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Cameroon: Committee to reintegrate ex-separatists, others

africanews | A National Committee for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration has been set up in Cameroon.

A statement from the Cameroonian presidency said the structure aims to provide “a framework for the reception and social reintegration of ex- Boko Haram militants and members of armed groups operating in the North West and South West regions of the country.

According to the statement, the Committee will be headed by a coordinator under the supervision of the Prime Minister, while centres will be opened in Mora in the Far North, Bamenda in the North West and Buea in the South West .

These centres will provide a framework for disarmament, demobilization and reintegration.

The establishment of the structure complements the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan and the Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Centre for the restive English speaking regions.

While the roadmap and funding for the committee is not yet known, critics say the government has placed the cart before the horse.

They argue that a ceasefire in the warring regions should have preceded the creation of the committee for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration.

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    On the 30th of November, Dictator Biya signed a decree creating his so-called “Comité de désarmement, démobilisation et réintégration des ex-combattants de Boko Haram et des groupes armés séparatistes”.
    The greatest paradox that defies all human logic is that Dictator Biya always likes to put the cart before the horse.

    He has NOT defeated Amba boys or Boko Haram. However, he is already creating a committee to disarm fighters of Boko Haram and Amba boys.
    Rumours abound that ex-convict Atanga Nji will soon invite foreign Ambassadors to present the laying down of weapons by his FAKE AMBA boys impersonating as GENUINE AMBA boys.

    One thing is certain:

    Dirty tricks by LRC can NEVER EVER stop the UNSTOPPABLE momentum or win the war.


      This so-called National Committee for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration is another scam.It will be used by LRC to beg for funds for another “plan d’urgence” from the international community and CPDM militants. The money will be used to buy weapons to fight the “secessionists” in SC.

      In a few days from now CrTv will be showing pictures of the laying downof weapons by the FAKE Amba created by ex-convict Atanga NJi. The international community and CPDM militants will be asked to contribute money to a DISARMAMENT “Plan d’urgence”.


      One thing is abundantly clear:

      Dictator Biya iseither insane or stupid.

      He cannot be speaking of disarming combattants before:

      1. defeating the combattants OR
      2. calling for a TRUCE

      The truth of the matter is that neither Boko Haram nor the so-called “secessionist” have been defeated by LRC terrorists. LRC can and will NEVER EVER defeat the afore-mentioned groups. This is so because ASYMMETRICAL WARFARES are UNWINNABLE. It is therefore laughable and imbecile nonsense for Dictator Biya to sign his sh*thole decree creating a disarmament committee.

      Amba boys will NEVER EVER allow such a committee to operate in SC.


  2. We call on Cameroun military to disarm and withdraw from Ambaland. Tell the Cameroun lazy diaper wearing leader to sign a decree withdrawing his bulu thieves from Ambazonia. He has to listen to the prophecy Honwirba dished out in his kangaroo assembly. We call on lrc to release all ambazonian prisoners in their jails.

    He has to listen to the message from CaF leadership

  3. A man who declared war from the airport in November 2017 on 8 million Anglophones in Southern Cameroons, unilaterally decrees a disarmament one year later of the same Anglophones who only picked up arms to defend themselves.
    Let it be known there has been no war declared on Francophone or French Cameroon territory.
    How do you expect Anglophones on their land defending themselves against French Cameroon army to put than their weapons because the commander in Chief of French Cameroon has decreed it?
    This must be a suicide mission for any Anglophone, who in their right mind decrees a disarmament without any dialogue?
    Ayuk Tabe of the imaginary republic as they say in French Cameroon has more authority over Anglophone Cameroon than Mr Biya Will ever have… take it to the bank!

    • But Ayuk Tabe is in chains and begging for his life! Moreover, the ‘French Cameroon army’s commander in your Northwest region is under the auspices of General Agha Robinson Ndong, an illustrious son of the Northwest! So, you can’t fool anyone, my dear.

