Cameroon Anglophone Villagers Attack Separatist Camps Over Abuse

BABUNGO, CAMEROON VOA | Several communities in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions have within a week attacked at least five camps belonging to separatist fighters, whom they accuse of destroying civilian homes, looting and killing innocent people. The angry civilians say they do not know who to trust, as they say the military commits similar crimes against them.

A group of 150 women and children in the northwestern village of Babungo sing a song against anglophone rebels.

They sing that they will together fight the separatists, who they say have been abusing villagers.

The leader of the group, 55-year-old farmer Mary Najela, says rebels in December accused her husband of helping Cameroon’s military and then killed him.

Najela says they are saying no to separatists’ plans to either eliminate all of them or see them suffer. She says all of them, including women and children, must work together to protect each other and their property.

The women and children on Tuesday sang and marched to the house of their local, traditional ruler, Ndofua Zofia.

Villagers saved him from being abducted on Monday night by seven rebel fighters, who they managed to chase off.

Zofia says he is grateful to his people and angry with the rebels, who say they are fighting for the rights of English-speaking Cameroonians.

“Why should my people and I be tortured like this?” he asks. “The rebels have abducted candidates for the local council and parliamentary elections, looted, collected ransoms, and killed civilians. Enough is enough.”

Babungo is not the only anglophone village in Cameroon with growing anti-separatist feelings over rebel abuses. Authorities, local media reports, and a rebel spokesman confirmed villagers have been attacking separatist camps.

Last week, people from the English-speaking village of Balikumbat stormed rebel camps and seized their guns, along with items stolen from them, including goats and cows.

The villagers say the retaliation was sparked after rebels stole a taxi driver’s motorcycle because he refused to give them $10 in support.

Cameroon’s rebels have confirmed their fighters committed abuses.

On Sunday, separatist fighters in the southwestern town of Kumba killed their commander, say local media reports, because he ordered them to torture civilians.

Tapang Ivo Tanku is a U.S.-based spokesman for one rebel group — the Anglophone Defense Forces. Speaking via WhatsApp, he says they have ordered their fighters, who he calls soldiers, to arrest anyone who abuses villagers, including fellow rebels.

“We are strongly condemning all of these soldiers [fighters] who are turning their weapons against civilians or who are stealing civilians’ properties and not protecting civilians. This is adversely affecting the revolution [struggle for independence],” he said.

But Tanku also accused the government of often framing rebels to tarnish the image of those fighting for the independence of English-speaking regions from French-majority Cameroon.

Governor of the English-speaking Northwest region, Deben Tchoffo, denies any such manipulation.

He says government troops are gaining public confidence and working to bring peace.

“The security forces, the administration, the traditional rulers and the entire population are doing their best to bring back normal, civil life. We are enjoying relative calm, even if we still have hot spots,” he said.

Rights groups accuse both Cameroon’s military and separatists of using excessive force during three years of armed conflict.

Unrest broke out in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions in 2016, when teachers and lawyers protested the dominance of the French language and French-speaking officials.

Rebels took up arms a year later, demanding a separate English-speaking state they call “Ambazonia.”

The conflict with Cameroon’s military since then has killed about 3,000 people, many of them villagers caught up in the fighting.

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    • see this santa mbalmayo monkey gorilla cross say a bo be talk? you no be talk your mami pima. Amba has spelled doom for Biya and they shall drive him into his grave. They have already banned him from publicly visiting EU or America as he has been transformed into an artful sneaker into this places. Make yi daso d strong head di declear war. Amba go deal with yi.

      • @l’enemie
        Aren’t you guys going to stop these lies? When this crises began some of us thought you were fanning out of ignorance but no, you were/are on a mission to destroy our youths for your selfish ends. You don’t care about facts, do you? Some of us are victims of your madness and are still only breathing thanks to the Cameroon military. What should I be grateful to the ambazonians for.? I found a place in my heart for Dr. Success , Nyabere, Yanick Kawa, “general” Ivo – who rejected Sako’s call for a n immediately lockdown – thereby given us a little more time to prepare. For your information, many of those who left ended up sleeping on the streets in Douala and Yaounde. The people have had enough of your greed and wickedness . It’s high time you stop this nonsense!

        • You are invited to the my Kontri Pipo’s platforms. They have apple evidence of what people like Zamzam, bobjazz, myself, to name the least have been preaching since 2016 to no avail. I got discouraged that were weren’t making much impact and withdrew.
          For your information –

        • @Africana. Thanks to you I was finally able to see these atrocities. It’s going to take a weeks to recover. I never thought this level of barbarism was possible.

