

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