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Cameroon: high subscription rate for 1st private debenture loan

APAnews | Alios Finance, considered as leading leasing company in Cameroon, raised 8.730 billion CFA francs on the financial market for an initial target of 8 billion CFA francs, APA learned on Wednesday from the National Commission for Financial Markets (CMF).

This is the first private debenture loan on the local financial market, divided into 800,000 bonds at 10,000 CFA francs per security, launched betweenNovember 20 and December 11, 2018 with the investment services provider (ISP) BGFIBank Cameroon as arranger.

It would be noted that this enthusiasm among subscribers contrasts with the enthusiasm recorded a few months earlier by the newly-created Douala Metropolitan Investment Company (SMID), by the urban community of the economic metropolis.

This other debenture loan, carried out on July 5, 2018 for an amount of 10 billion CFA francs, raised only 5.414 billion CFA francs.

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  1. Debenture Loan? Sounds very much like “White Elephant Project”. Tired of World Bank loans?

  2. there is only one way for a country to take control of its economic future.accepting to work 14 hours 8 days a week toiling the soil to generate capital that will be used to speed up mechanization of agriculture the first step in the process of economic construction.once agriculture is mechanised,large farms are created with priority given to the cultivation of short season high value less labour intensive crops like soybeans.it is in this process that capital is raised through export,and invested in industry creating millions of jobs.america exported 12 billion dollars of soybeans to china last year.
    as concerns bank loans no country has and will ever industrialise through borrowing.our aleads in cricket jackets should join us in the farm if they are serious

    • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

      Lucid comment Sir, but, your last paragraph can be debated in a more modest context.

      Borrowing to finance mechanized farming, and good agricultural programme to assist farmers with quality information, couple with research centres to help develop and identity new varieties of crops and disease should be encouraged in modern economics. Even rich nation once does it,

      The problem is not with the loans collected, but, how it is been channel to the purpose in which it was intended. That is where both the private sector and the government needs to step in to assist in monitoring every progress made.

      Agriculture been the bedrock to industrialization, is not just limited to farming alone, but the first step in the right direction.

      We have been toiling the soil for years now in this part

      • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

        of the world with the wrong notion, which is, to take care of our immediate needs.

        Knowledge is power, if the government and private invest massively in education and channel it to all sectors that make the economy like agriculture, health, science and technology etc, give Cameroon another 40 years, the country will be robbing shoulders with the likes of USA, China, Japan, Germany.


    **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    “The Republic of Central Africa (RCA) has officially signed an accord with the Republic of Congo that will allow Central African importers to use Congo’s Pointe Noire Port, making Central Africa another country to abandon the Douala Seaport due to corruption and insecurity in Cameroon.”

    **** MY TAKE ****

    Things are falling apart in the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.

    • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

      Sure! @ S aka S

      Law of diminishing returns as a result of externalities in some quotas.

      The government will continue to see decline in all sector as low patronage hit key important areas that has been contributing heavily to the economy, all thanks to the senseless occupation of the SC.

      All the atrocities committed by the senile dictator, are been documented, soon THEY will come for Biya’s head, by then, many will call THEM betrayal for using and dumping him like trash.