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Cameroon: Beer sales slightly fell by 0.4% in 2018

Business in Cameroon | Brewers in Cameroon sold a total of 6,500,000 hl (650 million liters), free beer excluded and trade included, as at December 31, 2018, according to data provided by Société Anonyme des Brasseries du Cameroun (SABC).

These figures remain approximatively stable compared to sales the previous year, but are slightly 0.4% lower. Market leader Sabc says it sold 4,655,000 hl (465.5 million liters) over the period reviewed, down 1.3% compared to 2017, representing 7.1% of sales targets. The remaining 184.5 million liters was sold by Guinness Cameroun and UCB.

Of the volumes sold, Sabc exported 43,700 hl (4.37 million liters) down 0.6% compared to the previous year due to “the difficult economic period in the CEMAC zone and the extent of fraudulent imports of products from Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea.”

Following the enforcement of the new 2019 Finance Act and the subsequent price increase on March 1, 2019, the SABC is expecting a 10% decrease in volumes on the reference products for which it had to increase prices; this means a reduction in sales by nearly 450,000 hl (4.5 million liters).

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  1. Thank you contender forces of Ambazonia! Make the land ungovernable, increase the cost to the occupiers, bleed them out economically and they will run out themselves. Ambazonia will only negotiate from a position of strength.

  2. beer industry is the only industry that functions in this fake country…
    I am sure bread and sardine is the next..
    Country for bread, sardine and beer…..
    And with a mad man , a despot on Diapers with no brain at the head of the failed nation..
    Ministers are thieves, spend most years after working for the fake government in prison..
    The papa on diapers feels he is a semi God…He has no plan, ..
    The wife was fat , had lots of hair, today she is skinny with most of the hair gone..

    Long Live the bread , sardine republic ..

    • BIKO…… the kind of frustration you voice here is quite extraordinary. But from my experience on the ground things are not the way you present here. In fact I think Cameroon is the right place to be for those who want to become economic leaders tomorrow. On condition one settle in a village and take control of vast tracts of land to valorise through intelligent agriculture, then industry. Today we have different energy sources that can guarantee us electricity for domestic and industrial use. Even with bad roads, it is still possible to produce and transport goods to the city for export. We just need to get rid of anglophone francophone mentality of looking for office jobs. Or waiting for a savior called president to put everything in place for us.

  3. Bah Cho, I have been reading the nonsense that you write for a while and at times I wonder whether you write while suffering from brief reactive psychosis commonly known as temporal insanity. How do you take control of vast tracts of land? Through acquisition of land–yes, and a land title–which is impossible because of LRC bottlenecks.

    Do you honestly think that it is by choice that Bakwerians cannot get portions of land surrendered by CDC while Governors, DOs, and Sub DOs (citizens of LRC) get the land and start building hotels? Do you think that it is by choice that the entire NW is without industries?

    Building an industry is not like digging a latrine in your backyard.

    • AMBAMAN,,,,i may be insane from your angle of view.but i am not supposed to write to please your mind because we do not have the same experience.this mean the way we look at an identical situations will be contradictory.infact in many villages,at least in my region there has never been any problem aquiring a land tittle.the FONS of many villages are very generous especially when you want to invest in their village.they do everything to give you assurance your investement will be protected.the problem is that we do not want to go to the farm.everybody want to become a mayor,president,etc signing empty papers in air conditioned offices.this explains why you creat obstacles that do not exist to justify your refusal to go to the farm ,which is where the creation of riches begin.

      • like somebody from the north west.i can guarantee you,it is because of ignorance of what true economic development through industrialization that we do not have industries.it has nothing to do with who is president in younde.for example,nigeria has a market of three hundred million people close to us.what hold us from growing wheat,processing to flour and exporting there?we have the land,water,and energy sources.government has now authorised people to produce energy for domestic and industrial use.if we are not going to commercialise it.what we have in the north west are speculators,people who do buying and selling which creats no added value and so wealth.but if we invest in farms,growing crops like sunflower,wheat,canola,corn,processing and selling.then that is industrialization.

  4. “…the FONS of many villages are very generous especially when you want to invest in their village.”

    Fons do not grant land titles; Fons do not issue business licences. If Fons were doing what you just mentioned, the NW will be flooded with industries. So where are the industries you have established in the villages where you were welcomed by the Fons?

    We are not writing to please each other. We write based on facts. Can you explain why Kribi Seaport is operational while Victoria Seaport is not after 58 years?

    WADA, Ndop Rice, Santa Coffee, etc. were all private establishments can you explain why they suddenly went defunct?

    If one wants to establish a pharmaceutical company in, say, Ndu, can the Fon of Ndu issue all of the documents required to open and run the company?

    • Are we talking about the same Cameroon where I just obtained a license for more hectares of agriculture land.and an authorisation to use a water fall to produce electricity for personal industrial consumption?.no matter how you try to make it look impossible obtaining legal papers to open and run an industry in Cameroon. Base on what I have done, it is not true.do you know what the industrial world is, to ask me to show you the industries I have fonctioning? In industry, descreation is very very important if you are to succeed. You don’t expose what you are doing in public until you win great market shear and monopolise the product.this will enable you to be ten twenty years ahead of potential competitors. Never you make that mistake.from your thinking, you don’t know what industry is.

  5. Does the fact the sea port in the east was chosen for construction instead of limbe hold anyone from purchasing agriculture land in the area called mountain in buea? For your information land is available in this area although far from buea Town, but it is possible to operate from there.what is the connection between digging boreholes in this area for year round agriculture with the sea port? Because of our nativity, we never went to China or Thailand to see what they were doing to produce 20 tonnes of rice above per hectare. And we expected ndop rice with 5 to 6 tonnes per hectare to compit? Who of us took time to understand how China produced 40 tonnes of potatoes per hectare? Wada and all those companies were condermed in advance because of lack of competitive strategy.

    • Today it is the same thing with fish farming. If we do not take time to understand how China produce one kilo of tilapia for 200fcfa.all the fish farms in Africa are destined for extinction with cheap imports from China, Thailand and India. It has nothing to do with government bureaucrats whoes naivety in strategies of economic transformation is legendary. Santa coffee alone illustrate our ignorance. While coffee has only two harvest a year with intensive labour and imposed prices. Sunflower has four harvest a year with the possibility of pressing to oil and using the waste matter for fish and animal farming. One hectare of sunflower gives at least three hundred thousand per hectare per harvest. Compare to coffee and tell me in terms of income generation?

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