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Cameroon: At least two dead as church collapses under heavy rain

Independent Catholic News | At least two people died on Wednesday evening, when the church of Sainte Marceline de Minkan in Odza, a suburb of the capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé, collapsed under heavy rain. People had gathered in the church to pray the Rosary.

According to Fr Félix Désiré Amougou, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Yaoundé, the provisional toll of the tragedy is two dead, four injured, and one missing.

According to the parish priest of Minkan, Abbot Ndoumve, firemen arrived immediately and have been working since the night of October 17 to remove the rubble and continue the search for bodies and any survivors.

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  1. Was it caused by a typhoon, a monsoon, a tsunami? How many nearby houses were similarly affected?
    Was it an accident? Was it sabotage? Will the victims turn to an insurance company for indemnity payment? Or will the head of state do the favors as usual(Nsam, Edea, Eseka,Lake Nyos)?

    Fortunately the “Cour Constitutionel” is hard at work to give the nation a befitting answer to these and other thorny questions.

    • Ask TB Joshua, he knows everything about collapsing buildings. He even goes free when 100 people are killed because of him being greedy.

  2. I saw some ambazonias did that

  3. Another mismanagement example of the churches. Now they have to spend
    double on one thing. Poor christians will be told horrible lies to contribute
    even more. They fool the people, all the times.

  4. poor construction with poor material and disregard or lag thereof of Building code and Town Planing regulation. #6 years under Biya and no building regulation in Cameroon.Cameroon do not even have street numbers and street Names. look how hard it is to cribbed where accident took place. something that simple street 5 , Building 101, Catholic church or this Neighborhood etc

    • why did wereh ngang( jesus)who knows everything in advance not inform them this was going to happen?

      • ha ha ha ha lol!wereh ngang JESUS was sleeping.Who goes to pray at night when you know God is at rest . He created days and nights for a reason and created the earth in six days the seventh day he rested. All this over Christianity is killing us