        • General Diamond of the Black Legs


          The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is when good people to do nothing.
          When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one.

          This level of barbarism is only possible where good people do nothing! It is widely known fact that the ambazombie terrorist scam is founded on lies and built with bricks of lies which crumble when faced with the truth!
          That is why all good people must embark on the rigorous dissemination of the truthand the unprecedented heights of barbarism that the Ambazombie terrorists have reached!
          The world needs to know that Criz Anuz, Tapang, Ayaaba, Akwanga, Sako, Tatatw, Mark Brekete are leaders of the most barbaric terrorists groups that have ever existed. Their neighbors need to know this!

          So Mash faya with the Black Legs!

        • Thanks Africana with your website. Oh man I can’t believe the type of evil I saw. Just imagine what they did to that lady Florence Ayafor? Even Isis or Boko Haram never did that to women. These Ambazonia terrorists are a bunch of very very evil people that need to be eradicated immediately by any means necessary. They are a disgrace to Africa. Can you imagine people still do this type of barbarism on another human being in the 21st century. How can God ever bless Africa with this type of Ambazonia evil?

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


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          The ADF will put sense in the heads of all of you criminals. We will make sure every household in Ambaland owns and AK.

      • Kumkum Pass Garrri

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  2. Moki Edwin Kindzeka, you have been cooking up this nonsense for VoA now for too long. I challenge you to go to your Nso enclave and say the same to the brave boys there that have already sent at least 40 terrorist BIRs to hell just within the last one week. As for this idiot called Najela, go to your own Bali enclave and do the same instead of running your large mouth of far away Babungo. Your traitor husband will be dug up and burnt! Anyway no amount of lies will quench Ambaland fire ? resolve. You all are about to witness a resistance never seen before this February. We amba boys are now properly armed with the same weapons your terrorist army carries. And we shall see how this election will turn out. This Beti propaganda house will not change anything.

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Blatant Ambazombie Terrorism!

      This is what proud Cameroonians of the NW and SW have to endure everyday.

      Ambazombie terrorists have buried hundreds if not thousands of Cameroonians from the NW/SW alive just because they do not support ambazombie terrorism. The post above is a reminder of why we must annihilate the evil terrorists. The ambazombies rape, torture and dismember innocent women like Ma Ayafor Florence on a daily basis and they are shocked that the population is rising against them. I can assure terrorist amba amba that the Black Legs will defeat the ambazombies! I hope you know that we the Black Legs are the most successful Cameroonians in the diaspora! There is a reason why all ambazombies are jobless of bambes in the diaspora. They are lazy fools!

      Nyamfukah terrorist!

      • You said it all massa Kumkum. Kumkum (Cameroon) pass garri (Ambazonia). The Ambazonia days are numbered. Just as I predicted a couple of months ago, the anglophones are taking matters into their own hands and are saying enough is enough with these Ambazonia fools.

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  4. This story is a lie.98 % of the villages in the English speaking zones are empty.They are either refugees in Nigeria or internally displaced If the government is serious let them permit independent investigators to enter the two English speaking regions and see for themselves whats going on there.Why is the government refusing to open up to independent investigators.Lies lies lies.This news is fabricated to deceive the international community.

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Fritz Lubobogni – Ambazombie stupidity on display!

      Does this idiot really believe that his comment is of any consequence? You can deceive yourself that all villages in the North West are 100% empty and this will not change the fact that the Bali Kumbat, Babungo, Tole and my favourite Nkambe and Tabenken people have kicked out the ambazombie terrorists from their villages!

      So you terrorist idiots can focus on soothing your sorry selves with lies while we mash fire with the rigorous demoralization of the ambazombie terrorists, supporters and enablers!

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        • Kumkum Pass Garrri

          @Terrorist Fritz

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    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Ambazombie stupidity on display!

      If there are Fake Amba boys running freely on the streets of the Delusional Republic of Ambazombie land and causing havoc why are the Genuine Ambazombie boys too scared to kick the Fake Ambazombies out of their Delusional Republic of Ambazobies?

      If the Genuine Ambazombie boys are too scared to attack the Fake Amba Atanga Nji boys why are the Fake Amba-Atanga Nji boys not attacking and killing the Genuine ambazombie terrorist cowards?