      The Northwest has more top officers in the Cameroonian army than the Southwest, East, North, Adamawa, Far North, Littoral. Why are those soldiers still serving the ‘French Cameroon army? You are the biggest hypocrites of the nation.

      • All this quacking will not change a thing. Southern Cameroons is out. Big grammar blow-heads like yourself can do nothing about it. Crazy wannabe-Rastafarian pot-head.

  4. Dreamers!disgrace biya is just wasting his time, he no longer has legitimacy on the people of Southern Cameroon Ambazonians who he call terrorists /separatist,these people are establishing their rightful 1961 UN mandate of independence,they will never disarm until Yaounde accept the realities on the ground surrender,Yang is a nonentity as all other lrc administrators,when the people were unarmed in 2016,biya ordered shot and kill hundreds and still killing up to date, this generation of no return will continue to fund,arm, fight biya,bleed lrc’s economy until he begs for dialogue on separation term only, their bloody hands this time must pay, Amba boys are waiting for traitors yang and his dotage puppet gangsters in Buea/Bamenda,these old fake french slaves should stay in Yaounde or die

  5. The donkey Chiroma and other sheep from the north can start

  6. Lumping Anglophones in Cameroon on their land fighting for self rule with the ideology of Boko Haram fighting for an Islamic Republic in Nigeria extending into Cameroon is a very shallow and unrealistic approach to resolving the ongoing war.
    Mandela fought for freedom and equal rights for his people, Ayuk Tabe is fighting for freedom and dignity of his people.
    The right to self rule in Anglophone Cameroon is not a religious ideology it is a basic human right and that is why the people listen to Ayuk Tabe and not the Yaoundé tribal government.
    The war on Anglophones by the Yaoundé government has to date;
    20,000 killed
    100,000 refugees in Nigeria
    500,000 internal refugees in Cameroon
    10,000 missing or jailed in French Cameroon
    210 villages burnt by the army
    Who is fooling who?

    • Here is a better perspective for you:

      BOKO HARAM is fighting for the reinstatement of the erstwhile KANEM BORNO EMPIRE which was totally obliterated by the BRITISH… while your homoerotic zombies are fighting to uphold a historical accident called ANGLOPHONE CAMEROON that was instituted by the same BRITISH! There’s a commonality, my dear even if you can’t see it… and I wouldn’t even expect you to see it. I am here to guide you!

      These two conflicts are a travesty of justice when it comes to the AFRICAN SOCIOLOGY OF KNOWLEDGE.

      You are free to raise the debate about which one is more legitimate, and the realisation will dawn on you that BOKO HARAM has a more justified reason for fighting. But then, such wisdom is not for an insular and small-minded ANGLO-SAXON AFRICAN WOMAN like you.

      • Hey brother @Ras, you cornered the dude and he won’t dare to challenge you.

        • Well, my friend, I am simply offering an alternative perspective to assist our people in the achievement of greater clarity with regards to their own circumstances. Whether people are receptive to my comments or not is totally inconsequential to me. I get paid for my ideas and that’s good enough for me.

          You see, our people are surprisingly unfamiliar with so many things… which calls to question the essence of our knowledge transmission process, as I have always highlighted. It is quite unfortunate. You can observe the extent to which the so-called termite soldiers and their self-imposed leaders are fumbling in darkness!!!

          I can guarantee you one thing though: the season for abegabegabeg is about to end.

  7. The correct approach will be to create a re-education institution to re-education these lost souls.
    They have been brainwashed by these zombies in the diaspora and it is the duty of the government to “reformatting” their minds and teach patriotism and what it means to be a Kamerunian.

    • ….read to re-educate …..

    • Each time I watch videos of those youths I have tears in my eyes—they are totally lost in what they are doing—some even believe they are real generals.

