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Cameron’s President Biya Receives African Traditional Rulers Award

Leadership Newspaper | African Traditional Rulers have Honoured Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya, for giving presidential pardon to 333 people implicated in the socio political crisis in his country.

Biya was given the award for exhibiting what they described as a rare human and moral values that have guided him to steer the ship of his nation peacefully in the last 37 years.

The award titled, BAOBA, which means “Grand Award for Rallying, Dialogue and Promotion of Peace in Africa,” was bestowed on him by the Pan- African Council of Traditional and Customary Authorities (PACTCA).

PACTCA is a body of guardians of African traditions with global vision of promoting African values and cultures.

The group hailed the kills and what it described as the enlighten vision with which Biya has been managing the affairs of his country in the past 36 years.

“Paul Biya is a man who after 37 years, against all odds, defying crisis and obstacles of all kinds, but also enjoying the numerous victories which embellished his exceptional achievements, in a style which is particular to him made up of unfathomable phlegm and soft firmness, continues to lead his people towards a certainly radiant future,” the PACTCA said in a citation to justify the award during a well attended ceremony held inside the palace of His Majesty Dada Awoyan Kokpon Houdegbe in the Republic of Benin.

The PACTCA highlighted some of the laudable actions of Biya which necessitated the traditional rulers’ decision to celebrate the Cameroonian president.

“It’s noteworthy that there was presidential pardon for 333 people implicated in the socio political crisis which has been rocking the North-west and South West of Cameroon for three years on 3 September, 2019.
“In the same breath and on the following day, President Biya, in the posture of a family head, even though holding power, behaved as a ‘Peace Beggar’ and decided that legal proceedings against some political leaders and their supporters arrested during the turmoil period consecutive to the October 2018 presidential election, must be halted.

“This appeasement measure led to the liberation of 102 people, and from the above mentioned facts, it is undeniable that President Paul Biya has shown his sense of consensus which was confirmed by the organization from September 30 to October 4, 2019 of the Grand National Dialogue.

“This led to the gathering under the Palaver Three of hundreds of Cameroonians of all walks of life: government officials, political party leaders, members of the civil societies, various interest groups, Cameroonians of the Diaspora, North West and South West fighters, traditional rulers and others.

“We are proud to say that this forum produced resolutions and solutions proposals as ways out of the crisis which has been penalising the North-west and South-west regions for three years and to pave the way for a fresh start of the nation of Cameroon based on long-lasting peace.

“President Biya’s decisions were motivated by, but not limited to his human and moral values, equity, justice, equality, self sacrifice, patience and others,” the group said.

President of PACTCA, His Majesty, Dada Awiyan Kokpon Houdegbe, Prof. Octave Cossi Houdegbe, who is the owner of Houdegbe North American University in Cotonou, Benin, said that the Pan African Council of Traditional Rulers see the Cameroonian president as role model and example to other leaders on the continent because of his exemplary character to pursue peace in his country.

He disclosed that there is grand plan to visit President Biya in Yaounde to officially present the award to him.

The ceremony was climaxed with entertainment to showcase the voodoo power of Africans to the delight of the dignitaries who included traditional rulers from some African countries, captains of industry, journalists and residents.

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  1. Loin of the Desert

    ” wonder shall never end” you kill about 5000 and pardon about 333 and still holding hundred and displace thousand.. counting.. and get an award…
    those Traditional Rulers are mad…

  2. The misguided African will continue to languish in their own ignorance by promoting the activities of parasites that are eating away the fabric of our societies…despotic rulers and puppets of the west. As it may seem reasonable to award him the title based on what happened recently, it looks ridiculous because it is the same man who incarcerated these people because they dared to protest against his rule. So all you need to do to win this award is to victimise your citizens and then turn around and pardon those you have imprisoned to win. It doesn’t make any sense. It is the failures of his government that have left the country riling from war and secession. He has decimated the people of Cameroon, pushed Ambazonians to the brink of depravity that they have taken up weapons against him.

  3. Only a fool, will read this and get into a stupor, and start jubilating. This should remind
    everyone with a good mind, the slave trade story. It was masterminded, by chiefs. They
    wanted wine, rum, clothing etc from the whiteman and it was very sufficient, to capture
    and sell their own away for self gratification. And we know how cruel all this went by.
    If Biya will do what he has done to his own today like it was then, only they, should jubilate.
    This is why, yours truly, has never supported the paying of reparations on account of the
    slave trade, because those great grand kids of the rogue chiefs, are to gain more amid
    the pain of others. The coming of the grand master, was the sign for this voodoo coming.
    Like they are saying, the only way, is to send Biya and his cpdm packing. Seriously


  5. Time brings about plenty of change. The little bump on the lip, breast or vaginal tract, if left unattended, grows and expands and spreads to other parts of the body and may, regrettably, kill the human person!

