Cameroon Groups Call for President’s Son to Succeed Father

YAOUNDE -VOA | Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has been in power for nearly four decades and is Africa’s oldest and second longest-serving leader. Critics of Biya’s long rule suspect he is seeking a family dynasty after newly established groups this month started calling for his son, Franck, to succeed him.

The most prominent of the four groups asking Franck Biya to replace his father is the Citizens Movement in Support of Franck Biya for Peace and Unity in Cameroon.

Its coordinator, Alain Fidele Owona, says the movement was created at the request of young Cameroonians to support a young man to take over from the 88-year-old president. He says his movement supports Franck Biya because of his high sense of patriotism and love for nation.

He says Franck Biya is a very serious and discrete young man who works very close to his father Paul Biya for the development of Cameroon. He says Franck Biya is very polite, does not squander state resources and is a trained political scientist, which makes him highly qualified to succeed his father. He says he does not think Franck Biya will be able to decline ceaseless calls from the Cameroonian people to be president.

Owona leads groups of young people every weekend to Cameroon towns and villages. He says civilians must be informed that Cameroon will have a peaceful transition only by rallying behind Franck Biya should Paul Biya leave power.

Owona said his movement and others calling on Frank to be president are neither influenced by President Biya nor his close collaborators.

Secondary school teacher Fidelis Njomo in the city of Douala doesn’t believe that, and says he opposes the attempt to establish a family dynasty.

“Cameroon is not a monarchy. Cameroon is a state of law, and should the 88-year-old Paul Biya die, the constitution says the president of the Senate, not Franck Biya, takes over leadership. Paul Biya and his supporters should stop this manipulation that is intended to maintain their grip on power,” Njomo said.

Franck Biya, who is 49, currently serves as one of his father’s advisers but has not expressed any interest publicly in becoming president.

Prudencia Ngeh, a political analyst and visiting lecturer at Ndi Samba, a private university in Cameroon, says the trend in Central African states is for the sons of long-serving leaders to succeed their fathers.

“It is as if leaders in Central Africa want to stay in power until they die, and before they die, they prepare their children to take over. Omer Bongo in Gabon handed over to his son Ali Bongo. In Chad, Idriss Deby died, and his son Mahamat Deby wants to succeed him,” Ngeh said.

Paul Biya, who has been Cameroon’s president since 1982, is rarely seen in public these days. Ngeh said she would not be surprised if the octogenarian president one day proclaims Franck Biya as his successor.

By Moki Edwin Kindzeka

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  1. Moki Edwin Kindzeka, In Cameroon we have political parties not groups, but we do have groups within a political party. What are you referring to as Cameroon groups? Please be more elaborate, your title should read. ( CPDM Groups Call for President’s Son to Succeed Father)

  2. Prof Eyono Obono

    The death toll of the current war in the Northern Western and Southern Western parts of Cameroon keeps on growing and those in charge are failing to resolve that conflict, just like they are unable to democratically lead our Country for a better life for all. Instead, they are opting to stay in power forever. And now, suggestions are being made for their sons to take over the presidency. Shame on those irresponsible and tribal calls. Please, let us for a moment forget our tribal origins and prioritise the interest of our Country. How many more deaths will it take to understand that? How many more unemployed young people should we count for us to understand that? How many more hopeless youths should we exhibit for us to understand that? Why are we so selfish? Enough is enough.

  3. Wonders shall never end in Cameroon. So the very irresponsible Frank is being prep for presidency after his father has dragged Cameroonian youth into a permanent state of despair? Who says like father like son is not true here? Frank, your father has sold you out and your goose is cooked.
    Any attempt to mimic Chad and Gabon in Cameroon will result in a more fragmented country. Frank will likely be a king of Sangmalima.
    If CPDM is testing the waters here, note that your test has failed in public courts.


    Dictator Biya and his CPDM crime syndicate have been disseminating thie above-mentoioned LIE since time immemorial. LRC citizens and the world have been fooledall the time.
    However, Dictator Biya made the mother of all blunders:
    he FOOLISHLY declared a war against Southern Cameroonians without an EXIT STRATEGY.
    No sooner had he declared the war than he found out that he could:
    1. NEVER EVER win the war
    2. NEVER EVER stop the war
    3. NEVER EVER control the war
    4. NEVER EVR financially sustain the war.

    Dictator Biya is now a prisoner of his own FOOLISH decision. His foolish war will debunk his lie that SC is a territory of LRC. The world will finally realise the truth that:

    SC + LRC = SC + LRC = two different nations EQUAL IN STATUS

  5. Only bastards, prodigal sons and daughters in SC, will vote for that to happen. As for the
    francophones, that is ok with them. A bunch of `good for nothings`.

  6. And we ask the question why central Africa is so backward:
    -Cameroon- everything is moving in the wrong direction- From father to son ?
    -Chad- Chaos , war, anarchy with france as the white man of God..From father to son
    -Gabon- from father to son…corruption, anarchy and despotism at its highest level
    -EQ. Guinea – country belongs to papa and his kids..
    – Congo- a despot who is bleeching his skin colour like a zaire musician..
    Southern Cameroonians are the only people with a functioning brain in this underdeveloped , retarded region of africa..
    To free yourself from such a rotten system, there is no alternative than to fight..Southern cameroon will open the eyes of bind cameroonians (berad and sardine eaters) and may be help that dirty sub continent of central africa..

  7. Despots and their sycophants know how to provoke and create anarchy in he guise of peaceful transfer of power. Popol and cronies have played this game and the attempt to reduce the country to a mushroom monarchy started with Popol amending the constitution to stay in power with the complicity of the old scums & colonial power. We are not Chad, Gabon or Togo. I have not taken a position on the recent events in the country even though it is clear that Biya is a bad and ineffective leader. I have been saddened by carnage in the country and now this?
    The moment THIS MADNESS of handing power to a delinquent unlettered and reckless son of a rogue happens, Cameroonians of all stripes would be in the right to STAND UP and fight like hell and leave a bloody mess that history has NEVER seen. FOOLS!