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Cameroon fires Seedorf after early exit at African Cup

YAOUNDE, Cameroon (AP) — Cameroon has fired coach Clarence Seedorf and assistant coach Patrick Kluivert after the defending champion’s early exit at the African Cup of Nations.

They had been in their jobs for less than a year but were removed Tuesday, just over a week after Cameroon lost 3-2 to Nigeria in the round of 16 at the African Cup in Egypt.

Cameroon is due to host the next African Cup in 2021.

Seedorf was an outstanding player who won Champions League titles with Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan.

He’s found coaching much more difficult.

The 43-year-old former Netherlands international also had unsuccessful spells in charge at Milan, Shenzhen in China and Deportivo La Coruna. He lasted less than six months in each of those club jobs.


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  1. Coach Clarence Seedorf and assistant coach Patrick Kluivert are very good coaches for the price Cameroon is paying for them. Unfortunately Cameroon too brock and too unstable to pay for any coaches right now. Southern Cameroon problem, SONARA oil refinary fire crisis , presidential absenteeism . Too much problems, too few sensible to politicians to manage the country.

  2. L’entraîneur Clarence Seedorf et l’entraîneur adjoint Patrick Kluivert sont de très bons entraîneurs pour le prix que le Cameroun paie pour eux. Malheureusement, le Cameroun est trop dur et trop instable pour payer des entraîneurs pour le moment. Problème anglo-camerounais, crise des incendies de raffinerie de la SONARA, absentéisme présidentiel. Trop de problèmes, trop peu de choix des politiciens pour gérer le pays.

  3. Loin of the desert.

    No coach is a magician that can turn a team overnight. they are humans, they need time to master the environment and build their knowledge about how things work in the country. And set a long- and short-term plan to achieve that… hiring and firing coaches in Africa would never take us anywhere. We are going to keep playing try an error… I am against the idea or foreign coach in Africa… get a Local… we have many out there.

    • LOD @ agree a local would be an excellent choice .However until FIFA gets its act together to put speedy visas for chosen ones in African teams ,especially for friendly matches,training camps,…..technical staff are going no where fast ,unless all African events are done within its continent not in some nodiscript European destination.
      Already the continuing fiascos of finance at basic level is a mess…imagine the visa problems that don’t even make the news .For Uk soon you will need a history of playing national !!which is rediculous for budding talents and on the other hand will create a national players immediate football drain ( like a brain drain) of our most talented away from local teams .

      • Local Coach Bro ? Nkono was almost eaten raw for a mere 2.5 Million CFA a month. Akono ended up with a stroke just to mention two of the unfortunate few. Else you want me go on. Remember what happened to Pa Nseke after qualifying us for USA 94 ?

  4. The contri, is too broke and so they went for the cheap guys, knowing their
    inabilities. But the spilt blood is crying.

  5. Freddy J. Lagos,Nigeria.

    Oooh no,so,so,sad a news from the Cameroonian Sports Minister,for the Sack of the Indomitable Lions Coaches duo of Clarence Seedorf and Patrick Kluivert.I saw an highly improved Camerounian Indomitable Lions side in this year 2019 Afcon Tournament,particularly against my country Nigeria,under Clarence Seedorf and Patrick Kluivert.Its just Luck,that gave that Match to Nigeria and not the expertise of the Nigerian coach,Gernot Rohr.Kudos to Clarence Seedorf and his assistant Patrick Kluivert,for this Great Feat,barely 11months ago,that he took over.And to be candid,not being pantient enough with our coaches here in African,definitely wont helpl our football to grow to ne able to compete favourably with other Continents.Lack of Enough Time for our Coaches in Africa is killing our Football.

  6. Like Senegal invest in a local and give him or her time.
    Invest in a local who is competent not one who is appointed only for tribal reasons.
    After 100yrs of colonization Europeans can not be the solution to all your problems.
    Best wishes to Seedorf and Kluvert, Cameroon is one of the most complicated countries in Africa to coach.
    You need a Presidential decree to do anything including coaching, you guys are not made for these breed, the majority are believers and worshippers of whitemen

  7. Who was fired when lrc lost Afcon rights? The lack of accountability is the demise of lrc. No highly sort after coach will wqnt to work for lrc. Prriod.

  8. Changing coaches every 6 months will not solve the real issues.
    We need to rethink management and professionalize anything that is to be managed.
    Long term plans with goals attainable in the short and long term.
    Massaging will not cut it.

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