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Cameroon: gunmen free 145 students, teachers after abduction

MENAFN | School authorities declared that armed men have freed 145 students and teachers in a troubled English-speaking region of Cameroon on Sunday, around 24 hours after their abduction.

The students and teachers were kidnapped early Saturday from a private college in Northwest, one of the two restive English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

School officials confirmed that only 11 students and three teachers were abducted, however, “further investigation” showed that the real number was put at over 100.

“After further investigation we realized 145 were kidnapped, among them three teachers. They have all been released unharmed. They got to the school this night. They will be reuniting with their families on Sunday,” according to Rev. Oliver Shey, a senior administrator of the school.

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  1. Bunch of con men.
    Banditry is all that is left

  2. coward fighter ” ambasonia” why civilian.

    international idiot ” ambasonia”

  3. Princess Harriet warns Anglos against following devils, her own word, like Tataw, Ayuk, Anu, Milan….thank CHINEKE some are now seeing what some us saw and wept more than 2yrs ago…

    • @zam-zam
      that idiot call Harriert is simply moving from one camp to another. She is just another thief with very dirty records. The should be a reason why she is disagreeing with crooks call IG after 2 years. They have been dinning together and stupid anglophones are being killed everyday. The Innocent civilians are not in the Group i termed stupid. Harriert is a fraud. I hear she is from Meta (I am sure that is where Mbengwi is).



    The SW is militarised. Everywhere you find LRC terrorist soldiers.
    How could Amba boys abduct 145 students without detection by LRC terrorist soldiers??????

    Of course, the students were abducted by LRC terrorist soldiers in order to discredit Amba boys.
    The population of SC already understands this dirty trick of LRC terrorist soldiers.



      In order to kidnap 145 students, you need at least 5, 30 seater buses or 3 trucks to transport them.
      Last time I checked, Amba boys do NOT have such rolling stocks.
      The vehicles with the hostages have to go through numerous checkpoints manned by LRC terrorist soldiers.
      How can any person in his right mind believe that Amba boys were responsible for this crime????.
      LRC should stop “doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.
      That is what Einstein referred to as insanity.
      This dirty trick of ex-convict Atanga Nji is rather transforming LRC into the laughing stock of the whole world. Citizens of LRC should beg ex-convict Atanga Nji to stop disgracing LRC.
      Ex-convict Atanga Nji recently visited the extreme north. FAKE Boko Haram fighters suddenly “disarmed”.

    • I know how frustrated you should be . When will arrive Buea? Bucnch of idiots. The Cameroon Army has the right to be everywhere on the Cameroon terretory. Dreamers. Do you know anything about the world order? Be current you lunatic. Cameroon remains one. I hear some of you idiots in the NW are counting on Petrol in SW. Do what is Happening in South Sudan? We will sent all of you out of SW. Your best bet is let Cameroon remain if not you awill all suffer.


        After the elections, Biya will do THIS….
        After the elections, Biya will do THAT…

        We are still waiting for the THIS and THAT

        Insult me or not,

        there will be:

        2. ZERO disarmament
        3. ZERO elections
        4. ZERO decentralisation
        5. ZERO ELECAM
        6. ZERO commission on bilingualism
        7. ZERO commission on disarmament
        8. ZERO LRC whatsoever

        Your insults will NEVER EVER change the above-mentioned state of FACTS.


  5. CameroUnese army are a bunch of bandits. They burn down hospital, arrest people for ransom, kidnapp students. Everyone is aware, their image so low

  6. Every day we see images of the tribal militia burning down home is Nso, just last week they dehumanize 200 Anglophones on video claiming they were immigrants/mercenaries from Mali, Chad and Burkina. They burnt down Kumba hospital whilst on video interested in removing the bike of a Francophone employee of the hospital.
    This week they kidnapped 145 children from a boarding and they have burnt down shisong hospital in Nso.
    The tribal malitia is collaborating with France as their own minister of defense acknowledged.
    The final goal is to destroy everything in Anglophone Cameroon and just like France did to them Francophonie in Africa Force Anglophones to believe they are better as slaves in Cameroun than as independent Africans.
    Equatorial Africans very low IQ
    Who is fooling who?

  7. Children in the 8 other regions of Cameroon are going Scholl everyday! They are just living their innocent childwood as it is supposed to be.
    Yaoundé, Sangmelima, Ebolowa, Douala, Bertoua, Ngaoundere, Bafoussam, Ngongsamba..etc….the streets are full of children going to Scholl every morning!
    I was up at 6,am every morning just to watch those busy streets ful of life, ful of happy kids while enjoying my favorit breakfast :(beignets-haricots/bouillie)!a week ago.
    Children in the NW and SW have their childwood destroyed because of the greed, ignorance and stupidity of some loosers!
    Too many have allrady die for nothing. We are still wating for the High IQ diasporan, elite from those regions to act!
    The fact is Cameroon is still One, and Biya is still the hade of state.
    Hi IQ ideed!

  8. @Bikutsi Are u not ashamed? What is your beti-bulu president fighting for,in SC? can he,arguably say that he has any legitimacy to govern SC,after a disputed elections where people in NW and SW did not even take part in the elections? Until he is sending his terrorist army to fight.Did he win elections?

    • Kongossa
      Tu es trop naif. Ton raisonnement est idepte à celui d’un adolescent.
      Vous avez loupé votre seule chance de changer le statu quo en 2018.
      Votre ignorance a rendu Biya untouchable.
      Au lieu d’utiliser votre intelligence, vous avez opté pour la violence. Voilà donc le rèsultat. La mort, la désolation, la misère…. les votres sont les premieres victimes…
      Le Cameroun doit changer…mais ca ne sera pas comme vous le voulez…

  9. @jampsy ”I hear some of you idiots in the NW are counting on Petrol in SW. Do what is Happening in South Sudan? We will sent all of you out of SW. Your best bet is let Cameroon remain if not you awill all suffer”….I can understand your frustration.But sorry,we are gone.So,NW people are counting on petrol in SW,humm?..Are u by any chance saying that u, the people from South and Centre have been living on the petrol in SW and u don’t want the petrol to go away? You people from South and Centre have controled that petrol for 37 years and counting,can u tell me,the development u have brought to SW,since u started exploiting that petrol? No reference hospital in SW,no portable water,no electricity,no road to Ndian,where the petrol is coming from.U have had enough.Your time is up.

    • @ Kongosa Hahahaha thank you Ma Broda.
      We are talking about a federal republic but they can’t understand that, because francophonization means hypercentralized from Haiti to Central African Republic.
      How can African in 21st Century join France to kill other Africans just to impose francophinization on them.
      The kidnapping of children in school is state sponsored to tarnish Anglophones as terrorist but they are failing daily.
      In 29yrs free SouthAfricans have educated their children and are better off than 200M Francophonies under French rule.
      Self rule will be Prosperous than Francophone apartheid in Cameroon.
      In 24years Ruwanda has developed faster than Cameroon.
      In 37yrs Dubai has developed faster than Cameroon.
      What good is imposed Napoleonic education if there is no growth?

  10. Where are the leaders we all worshipped : chiefs, parliamentarians, vigilantes etc today?
    Shall we need them tomorrow>

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