Cameroon adopts a new format for vehicle registration documents

Business in Cameroon | On August 17, 2020, a new format was adopted for vehicle registration documents in Cameroon, the Minister of Transport Jean Ernest Ngallé Bibéhé Massena (photo) announced in a release published on August 19, 2020.

Minister Ngalle Bibehe
This new format falls within the framework of measures initiated to modernize and secure transport licenses in the country. According to Minister Ngallé Bibéhé, the format makes vehicle registration documents more secure and with it, data about a particular document can be authenticated instantly.

Despite the new format being currently effective, documents issued using the older format will remain valid until their expiration date, the release indicates.

To modernize and secure transport licenses in the country, the government instaurated a new type of inspection sticker in May 2020. More secure, it is aimed at limiting the various shenanigans around the issuance of that document.

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