Cameroon is being torn apart by civil war. Here’s why [+video]

This country is being torn by a civil war that few have heard of

CNN |Cameroon is being wracked by a civil war that has displaced hundreds of thousands of people, with separatists in Anglophone regions of the country fighting government forces and government-backed militias for several years. CNN’s Zain Asher breaks down the conflict.

Source: CNN

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  1. SC + LRC = 0 + LRC

    Little wonder, there is a civil war in the INFORMAL VIVRE-ENSEMBLE.
    A country built on falsehood and terror can NEVER EVER survive for long.

    • Dictator Biya made the MOTHER OF ALL BLUNDERS by declaring war on Southern Cameroonians. He inadvertently open the window of opportunity for them to rescuer SC from that sh*thole CRIME SYNDICATE referred to as “one and indivisible” LRC.

      The introduction of IEDs by Amba boys has turned out to be the GAME CHANGER in Biya’s UNWINNABLE war. The burning down of villages and the killing of innocent villagers by LRC TERRORISTS have reduced by 98% because all the roads leading to villages have been weaponized with IEDs.
      LRC has been defeated by SC with the help of IEDs.
      Dictator Biya can no longer avoid the negotiating table.


  2. I would like to know what those who were supporting this conflict in the diaspora think? is this not the scenario I predicted at the beginning? before taking the decision to confront an enemy, first make a rational calculation of your force and weekness

  3. Bah, your alternative was what? Continued servitude?
    I thought your master in larepublique solved the Anglophone problem which didn’t exist with the “special status?”
    Truth stands

  4. DIBOBE,,, DIBOBE, it makes more sense to impose a single African language already used in East Africa like kiswahili as lingua franca.than staying trapped in alien identities through imposed languages. instead of starting a fight we were not going to win, a stupid fight for that reason because we are not defending our own languages. We should have concentrated in industrial transformation. Once we have money, we can simply impose an African language.

    • A universal Africa language, single government and currency, etc will make Africa a force to reckon with at the global stage, we all know this. But left to LRC all of Cameroon was about to be Francophonised and transformed into servitude for the benefit of the French. So what is the argument here? The pressure that has been brought to be bare on LRC by SCnians standing up has exposed this intention as openly said by the hardened dictator Biya when he was in France. Using an original African language is a wonderful idea, but you can certainly agree that with Biya, a French Stooge, Africa and francophones will stay strapped to their French masters forever. History is made, not invented. Unfortunately the course of African history was redirected the day we came in contact with Europeans.