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Cameroon Government Denies Separatists Blew Up Lone Refinery

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON VOA | Cameroon has increased troops around its lone oil refinery, after a weekend explosion caused a shutdown of the facility. But the government denies separatist fighters were responsible and says there will be no shortages of petroleum products.

Christine Enanga, a 21-year old trying to buy cooking gas from a supplier in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde, worries that in days ahead she may not be able to find the commodity.

“I came to buy four bottles of [cooking] gas,” she said, “but they told me they could not sell four, that they could only sell two because other people are buying and I know there would be serious scarcity in Cameroon.”

Drivers are also buying and stocking fuel. The scare was sparked after a storage tank exploded Saturday night at Cameroon’s only oil refinery in the town of Limbe, in the Southwest region.

The blast caused a fire that damaged parts of the refinery and shut down output. No lives were lost.

Cameroon’s Trade Minister Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana said there will be no shortages and no price increases of petroleum products.

He said Cameroon two years ago found itself in a similar difficult situation, when the national refinery shut down its doors for eight months for rehabilitation. He said shortages in supply were minimal because imports were increased without increasing prices.

He urged people to remain calm.

Rebels fighting to separate the English-speaking parts of Cameroon from the Francophone majority claimed responsibility for the explosion on social media. They said the refinery was attacked because English speakers benefit very little from the company.

Government spokesperson Rene Emmanuel Sadi said proceeds from the company are used to develop all of Cameroon and refuted claims that the explosion was perpetrated by secessionist fighters. He said early investigations indicate it was an accident.

He said details of the accident that blew up parts of the refinery will be made public soon. He added that the military has been deployed to make sure the refinery and its equipment are totally protected.

The refinery, which is almost entirely state-owned, supplies 2.2 million tons of crude a year to Cameroon and countries of the region including Togo, Nigeria, and Ghana.

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  1. The situation is stabilizing and the committee on bilingualism is delving into the crux of the matter.
    Worry not; again I say worry not…

  2. If it were a hospital. Hmmmm!

    How these people arrive at conclusions before investigating is mind blowing!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Mr. Amba

      It is mind blowing to the ignorant and delusional.

      If you believe that you have all the details on this fire incident from reading a few news articles and watching videos of the fire then you are extremely stupid.

      The management of SONARA has enough information to reach the conclusion that the fire was not an act of terrorism.

      You clearly do not understand what information is available to the SONARA management from their fire systems.

      You expose your stupidity by assuming that SONARA arrived at a conclusion before investigating. Why are you so dumb to think that it is impossible for SONARA to have reviewed enough information to eliminate terrorism as a cause of the fire?

      The fact that the investigation is continuing does not mean we cant eliminate terrorism as the cause.

  3. the rotten lying regime is unable to investigate even a fly,if they had care and compassion for the people they would have put safety first,the gas smoke will affect the vulnerable in later life,the dying horse knows that Ambazonians are gone,Amba boys will never lay their guns! international pressure mounts daily, their only colonial actions is to destroy sonara in west Cameroon, kill as many locals in the SW/NW regions, destroy all their own interest then blame Amba boys, the regime cannot provide drinkable water to the entire country or any human necessities due to 60 years of corruption, embezzlement how it is going to continue fighting a lost war when millions of civil servants + military owe salaries for over 8 months, ,stagnant stadiums, all roads are death traps,cpdm regression!

  4. Thank goodness, the military is present to protect. When it is sent to protect civilians,
    they kill like mad and Ambaboys, take the blame.
    Since the journey of a thousand miles, starts with just one step, isn`t it time to do more,
    ie. target the road, bridges etc, that fascilitate the functioning of that Sonara? Since
    Sonara is much at heart to the y`de oligachy / france, it is a good target now. Afterall,
    how much do we in SC, benefit from it?

  5. LRP with its lies. If the explosion was an accident,why have they deployed troops there claiming they want to ensure security around the refinery-THIEVES.

  6. Seuls les moutons peuvent croire que les terroristes peuvent s’approcher des installations de la SONARA qui est l’âme de toute la nation une personne normale ayant tous ses sens ne validerait pas de telles inepties .

  7. Biya essaye de torpiller la révolution de l’Ambazone avec des coups tordus. Ils essayent de faire des montages ridicules oubliant que nous sommes en alerte, nous sommes prêts et déterminés à exposer tous ces faussaires aux yeux du monde entier.

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