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  6. This is fake news, perpetuated, by one of them – them at it again. Moki Edwin Kinzeka
    of VOA, is the one doing all this against his own people, for selfish reasons. I had once,
    called it out.
    Who else, wonders aloud with me, why the boys will steal a cow, take it to their hideout,
    keep it there until the villagers, come chasing them?
    It is also true, that the military, that dumb and tribalistic hit squad, has also benefited in
    their Biya genocidal war by also stealing even in broad day light.

  7. I had written here, that VOA, is spewing out fake news. And this, is masterminded,
    by one of them again – Moki Edwin Kenzeka. Everyone by now, should accept, that
    cameroon gov`t, is ruling using lies as it`s policy.

  8. Anglophones have a lot of anglofools especially those who are benefiting from the regime. Please do not let social media be the driving force behind this struggle although it is a good propaganda tool. It took some countries 20 years plus and millions of lives lost to be where Ambazonia is today only after 3 years. Please Stay focus on the big picture the people of Amba land for your independence is going to happen.

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Foolish Ambazombie terrorist Brandinopede,

      Wonderful international idiot! Where is the Delusional Republic of Ambazombies today? It only exists in the delusional minds of ambazombie terrorists. You are behind where you started 3 years ago! You are being kicked out of our villages like parasites!

      Tell us which country took 20 years to build a delusional republic like the Ambazombies? You are an absolute Nyamfukah!

      Any one from NW/SW of Cameroon who identifies himself as an Anglophone is a fool!
      I am from the North West province and I am not an Anglophone or anglofool. I am a Bantu Bobe from Mbaingoh in Boyo Division! I am a Black Leg!

      I refuse to be associated with Anglophone terrorists and fools!

      We have grabbed you by the kanas and there will be no independence! Cry all u want

      • Tell them my brother. Comedy revolution. they are terrorizing their own people that revolution. absolute rubbish.
        man way never wise these scammers them for diaspora make he continue the pay them. hahahahah. i better pay paul biya than for pay scammers them abroad then no still get peace.

    • ” It took some countries 20 years plus and millions of lives lost to be where Ambazonia is today only after 3 years. Please Stay focus on the big picture the people of Amba land for your independence is going to happen.’

      If this isn’t wickedness then we need a new word for this. This is one is talking of millions of lives over two decades. Do you think the kids back home will drink your kool aid forever. If you can’t convince your fellow anglophones that you can run a state then who do you think will fight for you.

      By the way, Expedia is running ticket sales. Contact me at AfricanBlackLeg at gmail. I will get you a one way ticket to go fight for the independence of your decapitation nation.

      • Kumkum Pass Garrri


        Black Legs vs Ambazombies

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        Black Legs wuna mash faya a la maniere de MKPD!!

  9. Oh LORD! I read and heard what was happening in Cameroon, but today I saw. Please guys visit KONTRIPIPO.COM. I can’t help but to feel sorry for these kids who are beheading humans like goats. Their souls is forever lost and nothing can bring them back to humanity. To you the Aya cho and all the people financing or encouraging this atrocities, you will face the divine justice!!

  10. How can anyone suggest the military should leave NW and SW? It has become a lawless land where these criminals are kings. Before watching these videos on KONTRIPIPO.COM i was in favorof withdrawing BIR and sending the police instead, now I want the entire Cameroonian Army to go clean that part of the country as they did with BH.

    • General Diamond of the Black Legs

      Dear Cameroon Government,

      Have you seen the barbarism of the Ambazombie terrorists? I am pordering every government official to visit kontripipo today and watch the barbarism of these ambazombie terrorists. Do you think you are doing enough to stop these Ambazombies? Why do we not have more millitary men in the North West and South West? Why have you not unleashed sophisticated strategies and techniques to annihilate these Ambazombies?
      Enough is enough! We the Black Legs of the diaspora and in the fatherland have resolved not to be silent! We the Black Legs in the diaspora are ready to contribute our expertise to you on how to annihilate these terrorists while the Black Legs in the fatherland offer intelligence!

      Together we must defeat this evil with force and truth!

  11. Des tentatives de sabotage en vain
    Vous essayez par tous les moyens de saboter les AMBAZONIENS en vain.
    Vous montez tous les jours des coups foireux qui finissent toujours par vous trahir.

    -Balikumbat (les populations chassent les bandits infiltrés). Échec lamentable
    -Bangourain, échec lamentable
    -Ayafor Florence, échec lamentable
    -Le professeur pour accuser IG, échec lamentable
    -Enterrement d’une femme en vie, échec lamentable avec un autre montage grossier
    -Vous continuez avec votre cinéma pour essayer de convaincre qui ?

