Cameroon Gendarmerie receives military equipment from France for counter-terrorism fight

defenceWeb | Cameroon’s National Gendarmerie, one of the components of the country’s national defence and security forces, has received equipment from France in what authorities says is a boost to the central African nation’s fight against terrorism.

The items include four DJI Phantom drones, 20 JG Airsoft AK-47 rifles and their accessories to be used for training, 100 bullet-resistant jackets, 50 heavy armour helmets, and six pairs of binoculars, among others.

The Internal Security attaché at the French embassy in Cameroon, Colonel Christian Broudin, handed the equipment over on behalf of the Ambassador Christophe Guilhou during a ceremony on 28 May at the Command Centre for Gendarmerie Schools and Training in Yaounde.

The donation was made under the auspices of the Directorate of Cooperation and Defence and Security (DCSD), a major arm of France’s diplomatic actions, according to information from the French embassy in Yaounde.

“The equipment donated will be used to fight against terrorism. It forms part of the excellent security cooperation between the French and Cameroonian Gendarmeries,” read part of a statement by the National Gendarmerie after reception of the equipment.

Cameroon is currently facing major security threats in about six of its ten administrative regions.

Mixed troops are battling Boko Haram militants in the Far North of the country, incursions in the East by rebels from neighbouring Central African Republic, highway robbery and kidnappings for ransoms in the North and Adamawa regions and, for the last three years, an armed conflict in the North West and South West Regions where militiamen are fighting to create a breakaway state from the rest of Cameroon.

France has for a long time accorded security support to Cameroon. In 2019, the country restated its resolve to continue its security collaboration with Cameroon, with Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Agnes von der Muhll saying in a daily briefing in February that such support is specifically directed towards the fight against terrorism.

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  1. “ When the people shall rise even if you take the French military and add to yours, you will not stop them” (Wirba, j., 2016)

  2. The source of problems faced by countries worldwide is economic. logically priority should be given to rapid economic growth through the establishment of manufacturing industries to expand the economy and improve living conditions.

    • You nailed it there pal. I strongly believe people will forget their political and social differences if their economy is strong and living conditions is improved, stable and sustainable. It really doesn’t matter who is the leader if these conditions are meet.
      Insightful as usual, BAH. Thanks

      • But for these conditions to be met we need insightful leadership, not the current corrupt junta in Yaounde that has crumbled the country and terrorised everyone into fear & silence. If we had even a dictator in Cameroon who put the country first…a strong naionalist, things would have been much different today, as national progress would have come first. Unfortunately Cameroon is run by greedy individuals who put themselves first. it is unimaginable that an economically strangled country like Cameroon has a recluse president who is the highest paid in Africa, even more than those of the richest nations. It is unimaginable that leaders would embezzle money set aside to fight a global pandemic. We cannot talk of economic progress without first addressing this political and social nightmare.

        • Dear Eyallow. Your are perfectly right. Good leadership has always proven to be the backbone of every economically successful nation. Cameroon leaders are corrupt, greedy, lazy, you name it. But we cannot ignore the fact that Cameroonians are enablers of the horrible system they all complain about today. We have refused to be upright. It is not because of FEAR & Silence that one chose to give the SDO’s secretary 500frs CFA before his documents are signed or chose to vote C-PDM because they gave him a bag of rice today but not tomorrow. We don’t need street protest or violence to standup to this barbaric regime. We just need guts to do the right thing and support each other for doing so… That is the way forward.

        • Leaders set the way people think, e.g., Hitler=Nazism, Trump=white supremacy, etc. Rwanda is an example of patriotic leadership.

          The Amba war is 100% due to corrupt leadership in that country, because it’s the gov’t that taught us corruption and violence. When I was a poor student in Cameroon, I went to the SDO’s office to certify some documents, the SDO’s secretary who was perhaps as old as my grandpa told me straight on that if I wasn’t to bribe he wasn’t going to submit my documents for the SDO’s signature. The SDO gets his share.

          I can never forget how shocked I was, first because I didn’t have the money, but most of all because he looked like my grandpa. That is how the people are introduced and trained to be corrupt by the system. We become want we see and learn as we grow.

  3. Those drones are surely destined to fish out field Marshall in his hideouts in NGR…

  4. @Zam-Zam ” Those drones are surely destined to fish out field Marshall in his hideouts in NGR”…Remember what I told u guys when u started this your madness? u have risked the lifes of those poor military for over 5 years to be fighting faceless people.Do u think that by borrowing drones from your master,France will help u?
    We don’t have w master.We are defending ourselves from invaders.Come with the drones lets see if u will succeed.Our boys are on ground,waiting for u guys.

  5. @Fon
    Hope you are well dear friend / countryman

    In 2016, went to Cameroon Consulate in London for a new passport, took me the whole day for the application & took like five/six months for the new passport to be issued/ready.
    Fast-forward 5 years later, went to the same consulate in April 13th 2021, it took less that 01 hour for application, everything was done & dusted & guess what, passport was issued & ready to be collected on 10th May 2021; less that a month between application & issuing.

    My point: if people just do what they are supposed to do, I guess honestly things will just be ok and people happy.

    My short story above begs the question: what happened / changed between 2016 & 2021?
    @All, Be my guess with your answer

    • eyallow…..we can not dispute the fact that when a country has a visionary leader like ding xiao ping,rapid economic growth becomes possible through industrialisation,focusing first on the manufacturing sector which creats millions of jobs.but for countries not possessing this kind of top quality leadership,another stratergy is is simple putting anything political aside,and concentrating one hundred percent on economic this case an export led approach makes more sense because it gives those controlling industry access to modern more efficient machinery.staying in tuch technically with others in terms of production capacity is essential.the more hard currency you earn,the more power you posses to enfluence and direct the countries path.

      • Be honest and give us a country as an example to back your theory. A ship needs a firm at the helm and one, it is possible to scramble to port ; but just a big/risky scramble

  6. hetant,we must not allow emotions to take control of our thinking,but we must be calm,cold headed and rational.if we do this,it will enable us to carefully look at the countries that have industrialised successfully before of them is japan,it is by carefully looking at how they succeeded that i realised the country was basically industrialised by few individuals who unsderstood it was impossible to take control of the political system after the country suffered defeat in war.all the top japanese companies controlling sometimes 80 percent of global market shear in goods like cameras were founded by this individuals.

  7. the criminal frenchs helping the criminal government of yaoundé to kill our people ; to kill people in nx ans sw, to kill people demonstrationg pacifically.

    France a criminal country , acting as the did in Rwanda . Giving full assistance to gangsters in yaoundé to murder the citizens .