Cameron PM inaugurates country’s first-ever shopping mall

YAOUNDE, Dec. 17 (Xinhua) — Cameroonian Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute on Thursday inaugurated the country’s first ever shopping mall dubbed Douala Grand Mall in the commercial hub of Douala.

Ngute said the structure represented a milestone in the country’s drive towards becoming an emerging nation by 2035.

“Cameroon is gradually getting to the status of an emerging nation and it is thanks to its public policies that it has put in place. But it is also thanks to the vitality of our economy and to the attractiveness of our economy and to the quality of the human resources we have in Cameroon,” Ngute told reporters after officially opening the mall.

“This mall is a fruit of Cameroonians who have conceived the project and brought in international partners and they have realized it and it’s a beautiful project,” he said.

The mall has a supermarket, 140 shops, a multiplex cinema hall, 22 restaurants, banks and several other businesses. Enditem

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  1. Will be checking on some hot achu soup there when next I am home.

    @ L’enemi-e, take eye chop Xmas…banned from CMR for life.

    You ko chop hot dog witi 3L coke cup for hand for Etas sotehhhh ya own cam meetup you…

    • Lef that thing Zz enemie na citoyen Americain that jariba gouvernement for mboa no fit do yi nothing. Plus when popol mort everything co be na cheme chewe

      • NA you dey tok ya own. U think sey Kamerun na Popol? Ambazozos have being threatening Kamerunais not Popol & his family.

  2. @Mbamois ”Ambazozos have being threatening Kamerunais not Popol & his family.”….Bla bla bla..who cares? did we tell a French employee (Biya Paul) in Cameroon to give us LRC’s” nationality? We are not citizens of LRC.Let Biya and some of u,francophones get that into your thick skulls.U can’t impose LRC nationality on us. U keep talking about ”Kamerun” Is the territory, ”Kamerun” still exixting? ”Kamerun” is an extinguished foly,divided into several parts,if u want to resurrect ”Kamerun” and create a state,u should humble yourself and come to the table of negotiation and discuss ”living together” with Ambazonians.

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