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Cameroon Court Receives Petitions to Annul Presidential Vote

Bloomberg | Cameroon’s highest court received petitions from two voters who alleged irregularities in the Oct. 7 presidential polls to annul the election.

The two electors, Bertin Kisob and Rigobert Minhaba Aminou, filed 15 complaints in their bid to have the vote cancelled, Maka Eyoum Longin, registrar-in-chief of the Constitutional Council, told reporters Wednesday in the capital, Yaounde. A deadline for the filing of petitions expires at midnight on Wednesday, he said.

The electoral commission has 48 hours to respond to the petitions while the court has to rule on the claims before announcing the vote’s final outcome. President Paul Biya faced 7 candidates in the poll that is widely expected to extend his 36-year rule.

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  1. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me”. Since when did kangaroo courts start to listen to electors for election irregularities? You want to use this as a pretext to annul the elections because your candidate lost? Bring it on. Beti- bulu conspiracy. You have found your Waterloo this time around. Tsuipppp!!!

  2. If history is anything to go by, then biya has won again this time around.
    I see the opposition, not making it again this time around. Only death, can
    remove biya from that position. We better stop fooling ourselves like kids
    all the times. No elections, can send a dictator, one like biya away just any
    how. Time to think hard.
    It takes a war, real war, to stop biya.