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Cameroon: French FA Minister to meet stakeholders on secessionist crisis

APAnews | Cameroon is on Wednesday receiving the French Minister in charge of European and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian with the secessionist crisis high on the agenda, according to diplomatic sources.

During Le Drian’s three-day working visit he will have discussions with President Paul Biya, the French Embassy says in a statement copied to APA.

The French Foreign Minister is also scheduled to meet the leaders of the political parties represented at the Cameroonian Parliament, as well as the main leaders of the Grand National Dialogue held from September 30 to October 4, 2019, to bring a political response to the secessionist crisis in the English-speaking regions of the North West and South West.

According to the diplomatic embassy, Mr. Le Drian will seize the opportunity of the visit to invite his interlocutors to continue the dynamic of dialogue initiated, and will reiterate France’s support for the implementation of the conclusions of the great dialogue, “especially in favor of decentralization.”

Ahead of his meeting with the French and Cameroonian business community in the economic metropolis, Douala, Mr. Le Drian will reaffirm his country’s support in the fight against terrorism, especially against the Islamist sect Boko Haram in the Far East, where he is expected Thursday for a meeting with representatives of the populations affected by the crisis.

Paul Biya and Jean-Yves Le Drian had already met on October 10th in Lyon, on the sidelines of the 6th Replenishing Conference of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

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  1. **** POINT OF CORRECTION ****

    The so-called Grand National Dialogue aka BIYALOGUE held from September 30 to October 4, 2019, was to bring a political response to the KAMTO QUESTION.
    Kamto and all his militants were released.

    Biyalogue had nothing to do with the Anglophone Question. Decentralisation or the so-called Special SLAVE Status has nothing to do with the Anglophone Question

    That is the reason the US, EU and the international community are asking for a GENUINE and INCLUSIVE dialogue to resolve the ANGLOPHONE QUESTION

  2. The French plantations of CDC and SONARA have all dried up and he’s there to find a way of restarting them.
    Well, the news for him is that there is a never again generation operating on the ground and they will never give in.
    They can play for time all they want. This so-called “Anglo phone Problem” will be resolved one way or the other.
    Southern Cameroons will be free. They can keep marking time, it will not change or stop anything. They should have known by now.

  3. The french governor of cameroon, is `expected thursday for a meeting with representatives
    of the population affected by the crisis`. This is in the far east of lrc. And to those of the NOSO,
    he will visit them where?
    Why have the frogs, mortgaged cameroon to france? Is it they don`t have those who can run
    their affairs, manage their resources, or what exactly, is the problem? When they drink mineral
    water, they claim it is water from home – france. What a mentality. SCs, have never called water
    from mile 29 – Ekona, any other name other than mineral water.
    The frogs, are mentally sick.

  4. Will the French Foreign minister reach Muyuka to express condolence to the parents of Baby Martha Ambe into whose tiny body French bullets were pumped????

  5. meeting stakeholders? Some important stakeholders are in jail…will he visit them?

    This crisis situation continues to baffle….people negotiating agreements with the wrong individuals.

    In basics.of management, one reason why projects or managers fail is failure to identify or recognize all stakeholders.
    This is a classic example.

  6. After they have managed to use their Tchadian puppet to dislodge the representative of the Organisation of African Unity to the US, their potent nemesis, the robbers have turned to Cameroon to inspect the terrain and to see how they can lay out new traps to ambush Ambazonians through the instrument of their Cameroonian puppet president.

    The French must leave African alone, if not now, soon. The dialogue that was held had nothing to do with the secessionist crisis, an assembly of CPDM militants militating for their continued stranglehold on a people who want nothing to do with them. We are far from seeing the end of this crisis and as much as we want peace and condemn the bloodshed by whosoever involved, common sense tells us the strategy in place won’t bring peace nor stop the carnage!

  7. Go and decentralize France. All we want is decolonization! The France-backed dictator Paul Biya has nothing to offer Ambazonians. Since the French had decided to be a slave and a colony to France, Ambazonia cannot be part of that. France supports decentralization so it can continue collecting colonial taxes from us. Wolves in sheep clothing

    • kill all ambas boys.it is the only solution.let them go back to naija were their grand father ran Biafra war to settle in camer.

  8. Nothing good can come out of any french intervention. Why not even encourage LRC to return the country back to the federal system of governance to at least appease the 8 million southern Cameroonians? Ask Biya what is “Special Status”

    The secessionist stakeholders are not in Cameroon- Nonsense.

  9. France is criminally shameless. The colonial power is lucky to have African idiots who do its bidding. How can this man be praising the holding of a non dialog. How can he be talking of decentralization that has not worked and will never work. Oil oil oil. France must have it at all cost. Africans/ Cameroonians have to blame themselves for the tragic dependence in which they find themselves. It is when we will use our own brains to exploit our oil and natural resources that this very situation post independence dependence will end. And Africans/Cameroonians can do much better. We only need good leadership. Patriots to lead our countries. Just an example. Why is it ok to go to Europe for treatment? Can’t we build a few decent hospitals in Cameroon. How can the Trumps respect us?

  10. colonial french masters for french Cameroon puppet biya must understand that we,the diasporas will continue to disgrace france exploitation in Southern Cameroon for 59 years of slavery to the entire world, France must allow Southern Cameroon aka Ambazonia to go their seperate way, justice in the 21st century will prevail because there are many good leaders and people in the world who frown on France’s continious colonisation,deprivation and holding the people poor encouraging migration in Europe,Southern Cameroon has never been part of french colony, we shall fund, fight with all means, continue to expose shameful France the slave master for assisting genocide of puppet biya because of natural resources to feed the french people, they will never win the will of patriotic people

  11. Request to use English in classrooms and courtrooms in a constitutionally bilingual Cameroon resulted in a Francophone African governor declaring war on southern Cameroonian.
    The intellectually bankrupt Franco Panafricanist claimed that southern Cameroons Choosing to maintain the English education and legal systems was somehow not progressive enough.
    Today a no nothing French minister comes to inaugurate a bridge built by the Chinese also bringing 180 French soldiers to help the tribal militia kill Anglophones/Southern Cameroonian and the fake intelligentsia has gone crickets. Where dem Dey?
    Who is fooling who?
    The southern Cameroons must be free because it is obvious after 100yrs of French colonization the Hypercentralized tribal government wants even more
    Low IQ

    • Lum they are nowhere to be found.
      The m a d Bikutsi and her deranged allies on this pLatform suddenly see nothing wrong with a French minister coming to inspect the slave plantation after the head boy (Biya) went to report the noise makers (Amba) to the headmaster (Macron).
      We are done. France can keep colonizing larepublique, we have left. Good bye

    • Don’t forget there are 2 bridges, its like one was built by the Chinese and the other by FR…

      • Gowon kill 3m biafra .we are going to kill all anglophone in camer until they repents

        • The site is perpetuating hate speech with postings from people like this MBA. I am Igbo and I am offended by this

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