Cameroon: Grand cultural Bonanza

DW | In Bamenda, the Nkwen Festival of Heritage, Arts and Culture is celebrated to restore tradition and culture. It is a rare moment of joy for people stuck in a conflict zone.

This is the Nkwen Festival of Heritage, Arts and Culture. Moments like this are rare in Anglophone Cameroon. The people of Bamenda have been deprived of peace for over five years. There were no carnivals and cultural festivals also due to COVID-19. The organizers want the festival to be an opportunity to restore tradition.

The festival is also a forum for learning for young people. The people of the Cameroon’s anglophone regions want peace. They want to enjoy their culture — not just during the festival.

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One comment

  1. Applause to the Nkwen people for their bravery. They defy orders from kidnappers and idiots in maryland and went ahead with this tremendous cultural festival.