Cameroon has 900 tourist sites, tourism operators reveal

Business in Cameroon | Cameroon has a potential of 900 recommendable and visitable tourist sites. The estimate was presented by operators of the tourism sector during a meeting on April 30, 2020, in Yaoundé, to find solutions for the revival of the sector hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to this potential, tourist arrivals have doubled over the last 10 years from 500,000 in 2010 to 1.1 million at end-2019, the operators disclosed.

Due to the coronavirus, they expect this increase in the number of arrivals to come to a halt since the tourism and accommodation sector is the most affected by this pandemic.

As proof of this forecast, the operators indicate that since the confirmation of the first case in early March, two-thirds of the hotels in Douala have stopped operations.

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  1. Camerbeleiver (Colby)

    Waoooo really Africa in miniature now who will help us to make them sources of income?

  2. The idea of elevating tourism to the position of an indispensable economic activity is a well perfected technic of manipulation thought to divert our attention from agriculture and industry the only way we can quickly industrialise and modernise. It is after complete industrialisation and modernisation has been achieved that tourism becomes a some how small economic actovity. By logic, it is practically impossible to speed up growth, expanding the economy to dubble ot tripple in cize every one or two years creating more jobs through tourism.the only domain that can guarantee us this kind of phenomenal growth is agriculture and manufacturing. This is how countries rise quickly to catch up with others, and then surpassing them.

    • Tourists usually keep away from war-torn sites and sites with a ballooning epidemic.

  3. Cameroon has a unique charm ,it’s people.This is translated into an “experience” when having a holiday in Cameroon that makes people actually miss it when they get back home IF they understand what they have experienced..It would not be wise to aim for large group tourism economically or socially as its not needed.since the world is not missing it .Obsorbing cultures and the bountiful nature that’s still present in Cameroon on its shores and equatorial countryside alongside resident population are fantastic experiences overnight city stays in the cities to connect to them just have to be clean ,continually maintained and safe with a great nightlife that they already possess .Whats more fun a Friday night out in Yaoundé,Douala oe Paris ? Plus foods fantastic and fresh on the street.

    • What’s the point – enumerating the good things to make the COVID-19 above disappear?

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