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Cameroon: 187 ex-Boko Haram fighters surrender arms [+video]

AFP news agency | Some 187 Cameroonian former members of the Nigerian jihadist group Boko Haram voluntarily return to their country from Nigeria. They were taken to the base of the Multinational Joint Task Force, set up by Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

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  1. Amba boys, the ball is now in your court…

  2. hahahahhahah ambafools please dont drop your gun ” Eric tawtaw is coming for you “

  3. If they were amba boys, ambafools will say they are fake, they are Atanga Nji’s boys, scumbags.



    The clean attires of these young men point to the fact that they are FAKE Boko Haram combatants “disarming”.
    The same dirty trick was used in SC when the FAKE Amba boys of ex-convict Atanga Nji were “disarmed”.

    LRC is a sh*thole country ruled by a crime syndicate. The modus operandi of this crime syndicate is governing by deceit, deception and terror.


      Colonel Badjeck Didier wrote:

      ” I regret to announce the death of my brother, friend and promotionaire of internship captain * DJONWE WAYANG * on mission commissioned by the Cameroon Rapid Intervention Battalion. RIP the strong man.”

      Captain Djonwe Wayang was neutralised in combat by Amba boys in SW today(17.02.2019)

  5. The 187 said boko haram boys are atangana nji boys when he went to North and ask some people to swear on koran. Propaganda from LRC. That propaganda is dead on arrival. Did atangana nji travel to North CameroUn? Shine you eye. Boko haram in CameroUn is part of la republic. Ambazonia is a country with a unique people.

  6. People who can bring in mercenaries to come and observe elections are capable of everything…Ex Boko Haram fighters my foot…..thieves..The plan is dead on arrival…..

  7. Total fake , ex boko haram ya head,

  8. I have worked with ex-combatants in Liberia and didn’t see this kind of acting when ex-combatants are surrendering. The purported boko harams are too clean to be ex fighters who have given themselves up.

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