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Cameroon: Kidnapped missionaries freed

Independent Catholic News | Three Claretian missionaries who were abducted in Cameroon on 23 November, were released safely on 29 November.

The missionaries said in a message: “We thank everyone for the solidarity shown during our captivity. It was no easy experience. In those difficult days our thoughts and prayers went to the Martyrs of our Congregation. For our part we experienced the warmth of your prayers and affection.

“At present we are at our parish in Douala and want to start negotiations for the release of our driver Jerry Berson. We are all alive.

“Although information referred to Jude, Placid, Abel and the driver, there were actually five of us! Fr Yene Anaclet, the local parish priest who came to negotiate our release, was also held by the kidnappers. Now he too has been released and we are all in Douala.”

The Congregation of the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Maria (Claretians) said in a statement: “We thank God for the release of our missionary confreres abducted on 23 November . We are grateful for all the messages of solidarity, communion and prayers. May God bless us all!”

The missionaries released are: Fr Giuda Taddeo Langhe, Apostolate Prefect and director of Pubblicaciones Claretianas del Camerun. Fr Placide Muntong Gweh, student Abel Fondem Ndia, and Fr Yene Anaclet. The missionaries were abducted by secessionists present in the Anglophone area of the country, on the way to Munyenge with humanitarian aid for the people suffering because of fighting in the area.

In the two English speaking regions of Cameroon involved, violence against men of the Church is increasing. On 21 November Fr Cosmas Omboto Ondari, a Kenyan missionary from the Mill Hill Mission Society of St Joseph, was murdered in Kembong, a few kilometres from Memfe, main town in the Department of South Eastern Province.

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