    La Ripoublique has failed again, again and again. Dieu veille sur l’AMBAZONIE.

    Ambazonia is not and will never be part of Ripoublique.

    Gardez votre statut de M.E.R.D.E pour la poubelle. NOUS n’en voulons pas.

    • Why do you think no nations on earth wants to associate with your terrorrist organization? There is not sympathy for savages. Florence Ayafor beheading was ambazombies biggest mistakes.

  12. 20,000 morts, des villages rasés, des maisons détruites, des boutiques pillées pour des clopinettes ? NAN. We shall fight to achieve a full update of the newer version of the next gen software. TOTAL FREEDOM.

    Anglophones are people from the Southern Cameroons. Speaking English does not make you an Anglophone in the context of the CAMEROONS. Le fait de m’exprimer en français ne fait pas de moi un Francophone.
    Un Anglophone = From the Southern Cameroons (The Federal Republic Of Ambazonia made of 13 counties)
    Un Francophone = From French Cameroun and its provinces.

    Niet, Nein, Nay, No way. Nous n’acceptons pas que vous osez penser décider pour NOUS. N’êtes vous pas sous le contrôle du CFA ? Vous perdez votre temps.. Nous sommes 2 entités différentes. From virtual to real, il n’ya qu’un pas.

    • C’est ton droit de choisir de vivre dans la réalité ou dans l’illusion. Mes les faits sont là et visible. Ta republique de Facebook n’a jamais existé et n’existera jamais, légalement et physiquement.
      Dieu ne vous pardonnera jamais, vous les “enablers” d’avoir transformé ces jeunes enfants en assassins assoiffée de sang, des bandits.
      Je comprends parfaitement ta frustration, car ici aux States je vis avec un compatriote de la région du NW.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        You are either talking to Ayaba Cho, Tapang Ivo, Akwanga, Eric Tataw Chris Anu or Mark Baretta!

        Now, if you do not know who the idiots I just named above, do not glorify them by doing a google search as they are the leaders of the movement for the rape torture and beheading of women in the north west and south west like Ma Ayafor Florence.
        These are the ambazombie terrorist block suckker kingpins that we must use the truth to dislodge them from their perch wherever they are.

        We will share the truth until their neighbors and communities will ask the government to kick them out of their neighborhood if they do not want to repatriate them to Cameroon to face justice!
        No American will let these guys live in their neighborhood if they are aware of their atrocities.
        We know it is them!

  13. Kumkum Pass Garri

    Ayaba Cho, Tapang Ivo, Akwanga, Eric Tataw, Chris Anu, Sako, Mark Baretta, Boh Herbert!

    The losers I just named above, are the leaders of the movement for the rape torture and beheading of women in the north west and south west like Ma Ayafor Florence.
    These are the ambazombie terrorist block sucking kingpins that we must use the truth to dislodge them from their perches wherever they are.

    We will share the truth until their neighbors and communities will ask the government to kick them out of their neighborhood if they do not want to repatriate them to Cameroon to face justice!
    No American will let these guys live in their neighborhood if they are aware of their atrocities.

    Operation Let Their Neighbours Know!

    Ambazombies get ready for annihilation! Nyamfukah terrorists!

    Kumkum Pass

  14. Une fois de plus, Biya vient d’être battu à son propre jeu.

    Les forces de défense et de sécurité du Cameroun ont incendié des maisons et des magasins en AMBAZONIE. Nous avons la liste de ce qu’ils font en plus de leurs actes barbares.

    Ils pillent, ils brûlent, ils tuent, ils mangent des chiens, volent du bétail
    Pour se faire passer pour des Ambazoniens.
    Ils s’habillent en clochards dans les rues et cachent des armes.
    Ils infiltrent pour écouter ce qui se dit.
    Les fonctionnaires vivent dans le chantage permanent
    Ils volent les pc, les téléphones et tout ce qu’ils trouvent.

    LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources way dem thiefam.La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. NoBoDy can Accept slavery

  15. I beg to ask the question if LRC has not learnt the lesson Nigeria has with Boko Haram, when is the next timetable to defeat Amba. Honorable Wirba told LRC, that it can bring the entire LRC , plus the French and Amba would never be defeated… it has come to pass that it is the case now and it would be the case tomorrow that Amba would never be defeated.

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