Cameroon Frustrated Over Lack of Progress on Separatist Crisis

VOA | New violence has wracked northwestern Cameroon, where the military said it killed some 40 separatist fighters over the past two weeks. The Catholic Church said some of those killed were civilians, and witnesses said many houses were burned to the ground.

Cameroon’s government is expressing frustration with the separatists but vows it will not allow the breakup of the country.

External Relations Minister Lejeune Mbella Mbella summoned ambassadors to a meeting Thursday where he laid out the government’s position on the separatist crisis.

Mbella Mbella said the separatists are again causing untold suffering in the English-speaking western towns and villages of the majority French-speaking nation.

He said Cameroon is surprised fighters continue to commit atrocities when much has been done to satisfy the needs of the minority English speakers who feel marginalized.

“The government of Cameroon has undertaken the most expensive and extensive structural and administrative reforms in its recent history,” Mbella Mbella said. “As a key recommendation of the major national dialogue, the government tabled the bill to institute the special status. His excellency Paul Biya has also granted a general full amnesty to combatants who voluntarily drop their weapons.”

None of the heads of diplomatic missions invited to the meeting would comment when contacted by VOA.

By “special status,” the minister is referring to political reforms that gave the largely English-speaking northwest and southwestern regions greater autonomy. The reforms were passed after Cameroon organized what it called a major national dialogue to solve the separatist crisis in 2019.

Mbella Mbella also declared the government will not allow any part of the country to secede.

The separatists have a different point of view. This week, an official from what the separatists call the Ambazonia Interim Government said on Facebook that their forces will never surrender, and that the English speakers will fight until freedom is achieved.

They also accuse government forces of being responsible for many killings and much of the destruction in the western regions.

Separatists blame the government for torching houses during recent operations in the northwestern town of Kumbo and areas nearby. The government said separatist forces were to blame.

The military also said about 40 fighters have been killed in raids on separatist camps in the past two weeks.

However, the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon’s Catholic Bishops — a neutral party in the conflict — said some of those killed were civilians.

Kumbo Mayor Venatius Mborong said several hundred civilians had fled the renewed fighting.

“They left Kumbo because they have been kidnapped a couple of times and they have paid ransom and now they are frankless [poor],” Mborong said. “People have sold houses, they have sold their lands, and so they cannot continue staying there.”

The United Nations says the separatist war has forced more than 500,000 people to flee their homes since the conflict erupted in late 2017.

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  1. You monkeys and baboons in suits don’t want progress. You want to please a wicked despotic dying old French tribalist puppet whose name is Paul Biya. The Bulu hegemony is shattered. It’s gone! The more Amba generals you kill the more they multiply. Hope you monkeys saw what happened in Bamenda and Buea recently. The brave people have overcome the fear to die and this is the most dangerous phase of fighting back. A genuine and honest dialogue bn the villain and the executor of injustice is the only way out. Stop sending emissaries to pretend as if u intend to solve anything and sit down and talk. An example of your lies is the burning of villages and at the same time lying to be reconstructing. Wicked old men.

  2. “none of the heads of diplomatic missions invited to the meeting would comment when
    contacted by VOA`. This is to say that the minister was `lying`. But this stance by the
    diplomatic missions, is childish. What, will happem to them all, if they come out with a
    communique, condemning the lies telling and painting the real picture? Why, are they
    operating in that country?
    The people will be homeless for a time, but when time comes to rebuild, it will be new
    than was the case before. LRC, will see how foolish, they had been.
    Once again, i pity these BULU / BETI idiots. Their marginalization in that country after
    KING Biya is dead and gone, will be the worst thing than the destruction they are carrying
    out now. Only fools, act the way they have acted – { what goes around comes around}.

  3. The CRIMINALS ruling the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC think that the international community is stupid. That is the reason they continue to disseminate FALSEHOODS and LIES about the resolution of the Anglophone Question.
    Unfortunately for the cabal, the international community is not stupid. They know that Dictator Biya and his CRIME SYNDICATE are not willing to resolve the problem GENUINELY and PEACEFULLY. Dictator Biya continues to dream of a military solution to the problem. His COSMETIC SOLUTIONS are simply to buy time for his terrorist soldiers to crush the BOYSES IN THE BUSHES.
    Of course, Dictator Biya is simply daydreaming of a military solution. LRC TERRORISTS can NEVER EVER; i repeat NEVER EVER defeat the BOYSES IN THE BUSHES.

    MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!

  4. These are guys who can stand inform other guys and say all men have 3 balls without blinking, and will even urge them to check. Lies seems to be an alternative form of truth to them. This war will and only end if there is an unconditional and inclusive dialogue. Until then, men will continue to have three balls in the eyes of Mbella Mbella and his friends.

  5. The problem in cameroon today are the type of people ruling the country..Seem to come from a tribe.Seem to be a very lazy people with little brain…All major positions and that of the president are from the region and yet the people cant even provide basic necessities in their own villages, so how do you expect them to bring cameroon forward. We say charity begins at home, but you see that these forest Gorilas cant even clean their own houses..
    Now they start organizing meetings of the south with fake, lazy and deplorable Elites…
    They see they havent done anything for their people and the country.
    They take 5 years to build a stadium..Bamenda is cut from cameroon as from Babajou, no roads, no water ..Camewroon lacks everything..Chase these Gorilas away and make the country great again

    • biko,,,,,if that is what you are waiting for.i can guarantee you ,it is not going to happen in your life matter how long you live.we must diviate any obstacle posed by the goverment and move ahead.this is the path i have chosed and now working everyday on it.if we do not do this,we shall regrete at the end of our generation for accomplishing nothing but complaining about a situation we have no power to change.this is the sensible thing to do if we put all emotions aside and thing in a soberly.

  6. #Kill All terrorists in our country as well as their backers even in the Catholic church both home and abroad

  7. Bamenda is awaiting infrastructure for the african cup of nations. No Bamenda Municipal Stadium, no new hotels. Water or power supply and no roads for the Bamenda man, meanwhile, some cities have three multimillion dollars stadium, new highways, new roads etc. where is the equitable distribution of national resources?

    • korak history has proved that those who learn to do for themselves end up matter who or which goverment is in power.the solution is in our hand .we must forget about younde work and build the kind of infrastructure and economy we want.