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Cameroon expresses “dismay” after losing hosting right of AFCON 2019

YAOUNDE, Dec. 1 Xinhua | — The Cameroon government on Saturday expressed “dismay” after the Confederation of African Football (CAF), the continent’s football governing body, stripped the country of its right to host the 2019 African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

“This surprising decision for more than one reason, is certainly unfair with regard to the huge investments made by our country, which has led to outstanding modern infrastructure as witnessed by all. In the same vein, this decision is unmerited considering the resolve of the Head of State and the people of Cameroon to make all-out effort to host a remarkable celebration of African football in 2019,” Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Cameroon’s Minister of Communication and government spokesman, told a press conference here Saturday afternoon.

On Friday, CAF Executive Committee decided in Accra, capital of Ghana, that AFCON 2019 will not hold in Cameroon as earlier scheduled, for inadequate infrastructure and pressing insecurity concerns that CAF inpection mission have observed.

Tchiroma who called the decision “blatant injustice” urged Cameroonians to remain calm and “not to indulge into futile arguments”.

“African football would not match the exploits of other better performing continents in the absence of an ethical conduct,” he said and added that Cameroon will not relent her efforts in working with other African countries and international football bodies to develop football in Africa.

The decision, “without appeal, will mean that CAF will now initiate an open and urgent call for new host country bids to ensure AFCON 2019 takes place next summer,” a statement released by CAF said.

A new host of the competition is expected to be known by Dec. 31, according to CAF.

CAF said Cameroon was still a “serious candidate” to organize a future edition of AFCON but Tchiroma did not say if the was willing to host the championship in future.

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  1. You had 36 years to build six modern state-of-the-art stadiums but you siphoned the money into Credit Swiss. Mbivondo spent $1.5 million at Le Bal in France in 2008 with a 25 man delegation. He was criticized by the french press and he switched over to the more expensive Swiss Continental Hotel.
    Morons like Tchiroma are the elements of deception to an infirm despot in the twilight of his hopeless years. The same old language ” The head of state …bla bla bla” . His mandate ended in 2011 and he is by virtue of this illegitimate, coupled with the fact that he has never won any elections. You all were hoping for cheap fame.
    “Blatant injustice”? Mr. Bakary is really delusional. You stated on tape that you supported Biya stealing 1992 elections. Huh, so much for justice!

  2. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    If only the government will continue with this project and finish it, and also build other infrastructure like road and hotels, when this is done, CAF will reconsider Cameroon and compensate her to host the next tournament.


      Rumours abound that the money the GOC borrowed to finance AFCON19 will now be diverted to offshore accounts by embezzlers of public funds headed by Dictator Biya.

      The truth of the matter is that:

      1. Most of the projects will now be abandoned
      2. The contractors might not get their money
      3. Workers will NEVER get their dues

      LRC is a failed state held hostage by a crime syndicate.


    “CAN 2019: Le Cameroun menace de saisir le Tribunal arbitral du sport (TAS). La CAF s’explique et indique que son verdict est sans appel.”

    **** MY TAKE ****

    1. The truth is bitter but it must be said
    2. LRC was NOT ready and the security of players and fans could not be guaranteed
    4. The decision of CAF was 100% correct
    5. It is common knowledge that this decision of CAF is FINAL i.e. ZERO APPEAL
    6. To add insults to injuries, TAS is not ELECAM, the Supreme Court or Constitutional council of LRC
    7. The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC should accept the verdict and prepare for AFCON2035
    8. Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate have disgraced the country BEYOND REPAIR


      11. Le Cameroun est définitivement devenu la risée du monde entier.
      12. Biya’s discriminatory policy that sacrifices meritocracy and reward mediocrity has destroyed LRC
      13. Like it or not, LRC is a country ruled by fear, intrigue and deceit, not law.
      15. Everything in the country functions only “«Sur très hautes instructions de Monsieur le président de la République, chef de l’Etat et chef des Armées”. That is crazy


      16. The phrase “….for inadequate infrastructure and pressing insecurity concerns” speaks volumes about the foolishness of Dictator Biya to declare his SH*THOLE and UNWINNABLE war on Southern Cameroonians. He knew or should have known that his war will take years if not decades to end. However, he decided to declare the war without thinking of AFCON19 or the “cahier des charges” of CAF.
      17. The bla bla blas of Tchiroma and apologists of the evil junta on this same forum will NEVER stripe off the international disgrace.
      18. LRC has become the laughing stock of the world in general and Africa in particular.
      19. Dictator Biya has destroyed his own country BEYOND REPAIR
      20. Le prochain président camerounais va hérité d’un pays très malade. J’aimerais vraiment pas être à sa place”

      • How is the gvt of your virtual Republic of Ambazonian doing?

        Don’t you think you should better spend your energy to plan a ‘prison break ‘ action to take them out of prison?
        Sisiku and co are in Kondengui,and you are here day in day out rambling about Cameroon!

        • Michael Scofield already has the job, if u know what I mean.

        • Bikutsi, the Ambazonians are just happy because if AFCON was not withdrawn from LRC the Army would have pacified NOSO before June when the event was supposed to be held. Let them enjoy the prolongation for now, our BIR heroes will handle them after Christmas. Minalmi!

        • There comes a time when people have to step back and think objectively. The withdrawal of the hosting right from Cameroon has nothing to do with Ambazonians. Don’t go looking for a scapegoat and forget that the government of Cameroon has failed her people, she has embarrassed them. A giant of African football and yet she hasn’t the infrastructure to host the continents most prestigious football show. You have to turn your arms at the government. Ask them to explain. A government is there to lead the people and preserve their pride. A government that can’t do that ought to be removed. This is not the first time Cameroonians have been disgraced in this way because of bad, corrupted leadership. A leadership that has perpetrated a state of Inertia. The public should be speaking out!.

