Moki Edwin Kindzeka

Cameroon Journalist Filing for VOA Harassed by Police

VOA | A Cameroonian journalist who freelances for the Voice of America says he was harassed by police who seized his equipment Saturday in Yaoundé, the capital. Moki Edwin Kindzeka said he was also ordered to speak only in French.

In a social media post, Kindzeka said, “These guys should not molest people just because they speak the English language.”

The Cameroon Association of English-Speaking Journalists on Twitter condemned “this act in the strongest terms.” The group demanded an apology.

Kindzeka is also a journalist with the state broadcaster CRTV.

Timescape Magazine reports that the attack on Kindzeka came during military raids Saturday on Anglaphone Cameroonians in the capital, many of whom were arrested and ordered to speak French.

Cameroon has had an ongoing separatist conflict that the U.N. says has cost?more than 3,200 lives?and displaced more than?half-a-million?people.

The conflict started in 2016 when protests by English-speaking teachers and lawyers against the dominance of French-speaking Cameroonians led some to take up arms.

Cameroon’s military declared war on the rebels, who have been fighting since 2017 to create an independent, English-speaking state.

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  1. These are the same people who say they want to “vive ensemble”. At least, they have one thing right here; these English speaking individuals are foreigners in the capital. NEVER AGAIN!
    Southern Cameroons is out and gone.

  2. KEDIOH,,,, when i said we should shift to an original african language. Some of you said, it is not a linguistic problem. Now you are using it to make your point? language is not for comminucation. All languages carry practices nutured, refined and improved through time. This practices are carried by language, once you accept the language of the enemy you accept thier practices and submit to thier way of thinking.JAPAN,SOUTH KOREA AND CHINA, have industrialised and modernise with thier language, spirituality and writing system. Thier children are more intelligent well behaved than those of French and British whoes language some of our uprooted aleads continue hanging on.

    • Stop diverting foolishly BAH..
      DOnt always run away from condemning wrong doings with silly excuses..
      Fact is:
      Cameroon is a bilingual country
      Fact is You are supposed to speak either English and Frech or atleast one of them ..
      Fact is only the Southern cameroonians are forced to be bilingual..
      Fact is, cameroon is french than france..
      And when these idiots feel like paris and want to impose it on people who dont even have a francophone culture, it becomes a problem..
      IF they dont even want to be bilingual..If they dont even want to learn English, do you think it is SWAHILI or Lingala that they will accept?..
      They will call it an uncilized black man language..
      These frogs steal, hide all wealth in france and believe they are accepted as french..Such a retarded people -FRANCE AFRIQUE..

      • BIKO,,,, you are too emotional. There is nothing wrong in looking at things from a completely different angle. Success is not possible by following the masses but thinking and acting by logic eveb when everyone is against.

      • @biko,don’t waste your time talking about this good for nothing bameta werehngang bah.not once have we heard him condemn lrcs military atrocities on our people,but what can one expect from a slippery character like him.
        He is so geopolitical to the extend that instead opening up his most cherished corn plantation in Njah-Etu,he did it on his bald head,and when elephants began fighting in the middle of his corn farm,he lost basic reasoning.
        That’s why all what we hear from him is geopolitics,plantations and swahili this and that.

        • PAPALAPA,,,, the world is controlled by geopolitics. If a civilization does not master it, it will always be under control of others. Anything apart from this is diversion, wast of time.

        • Kikikiki, this smells of Chi…

  3. Such frivolous and unnecessary harassments of journalists and innocent citizens will continue as long as perpetrators enjoy anonymity and immunity.
    Strange that even the press will not put a name or a face to the criminal police official!!!!

  4. This same gentleman complaining now, has anchored the sunday program – Press Hour,
    along side his colleague. The manner in which he speaks during the program, doesn`t
    make me have any sympathy for him following the above. He like others, think their stay
    and work in Yaounde, makes them different. They remain Ambazonians, until the end of

  5. Anglophones were arrested and ordered to speak in French, in Yaounde. How wrong is that?
    When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Any Anglophone who lives in LRC and thinks he or she
    is Cameroonian up to now, is basically, an idiot. And there are many Anglophones, who are
    still in this dream world. The only way out, is for them to reconcile and identify with whom
    they are. But it can not be this way, cause they have defecated on their oun path.

  6. This time around the police are correct. As a man who has visited many countries, it’s the same every where. No police is ants a resident to speak to him or her in a foreign language.

  7. Kindzeka Edwin should have been brutally wasted for all I care. He’s the sell out idiot that has been churning numerous reports to feed VoA and DW Africa that all has return to normal and only pockets of bandits are scattered across the bushes of the Savanna Zone. What a skin bleaching sell out to his people. Ambazonia must be free weather enablers like Kindzeka join the occupying terrorists or not. We were born free and we shall fight till the last man standing. Sako can collect all the money he wants from Mafani but nothing will shake our resolve. Long live the ADF, long live Ayaba, long live Ambazonia.

  8. THANK GOD, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE and UNSTOPPABLE war will put an end to this sh*thole VIVRE-ENSEMBLE wit LRC.
    It is simply a question of WHEN and not IF

  9. Long-serving journalist, Moki Edwin Kindzeka is an employee of CRTV, has reported regularly for Voice of America and Radio Deutsche Welle in English. Suddenly a boorish police official is harassing him to speak in French, in a country that touts its bilingualism on every roof top.
    What is employer, CRTV or Communication Minister, Rene Emmanuel Sadi waiting for before reacting?
    What is the boss of the White Elephant called National Commission on Bilingualism and Multiculturalism waiting for?

    Just our many empty slogans, n’est-ce pas?

  10. Edwin Kindzeka, and George Ewane are enablers. They do not deserve the sympathy of Southern Cameroons. I pray and hope LRC finds room for these two in Central Yaounde Prison soon

    • @bandimo, Joe Chebongkeh, is another enabler and job seacher one. They all
      should enter the black book of our land.

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