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Cameroon House Speaker denounces foreign interference in internal affair

Xinhua | Cameroon’s House Speaker of National Assembly Cavaye Yeguie Djibril on Monday denounced foreign interference in the country’s internal affairs which he referred to as “conspiracy.”

“Cameroon has become an object of conspiracy intended to destabilize the country. To justify their interference in internal affairs, the conspirators pretend to denounce it. According to them, the political system in Cameroon is against all dialogue, upholds violence, and refuses to promote human rights,” Djibril said in the capital Yaounde at the opening of the June session of the National Assembly.

“These allegations are unfounded. The National Assembly condemns and denounces this with every ounce of energy,” Djibril said. “We welcome their support but not their interference.”

Foreign powers in Europe and North America have repeatedly blamed Cameroon government for “lacking the will” to solve the conflict in the English-speaking regions of the country where armed separatists want to create an independent nation.

According to Djibril, the government was “working very hard” to restore “durable peace” and security in the two Anglophone regions.

“There is a proper framework for this kind of relationship and that is what the speaker has been saying today and extending an invitation to the European Parliament for an information and study visit to Cameroon,” Joseph Owona, a senior member of parliament told reporters.

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  1. 37 LRC terrorist soldiers were NEUTRLISED by Boko Haram on Monday.


    Kumkum Pass Garri is the same person as

    Mongolia Akonolinga Kanga
    Donald Trump For Africa
    United States of Africa

    He is a Francophone from Akonolinga
    He has been contracted by the embassy in Washington to disseminate lies and propaganda.

    He is nt an Anglophone

  3. Only in brutal dictatorships do you have the old, infirm park of rascals with less education and an inept governing philosophy controlling the masses. Is it normal to have the same ministers in a country for 27 years? Sometimes I wonder how CPDM nutjobs just because of what they benefit can’t have a moment of deep reflection to say this is so wrong. Are they surprised by the direction of the country today?
    Biya is bereft by the 1984 coup, the rejection in 1992 and 1997 when he lost to the SDF and he’s hated his people since then, changed the constitution and organised a group of loyalists to ride the ship to wreckage. He JUST DOESN’T”T CARE. He lost 4 out of 5 constituencies in Yaounde alone and he knows he will be prosecuted should he dare leave office. He is ready to kill for his safety.

  4. Ambaman June 13, 2019 at 23:41
    Ever since Cavaye Yeguie Djibril left and came down to Yaounde, he hardly goes back to the North and when he does, it is for photo-ops as was the case when dictator Biya went there for his 20-minute campaign on a dusty platform in Maroua.

    Djibril stays in Yaounde and spews lies about how Boko Haram has been disarmed. Well, just within the last three months, a week hardly goes by without spectacular Boko Haram attacks.

    Boko Haram, I salute and congratulate you on the victories against LRC. Please, keep it up and extend the show to Garoua. Burn their villages and kill massively. PLEASE, do it. All sons and daughters of Ambazonia serving in the LRC military (particularly in the North) must leave.

    Magidas from the North of LRC are so dumb.

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