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Cameroon creates a new industrial zone in Bamenda, North-West

Business in Cameroon | Cameroon’s Industrial Zones Development and Management Mission (MAGZI) has just completed the development of a new 44-ha industrial zone in the city of Bamenda, the regional capital of the Northwest.

MD Georges Christol Manon, invites economic operators to set up businesses in these newly commissioned land. According to him, despite the separatists’ violence in this region for almost two years now, about 5 hectares out of the 44 available hectares have already been reserved by investors.

As a reminder, MAGZI is a state company in charge of developing spaces for investors to set up in Cameroon, in exchange for a highly competitive rent.

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  1. Hahahaha hahahahaha. Ambazonia pressure go burst some man yi Kanas. This isn’t part of LRC. Back off!

  2. Little too late for this regime to start making concessions. There’s absolutely nothing they can do to regain public trust among anglophones. The hourglass has runout on this regime and there’s no redemption.

  3. Don’t worry my people, any development there is for us. Too late to entice us . Just waiting for them to vacate Ambaland.

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  5. White elephant projects.
    Why not Tar the 60km road from Bafoussam to Bamenda first.
    Anyone can reserve hectares of land and call it industrial zone!
    No running water, no roads, no electricity, no internet etc
    What kind of industries will flourish in a roadless, no water, no electricity, no internet industrial zone.
    Who is fooling who?
    $6billion dollars in Chinese debt still no reliable water or electricity, no decent airport.
    Soon the Chinese will seize Kribi and Douala as collateral for unpaid debt.

  6. Sounds like the “RING ROAD” project of 36 years ago!

  7. A quel heur le bamenda comme ont nous appel au cameroon sont parti.vivrez Abakwa diue est grand homme est parti.

  8. At this age and time, they do not understand the mining of an industrial zone. Shame on them for their misplaced priorities. Projects as such should not be out of someone’s overnight imagination but should constitute part of a development strategy and plan.

    This area must be planned within the urban development framework with roads and other amenities given that, many people will, of course, follow the development
    Who is fooling who?

  9. Ambazonia is free

  10. Censorship here is pervasive..this must be a Cpdm forum.

  11. Augustine Enow Agbor

    While do this inept government continues to foul itself? I call this misplaced priorities. The energy grid in the North West Region is not enough to run ten modern mid-size manufacturing companies. In addition, the supply chain infrastructure is poorly developed. Which sector are the targeting and are they expecting to export the products made here? If so, into which foreign markets and what is the locational and competitive advantages of making the products in this industrial zones? Show is the development plan for such zone. I am tired of Cameroon