Cameroon hires Nigerian oil trader Sahara Energy for the importation of 300 million litres of fuel

Business in Cameroon | In Q1-2020, Nigerian oil trader Sahara Energy, upon a request by the state of Cameroon, chartered large tankers (stationed offshore Douala) and two small coasters to import fuel into Cameroon.

According to oil storage company SCDP, which reveals the information, the ships chartered by Sahara Energy then carried out “Ship to Ship” operations which consist of shuttles carried out by the small coasters from the large tanker to quays to unload petroleum products. Overall, the SCDP reveals, 13 large tankers were unloaded using the new supplying method, including 8 offshore Douala and 5 others offshore Lomé (on behalf of Sahara Energy).

These deliveries fall within the framework of the quarterly 300 million litres of fuel ordered by Cameroon. To ensure traceability and the stability of petroleum products’ prices after the fire at the National Refining Company (Sonara), on the night of May 31 to June 1, 2019, Cameroon launched a call for competition and selected traders, including Sahara Energy, for quarterly delivery of about 300 million litres of fuel. The cost of these services is not disclosed.

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