Cameroon imported XAF72 bln worth of alcoholic drinks in 2019, up 12% YoY (INS)

Business in Cameroon | Cameroon imported 93.368 tons of alcoholic drinks in 2019, according to data from the National Institute for Statistics. The bill during the period was XAF72.15 billion, representing a rise of 12.3% compared with the bill in 2018.

The detailed analysis of the data reveals that the country imported 55,334 tons of spirits, spending XAF39.898 billion (up by 12% year-on-year compared with the XAF35.561 billion – 50,861 tons of spirits- it spent on spirits in 2018).

For wines, it imported 9,882 tons during the period (against 8,642 tons in 2018), spending XAF11.090 billion (up by 23% compared with the XAF9.021 billion spent in 2018).

During the period, it also imported 26,254 tons of ethyl alcohol (against 23,251 tons in 2018) spending XAF16.231 billion. This represents a 15% rise compared with the XAF14.136 billion spent in 2018.

It also imported 1,898 tons of liquor in 2019 (against 2,566 tons in 2018), spending XAF4.938 billion. In 2018, the bill for this alcohol category was XAF5.548 billion, representing a drop of 11% between the two periods.

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  1. Where is the diaspora to harvest this money by growing corn, transforming to alcohol?

    • They are busy raising money for My Trip To Buea so that Reverend Dr Sako Ikome the former security guard’s mortgage. Kikikikiki

      Or they are raising money for a war draft so other people will die for their freedom. Kikikikikikikikiki

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