Cameroon inflation dampens end of year celebrations [+video]

FRANCE 24 | Millions of Cameroonians struggle to make ends meet. With Christmas just around the corner we take a look at how inflation is affecting families.



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  1. if we accept that the defenition of inflation mean there is more money in cerculation than goods produced.then we can conclude that our productive capacity is too low compared to demand.this mean there is money to be made in a land where people complain about unemployment.but the question is,are those looking for money ready to do what it takes to produce the goods in demand?it is here that we tuch the heart of the problem because our degree holders are trained to become accountants without money to count,or english teachers with no use to makes sense to first creat wealth before training accountants to manage it.this starts with mechanised agriculture.concentrating on short season highly lucreative products like sun flower once transformed give about five different products.

  2. but are they ready to follow me to the sunflower,corn,soy beans,barely,wheat and potatoes farm?the awnser is the subconscience of our mentally alienated anglicized and francophonised degree holders,working in the farm is a sign that one has failed in life,if not they would be in an air conditioned office in douala where the highest employer is brassarie a french company.but after carefully studying countries that have been successful in industrializing in the last 80 years with singapore being the only exception.all started with the mechanization of useful agriculture products like sugarcane followed by industries created to do transformation created added value in finished products where jobs are created.then the revenue is used to upgrade production capacity.