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Aissa Doumara Ngatansou

Cameroon activist Aissa Doumara Ngatansou wins first Simone Veil prize

RFI | The inaugural Simone Veil Prize of the French Republic has been awarded to Cameroonian woman Aissa Doumara Ngatansou, who runs an organisation that helps victims of rape and forced marriage in Cameroon.

The prize was awarded on International Women’s Day by French President Emmanuel Macron at a ceremony at the Elysée Palace in front of a large black and white portrait of Veil, the revered politician and Holocaust survivor who died in 2017.

Ngatansou said she dedicated the award “with much emotion” to all the women victims of violence and forced marriage and to the survivors of the Nigerian insurgency group Boko Haram – whose activity has also spread to Cameroon.

Macron pledged 120 million euros in support of the fight against violence and discrimination in the world, and said he hoped that as president of the G7, France could help advance women’s rights in 2019.

Measures would also be taken for girls, particularly in the Sahel, and for the creation of a women’s entrepreneurship bank in Africa. Paris is also proposing to host a world conference on women in 2020, 25 years after the one held in Beijing in 1995.

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    **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    Andre Mama Fouda, former Minister of public health of LRC was arrested earlier today with huge sums of foreign currencies on him.
    He was arrested at the Kye Ossi ( at the Cameroon-Gabon-Guinea Equitorial) border, dressed in the public attire women used today to celebrate the women’s day.
    Looks like Kondengui will be hosting yet another Beti embezzler of public funds.

  2. Biya and his Beti clan syndicate of thieves, have as plan to grab as much capital,
    for their families three and more generations to come, to enjoy. Any wonder, why
    some fast minded people, become rich and lord it over others? They cover their
    crimes with talks of being hardworking and being blessed by Heaven. Dummies
    in return, adore and worship them with all the praises etc, that one can imagin.
    Who, came into this life, with a bag of money? Why is Bamendaboy, the poor
    church rat? His family like that of penguiss etc, have not had the chance to steal.
    With the many sojourns of the chief priest Mr Biya himself, one can only imagin,
    the warehouse of stock pile of money, that he has amassed, since Ahidjo gave
    him the mandate. A clan of lazy people who know only how to steal.
    But we let them.


    When I visited Addis Abeba and travelled on the light train, I concluded that Dictator Biya’s so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is a FOURTH WORLD underdeveloped country. The only thing that functions in Godforsaken LRC is the embezzlement of public funds by the BETIS. The country is supposed to be more developed than Ethiopia or Rwanda. However, the reality is different: Child malnutrition, insecurity, poor infrastructure, scarcity of potable water, poorly furnished hospitals,refuse-infested beaches, etc.


  4. Mr Macron should be told by his old wife, that women`s rights, include having
    husbands, seeing their chidren alive and them living as free as they want it.
    For Macron to say he is pledging France`s money to fight violence, discrimination
    and women`s rights, he must be insulting women instead. But the latter, has failed
    to understand, the intrigues involved in his plan.
    Who is busy killing as many young men in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon?
    The right answer is this sane Mr. Macron, with the french plan, for France to
    assimilate and annex Southern Cameroon, for the benefit of French people instead.
    But for him and Paul Biya to succed this time around, the trick of giving the people
    of SC dry bread and a tin of sardine each, will not be it.
    He can`t kill all and so we shall be free.

  5. Why, have the hard working Muslems, decided to stay out of it rather than join
    others: SC and the Bamis, to drive out these Beti lazy people – thieves altogether?
    As for the other lazy fellows – Doualas, they are waiting for the day others will fix
    it before they will come dancing and singing like they did it. Stupid noice makers.
    Sawa, my foot.


    **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    «Pendant 36 ans, entre deux séjours en Suisse ou il aura dilapidé des centaines de millions de dollars de ses pauvres concitoyens en jouissances privées de toutes sortes, le satrape aura brutalisé les siens à huis-clos.
    Au soir de sa vie, le pays dont il a hérité est au bord de l’éclatement. Le clan de sa jeune épouse, épaule par toutes sortes de sicaires recrutés à l’avenant, souffle sur les braises dans l’espoir de tirer les marrons du feu. Mais l’ère de l’ensauvagement à huis-clos est maintenant terminée». (Mbembe A., 2019 )

  7. Francophones cross the Mungo to Anglophone Cameroon for various durations of time, occasionally going as far as Nigeria for a short while so as to come back and throw confusion in the debate by asking: “Mais qui est Anglophone et qui est Francophone?”

    Quite apart from the prominent guttural Rs, expressions like “Ministry of Secondary Enseignement”, the oft replacement of R by L in expressions like “plobrem of ligged erections”(problem of rigged elections), bona fide Anglophones prefer to die for a living thing (freedom) rather than to live for a dying thing (subjugation) as seen in their villages-turned-battle fields while Francophones take cover in their comfort zones. Fooling all the people all the time can be tricky.

  8. How ironical that France has taken central stage on the rostrum with this charade about championing the promotion of rights, when she is the reason for 14 African countries languishing in everlasting poverty, when she is the one maintaining seasoned dictators like the obsolete and reclusive moron and his team of kleptomaniacs in Etoudi, using the money that these colonies pay to her to finance African puppets to silence anyone who has an opinion, as a mechanism of maintaining French hegemony in Africa, the source of fuel for a healthy French treasury, for resources to their industries, siphoning away African resources at give away prices while millions of Africans are condemned to poverty, how dare they continue to use these disingenuous propaganda to abuse our intellectual acumen?

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