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Seidou Mbombo Njoya

Cameroon football governing body elects new president

YAOUNDE, Dec. 12 Xinhua | Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) on Wednesday elected a new president to manage affairs of the football governing body for a period of four years, putting an end to the mandate of FIFA Normalization Committee.

Seidou Mbombo Njoya, a former director of FIFA’s Central African sub regional office was elected president of FECAFOOT by 46 votes ahead of his close rival, former Cameroon national football team goalkeeper, Joseph Antoine Bell with 17 votes according to results released by FECAFOOT.

“Mbombo Njoya will now have to work hard to clean the image of Cameroonian football which just lost the 2019 African Cup of the Nations (AFCON) hosting rights,” Jean Michel Wakam, a football analyst who witnessed the election told Xinhua.

“He will also have to work in collaboration with the government and Federation of African Football (CAF) to ensure that Cameroon hosts the championship in 2021 as suggested by CAF. This is his main assignment,” Wakam said.

Other executive members will be elected by FECAFOOT General Assembly to work closely with Njoya.

FECAFOOT, which has been in crisis for several years, was led by a Normalization Committee appointed in August 2017 by FIFA. 

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  1. Sh$thole country! Webmaster publish the damning world bank report revealing 60% of public spending was on conferences and bonus payments. Yet these disgraceful old quacks are still talking of 2035 emergence. Africa’s curse is this Paul biya and his followers.

  2. Trop peu, trop tard!. Le Cameroun a eu beaucoup de chances d’élire un président de fédération de football avant que la CAF ne retire ses droits d’hébergement. Pourquoi le Cameroun ne l’a-t-il pas fait? Pourquoi le Cameroun n’a-t-il pas inclus la ville la plus peuplée du Cameroun anglophone dans la planification de la Coupe d’Afrique des nations? .Seulement Paul Biya et son ex-condamné ami Paul Atanga Nji savent pourquoi.

  3. Too Little Too Late!. Cameroon had a lot of chances to Elect a Football Federation President Before the Confederation of African Football CAF withdraw their hosting rights. Bu,why did Cameroon not do it?.Why did Cameroon not include the most populous city in Anglophone Cameroon in the planning for African Nations Cup ? .Only Paul Biya and ex convict Friend Paul Atanga Nji Know Why.

  4. Politicians should leave football to footballers. I see Mbella Moki right there and I think this is inappropriate.

  5. French Cameroon is rotten from the core,the same old clans of families who are draining the country with no vision continue to be rewarded vision-less captain thieve who give opportunities to old ties to continue drain the slum country in a 21st century,ibrahi mbombo njoya,, Seidou Mbombo Njoya etc, the weak coward people of french Cameroon have been curse with witchcraft of no common sense or pride even to worship a unpatriotic head of states for 50 years + in politics of greed ,wickedness and barbarism, God punish the biya regime!

  6. Eto’o decided this

  7. Anyone who gets this job has the power for at least 12 months to completely change the accounting system.. Its a well known fact that everyones on the take rather than contribute in this entire system so unless he publishes all expenses on the internet for the public to see and uses banking rather than cash he will be just as bad as the last lot .Cameroon cannot attract sponsers or investors in football unless the systems transparent ,its a great industry for europe and i dont see why it shouldnt be any different for Cameroon .If FECAFOOT becomes the most transparent of the CAF members it will be impossible to refuse us the tournament .As [email protected] mentions a changement should of been made before we lost it ,could of done it when the previous coach complained.