        • Eyallow, you are entitled to your opinion but that does not change the fact that CAF cited the insecurity in NOSO as a contributing factor for the withdrawal. Not too long ago we the Ambazonians promised no AFCON in our territory and we have achieved that objective. Cameroonians deserve the government they have and are equally responsible for this failure, while Ambazonia deserves a victory round for influencing CAF’s decision too. Mission Accomplished.

        • Wata na wata,

          My comment was directed at @Bikutsi. I agree with you that some of the insecurity problems being raised as a reason for Cameroon not to host the tournament, is the result of the unwinnable war that lrc has declared against Anglophone Cameroon. However, the point I was making goes beyond that; which is that the reason why Cameroon is falling apart is because of decades of bad leadership from Yaounde, leaders composed of a cohort of thieves, ex-convicts, tribalists and despots, leaders who have no respect for the sovereignty and pride of a country. The colonial autocrat, Biya, still believes in ruling from his hideouts by decrees, instead of meeting & listening to his people. He is to be blamed. What a chance to put Cameroon on the map that they blew away!

  4. where are the Biya sympathisers. you think biya also decree at continental level. nonsense

  5. The extent of a dictator’s power has been shown by this decision to be limited. Let it shine reason into the hearts of diehard Biya supporters that their blind support of a leader with no concrete for Cameroon plan is evident beyond the borders of Cameroon. With no political weights like France to mess up the CAF ruling, we begin to see how this French puppet has crippled Cameroon. Five times African champions and we are only struggling to build stadia to match that of low performing footballing countries like Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. The biggest economy in Central Africa and yet, the Douala airport is a sore sight to the eye, I drove to Bamenda from Douala in a 4 wheel drive and ended up with a car that had its suspenders all broken because of the terrible state of the road. Shameful!

  6. Which is better – Cameroon citizens to constructively criticize what they see as wrong with their nation or let the criticism be done by outside forces? Yesterday CAF withdrew hosting rights for football competitions; today word is filtering out about IATA withdrawing licence and landing rights from Camair-Co.
    Should all of these not act as a wake up call for serious soul searching?

    • Big, I just read somewhere a letter to whom we all know from Camer Co employees decry miss management and other real issues which may lead to the withdraw you just mentioned if solutions were not taken, so the misfortune is going on in this Camer of ours?



    On the 30th of November, Dictator Biya signed a decree creating his so-called “Comité de désarmement, démobilisation et réintégration des ex-combattants de Boko Haram et des groupes armés séparatistes”.

    The greatest paradox that defies all human logic is that Dictator Biya always likes to put the cart before the horse.

    He has NOT defeated Amba boys or Boko Haram. However, he is already creating a committee to disarm fighters of Boko Haram and Amba boys. WONDERS SHALL NEVER END

    Rumours abound that ex-convict Atanga Nji will soon invite foreign Ambassadors to present the laying down of weapons by his FAKE AMBA boys impersonating as GENUINE AMBA boys.

    Ome thing is certain;

    Dirty tricks by LRC can NEVER EVER stop the momentum or win the war.


      1. The momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE
      2. The war remains UNWINNABLE
      3. SC remains UNGOVERNABLE
      4. The Committee on disarmament and Committee on Bilingualism remain NON OPERATIONAL in SC

      Dictator Biya has only TWO options left:

      1. Defeat the “secessionists” on the battlefield OR
      2. convene an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue

      The signing of decrees is NOT an option

      INCLUSIVE DIALOGUE means that all three groups of Anglophones must be represented.

      1. Unionists, such as Musonge, Atanga Nji
      2. Federalists, such as Dr. Balla, Dr. Munzu
      3. Separatists, such as Mark Bareta, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe


      1. ZERO NO-GO-AREA for discussion
      2. Roundtable i.e. all parties EQUAL IN STATUS
      3. No dirty tricks by any party
      4. No preconditions e.g. the form of the state is sacrosanct

      • Bro you sabi book.
        The 4 conditions are perfect.
        The referendum conditions will be raised later.

      • @SS,

        I am now understanding you, you are starting to realise for true too that federalism should not be kicked aside.

        Hard-liners like Ayaba Cho should never be invited for any discussion, they have their own agenda, unlike you.

        Dr Ball-a, who has nothing but Anglos in his head said it long ago. We start with federalism, and perhaps Epée’s option would ensue. But things would move forward and there would be no need for it.

        That has been my approach, ever since. Even b4 Dr. Ball.a came out.

  8. This is punishment for being an Evil dictator


    Tchiroma who called the decision “blatant injustice”???


    1. Prof. Kamto’s victory was stolen by Dictator Biya
    2. Pamol and SONARA are registered in Douala and therefore pay royalties only to the Douala City council
    3. More than 90 % of the “cadre” in SONARA are Francophones.
    4. The head of SONARA has always been a Francophone.
    5. Proceeds from Ndian oil are used only to develop towns in LRC
    7. The heads of the branches of the state(executive, legislature, judiciary) are all Francophones
    8. Anglphones are treated as second-class citizens in their own cuntry
    10.etc, etc, etc.

    It is therefore absurd for ex-convict and putschist Tchiroma to cry foul about INJUSTICE

  10. Just as a very large tree covers an entire forest, so also has football covered all of the nation’s shortcomings. And the officials, for fear of accountability, want it that way.
    The money flow into private reserves has been irresistible, prompting every conceivable manoeuver under the sun to keep it so, including the slaughter of taxpayers like the proprietor of Miss Bright Hotel in Bomaka.
    What is true of football is equally true of CRTV, ELECAM, MINAT, and more.

  11. Cry the beloved country.