    Many decades ago, Ferdinand Leopold Oyono observed the goings on in his little Ngoulemendouga hamlet and wrote his HOUSE BOY or HOUSE SLAVE, projecting Joseph Toundi and Meka in the context of serving the interests of the colonial overlord from the privileged position of being in-house.

    With time and projecting into the future(today), Ngoulemendouga has grown to become all of Cameroon and even beyond and engulfed more actors, including you and me into the cast. We have all been transformed into house slaves!!!

  6. PACTCA,
    shame on you all

  7. Paul you are being deceived.All you need do is get out of office. Some of you African leaders are disgrace to the Continent.

    • This so call chiefs majority are mad evil bastards Satanist, in order for Africa too truly develop dis institutions should abolish ban, I’m writing as someone who’s a descendent of that lineage, any tradition that condone praise evildoers like wicked mad murderer Paul Biya isn’t good for humanity or civilisation, reason by the place dis evil tradition like voodoo and others strive their subjects suffering with all kinds of malicious event cause death diseases, war, lack of development poverty malnutrition ,oppression etc

      • Kukum Pass Garri

        Forever Young the Satanic terrorist.

        In order for Africa to develop dumb people like you must be exiled from Africa.

  8. Very very bad he is there kill the people and you are giving him award Africa please wake up and remove all this old dictators

  9. When will African grow and become reasonable for once, who knows how much he paid them to carry out this devilish act

  10. This is really laughable. All greedy people are looking for ways to steal Cameroonian tax payers money which is in this Grand Pa’s purse. The old man wants to get it all. Last time some people convinced his that they will convince the American President to sell Marine One helicopter to him and Pah was so happy and lost millions of Dollars. Wanders shall never end. The devil knows how to imprison people

  11. It’s really a big pity and a disgrace to those stupid people called themselves African traditional rulers who gave Dictator grand father Paul Biya award for the Atrocities he is committing in Former British Southern Cameroon AKA Ambazonian, what a shame to African.

  12. Time will tell. And we are seeing how Cameroonians, have been ruled for close to 40 yrs,
    with voodoo practices. And the president, is openly showing it without any remorse.
    Ekema Patrick, was also following in this line, but sadly, nemesis caught him. Biya has had
    too much of our blood in his hands and very free of charge. The sad and painful side of it,
    is that he will get away with it freely.

  13. I’m very disappointed with the so called traditional zombies With their “award ”
    Who knows where the blood of the innocent people of southern cameroon is going!
    But I bet you all, blood is thicker than water, and must revenge for itself!

  14. This is the joke of the year..
    Such an evil man..
    Such a disgrace for Cameroon and Africa
    An old despot who cant even walk…
    His brain stopped functioning long ago…
    He is now killing his own people and the world is watching..
    he has made his own people alcoholics…
    His subjects are very lazy, sleep, drink, eat bread and sardine..
    His gangsters in the name of ministers are plundering the wealth and hiding in the west…
    The economy is down..The country is being sold to chinese and french not forgeting the USA…


  16. I smell conspiracy here. It’s either that those traditional leaders have been bought, or some voodoo has worked on them

  17. Well done my president! You deserve that award!

  18. The so-called African traditional rulers certainly have been paid to do this kind of foolish job in the name of award to deceive the international community. Let them continue! We shall see the end of it!!

  19. S. O. S. CAMAIR-CO !!!

  20. On the contrary @kumkum followers of evils the thousands innocent blood your mad wicked Satanist masonry murderer Biya has slaughtered is driving moronic bastards like yourself crazy I will not be surprise if a car killed on the street to end your psychopath delusional suicidal tendency u suffered just like your moronic bastard cult masonry killer Paul Biya has brought dis once a beautiful Country to his knees with poverty corruption under development, war malnutrition, laughing stock in Africa under dis masonry monster the country is going backwards no longer among the 10 richest countries but 15 place cause is run by gangsters like u and occultic masonry bastard Biya we the truth son of the soil GoD willing shall not rest until u morons with French accomplice exiled destroyed from Africa

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