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Cameroon cholera outbreak claims 48 lives

APAnews | A cholera epidemic, particularly in northern Cameroon, has already claimed the loves of 48 people, according to figures released by the Public Health ministry on Monday.

According to the ministry, since the outbreak of the disease last February, there have been 775 reported and confirmed cases, reachig what it called “alarming epidemiological proportions.”

The northern region, which has been particularly blighted by the epidemic for almost a year, has a fatality rate of 6.2 percent.

The neighbouring Far North region is also affected by the disease, raising fears of its spread with the onset of rains in that part of the country.

Cholera, which had also been reported in the southern part of Cameroon, especially in the Central and Coastal regions, where one death had been reported, was brought under control.

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  1. The cholera bacterium is found and spread in places with inadequate water treatment, poor sanitation, and inadequate hygiene.

    Dictator Biya’s bill per day in Hotel Intercontinental is 50.000 USD.
    This amount is enough to provide potable water to at least 10 villages.
    That will help prevent the transmission of cholera.

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