      One should even extend your option to the diaspora—some are like those youths in the bush, lost…

  8. waste of taxes money they should be killed or beheaded.

    we need to apply the technique south Arabia, the USA, and Israel do, for Yemen, Palestinian people ” kikikikikkikiki”

  9. After your army has killed more than 5000 Anglophones,tortured and wounded more than 15 000 ,more than 400 000 internally displaced,more than 250 000 refugees who have fled into Nigeria,more than 110 villages burnt down by your army you come and create a committe for disarmament without any peace talk,round table dialogue or negotiation.Only a real idiot will believe in your commission.No Anglophone or Ambazonian fighter will drop his gun.No no no.Drop their guns when your army is still killing our people?Only one man can speak at this level and the people listen to him and that man is Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.If you were a wise president you could have freed Sisiku and give peace a chance.Anglophone fighters are prepared to fight to the last man if you Paul Biya don’t do things the right way.

    • Man no Run. Can you please correct yourself? Sisiku Ayuk was not, is not and will never ever be our anglophone leader. Can you please put that in your thick skull? He is your Ambazonia leader and not an anglophone leader. Nobody in the SW and NW knows him and I’m not even sure he is 100% Cameroonian as per some Nigerians who claim to know him very well.

  10. @Mbappe mbella @ bamenda wana bi @Ras Tuge @james2. How about your lazy diaper-wearing leader and his licking pipes? I listen to the dockey Chiroma and other camerounese cry over spilled milk when their laziness, incompetence and lack of vision could not let them host afcon. CameroUn dictator sign fail commision that will not and shall never work. BiMvondo is not the president of west cameroons. His silly Commission of whatever is dead on arrival.
    These Three fellows named previously are naive like other camerounese, have you ever asked yourself why nany country that speak french in africa dont reason, the only people who steal pay Colonial tax to master france? and their french treasy is keeping their reserves

  11. At Ras Tuge, do you really know the history of southern Cameroon? It surprised me to see you argue wrongly when it comes to southern cameroon issues. Go and learn the history of southern cameroon please i beg you. I wonder if you are a true blood of english speaking Cameroon. Secondly, if you had lived in Yaounde from 1974-1981, then you will know your ignorance. Lastly, educate yourself before arguing thank you sir.

    • Concretely, what have you really said, Kingsley? Are you disputing the fact that I described the notion of ‘Anglophone Cameroon’ as a historical accident? What exactly is your point of contention?

      By the way, it is not my duty to tell you the things you like to hear.

      • @ Ras I don’t think brother Kingsley understands that the so called Southern Cameroons was a brief fabrication by the colonialists for their national interest without the consent and interest of the Kamerun people. Some of these Africans just make me sick still reasoning like this in the 21st century.

    • @Kingsley,
      That pot-head is from Douala, just like his Brother Peter Esoka. That is why the thought that he will soon be a foreigner in Southern Cameroons makes his body crawl.

      • Is there any difference between Fako and D’la folks, Mankon and Bamboutos…?

        You surely think some visionaries are saying CMR is indivisible just to spoil your day.

        That is the simple truth, we don’t need a Biya to remind us.

        We all know it, true federalism is our prob, it must be implemented…

        • So What’s the difference between Nice and Genoa, Turin and Grenoble or Alsace and Frieburg? Your claim holds no water because Southern Cameroons had a well established territory under Joseph Merrick in 1837 followed by Alfted Saker in 1858 which later transformed into Ambas Bay (The origin of the word Ambazonia) with an established capital Victoria. The arrival of the Germans in 1884 to fuse Ambazonia and the rest of these low IQ criminals will be dismissed in a competent court of international law.

        • You forgot to mention Southern Sudan in your write-up this time around. As if you ever made any research on SS to find out if the social demography or context is the same with CMR.

          Anyway, after the world saw the mistake they did in participating in the fractioning of SS, they are not ready to create another SS, at lest not in this century.

          Also, you forgot Catalonia and Spain—-didn’t Catalonia vote in a referendum to separate?

          I know you’ve all voluntarily decided to be naive, just to force your case…

        • @ Zam-Zam, what make you think you illusion justification makes the SC and LRC one and indivisible. Living on a frontier doesn’t make one loose his/her nationality to a neighboring country. Extend your narrative to the North of LRC with Nigeria, East with CAR, and South with Equatorial Guinee lets see how it plays out. You are a DELUSIONAL FASCIST.

