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Cameroon: economy grew by 3.9% in Q2 2018

Business in Cameroon | Over the second quarter this year, Cameroon’s economy growth stood at 3.9%. This was read in a recent report published by the National Statistics Institute (INS). During the first quarter, the figure was 3.2%.

“With regard to supply segment, all primary sector industries performed well, with the exception of industrial and export agriculture,” the document said.

In the secondary sector, thriving businesses include construction and other manufacturing industries, in particular wood processing, beverage manufacturing, crude oil refining and rubber production. On the other hand, the decline in crude oil extraction and agribusiness slowed growth in this sector.

All tertiary sector’s businesses positively contributed to the growth. Major drivers are trade and repair activities, professional business services and transport.

On the demand side, the improvement in economic growth is mainly driven by final consumption expenditures and private investment. This trend is slowed by a 10.8% decline in exports volume against 8.3% increase in imports volume.

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  1. Kangaroo republic with fake statistics. We know the suffering in that country is in all time high. #biyamustgo

  2. This is clearly nonsense from the National Statistics Institute. The problem happening in the South West and North West regions should clearly show a contraction of the economy.
    Economic growth is a product of the GDP, specifically real GDP GROWTH, which accounts for all goods and services that businesses in the country manufacture for sale, minus inflation ir deflation.

    Productivity in Anglophone Cameroon has gone down over 80 percent. Most government workers are receiving salaries, but not working. The biggest employers CDC and Pamol are closed. Agricultural output has fallen due to the closure of CDC.

    I hate replying to fake information sent out to the public as truth.


    FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!!

    You do not have to become a rocket scientist in order to dismiss those statistics from the National Statistics Institute (INS) as FAKE.
    The National Statistics Institute (INS) is indeed another ELECAM.
    Any person working on a scientific paper should NEVER EVER use any statistics from the National Statistics Institute (INS)


      “Cameroun – Climat postélectoral: Des organisations de la société civile dénoncent des irrégularités du scrutin et appellent les populations à la mobilisation”

      Dictator Biya has started relocating soldiers from SC to LRC because of the threats from within.
      The citizens of LRC are determined to defend their votes this time around.


  4. Credibility= 0

  5. That`s the kind of statistics, that they use to convince the IMF etc. and get money
    to embezzle. If growth is what they want to project, then where are the good roads,
    equiped schools and hospitals etc? Watching the local TV stations and reading the
    news papers, doesn`t reflect the above writeup. It reflects a shadow picture, of what
    is necessary, to allow biya to rig the elections.
    If there was any growth for sure, why the mad rush by biya to China for money?

  6. enemies of progress “ambasonia” thunder will fire you

  7. pourquoi on a arrêté le trésorier du MRC ?…..parce qu’on se demande d’où vient l’argent du MRC… on lui a donné 2 ou 3 giffles et il a parlé…pourquoi Kamto veut sortir Marafa et Mébara de prison ? …. la vérité est que KAmto est financièrement soutenu par ces gars…Kamto est un rescapé du G11 ….il entre au Gouvernement quand ? il en sort quand ? Kamto s’inscrit dans un coup d’état pro francais qui a commencé en 2005. dans l’esprit du G11 Biya ne devait pas se présenter aux élections de 2011. on lui a d’abord servi les émeutes de la faim en 2008…. quand il s’est présenté en 2011 on lui a donc crééer Boko Haram et la crise en Centrafrique. Pour l’intimider et l’empêcher de se présenter en 2018 on lui a joué la carte de la crise Anglophone. Quand l’ambassadeur américain propose 2,7