  12. @Zam-Zam Cameroon was not created by Cameroonians.As a matter of fact,CMR was not created by Francophones. Britain and France created the two Cameroons with well documented constitutions before 1961 re-unification.Even Nigeria,that exercised territorial control over SC at one time,claimed that SC is their territory,but the people of SC told them that the SC territory does not belong to either Nigeria nor LRC.
    When Britain and France was dividing CMR,they did not take into account that Fako and Douala people are ”one”,so they should stay in one territory.I am Ejagahm,if i have to follow your logic,i am suppose to be in the same country with my Ejagham borothers in Nigeria,but i am not.It is whitemans boundary that have seperated us,not language,or tradition.Cameroon is two and divisible

    • Kongossa.
      a gallon of palm wine for you please.
      sense too much

    • @KONGOSA
      Good attempt to bring down an often forgotten reality. The notion of propinquity (Doualas /Bakweris are one, Bamilekes/NW are one) is like an old broken record that has been played over and over till it lost its appeal. Proponents fail to take into consideration a simple fact of human evolution – they grow up and migrate.

    • @Kongosa,

      you are forcing lies into your head, the truth is on the ground.

      You and your write-up supporters, who know the truth, would soon be schooling me, for example, that NW/SW have reconciled.

      Wish birds knew how to write, they would record such FAT lies for the records…

    • @ Kongosa man, For your information my African friends from Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda think you are the most stupid African and a disgrace to all Africans after reading this your rubbish. They have begged me not to show it to any of our white friends as they think your likes were the ones selling their brothers and sisters to slavery. Please emancipate yourself from mental slavery, this is the 21st century. A white man can never ever determine our boundaries in Africa. Shame on you.

  13. Latest coming in from the Washington post mewspaper: Mr. Biya`s young teacher in name of Macron,
    president of the usurper country France, is under fire from his own, who are protesting over fuel price
    hikes { you know our Sonara is in trouble}. They claim, that teacher Macron, is out of touch, monachical
    in leadership etc. They have expressed this with burning down cars, shattered shop windows, vandalized
    monuments etc etc. The are asking that he should leave.
    Student Mr Biya, is still burning whole villages, killing on sight, plundering valuable general resources,
    telling stupid lies around the world etc etc. Today, we all are seeing that the other fingers – four in mumber
    are beggining to weigh in on him. He is going, to build a terrible and hurrible legacy that will embarass,
    even him

  14. @bobjazz ”A white man can never ever determine our boundaries in Africa. Shame on you.”.Of course,a the white man can.As a matter of fact,they have done it before and will still do it.When SC claimed ownership of their territory and left Nigeria based on the whiteman’s boundary,i lost my Ejagham brothers in Nigeria whom we were living happily together.A white man’s boundary determined the boundary between me,and my Ejagham brothers in Nigeria.We were even told that,the Ejaghams in Nigeria and those in CMR are two,and divisible.Instead of us,Ejaghams in CMR staying and remain Nigerians,so that we can continue living hapilly with our Nigerian Ejagham brothers,the white man divided us and send me to CMR while living my Ejagham brothers in Nigeria.Cameroon is two,and divisible……

  15. @bobjazz My father told me that when Britain joined SC with Nigeria, he met his Ejagham brothers in Nigeria and they were living hapilly and planning never to part ways,but white man’s boundary came and divided them again in 1961.My father told me that in the 1961 plebiscite he campaigned for Endeley,becos he was supporting SC’s independence by joining Nigeria.He did not want to lose his Ejaham brothers in Nigeria.As a matter of fact,he told me that about 99 percent of the Ejaghams in CMR voted for independence of SC,by joining Nigeria becos they did not want to be seperated from their Ejagham brothers in Nigeria.But people that supported independence by joining LRC won the plebiscite.That is how we lost our Ejagham brothers in Nigeria.Whitemen determine boundaries in Africa.