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Cameroon leader clarifies national dialogue theme

APAnews | Cameroon’s president Paul Biya, on Monday outlined the main themes of the national dialogue slated for late September which is expected to put paid to the secessionist crisis in its English-speaking regions.

In a tweet on his official Twitter handle, Biya said the dialogue would focus on bilingualism, cultural diversity and social cohesion, the reconstruction and development of conflict-affected areas, the return of refugees and displaced persons, the education and judicial system, but also decentralization and local development.

These clarifications are expected to put an end to speculation, overbidding and demands, mainly from the opposition and civil society, that the national dialogue be inclusive and chaired by a neutral personality.

The opposition also urged Biya clarify as a matter of priority the deep roots of the Anglophone crisis, that the nature of the state be placed on the agenda for the adoption of a new constitution.

They also demand a ceasefire, a general amnesty and the exclusion of the defence and security forces, which “cannot be part of the inclusive national dialogue, which is essentially political”.

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  1. The form of Government

  2. If biya doesn’t smoke marjuanna then i dont know who else in cameroon will smoke again.Is that the broad base dialogue needed to address the root causes of the Anglophone crises?The Military need to do the mugabe coup and get this idiot well punished before he gets us into more caos.Either we go back to the two state federation or the war continues.Playing this cat and mouse game is not going to us either,the ealier biya understands those days are gone when people were being bribed or just intimidated to accept the regime’s ideology.

  3. Sure the army has a very important place at the dialogue table, especially to speak about Bilingualism, legitimate self-defense in shooting baby Martha Ambe, etc.

  4. ”In a tweet on his official Twitter handle, Biya said the dialogue would focus on bilingualism, cultural diversity and social cohesion, the reconstruction and development of conflict-affected areas, the return of refugees and displaced persons, the education and judicial system, but also decentralization and local development”
    Do you really mean Biya twitted this???? Then the consultations that prime minister is holding is for what then??? i thought the parliament and his government are responsible for the above stuff? That government is confused!!! And participants beware!!! ParticipantS should realize that the aim here is to use them to justify that a dialogue took place.

    • My brother AJN you saw it all. Biya is really a nincompoop. How could he mention reconstruction, development, decentralization etc in a national dialogue. I am not sure this so called dialogue is going to hold. This is pure none sense.

  5. Paul is a very DULL Dictator. He does not understand the meaning of DIALOGUE. That is the reason he wants people to believe that his MONOLOGUE aka BIYALOGUE is dialogue.
    A dialogue involves two or more parties. The parties will determine the agenda of discussion and where the discussion will take place.
    BIYALOGUE is nothing but a MONOLOGUE. Dictator Biya determines everything. Believe me or not, even the outcome has been determined in advance. The conclusion to be presented to the international community is evident. Biya will claim that his people want DECENTRALISATION. Unfortunately for him, the warlords will intensify the war until the Anglophone Question is COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, IRREVERSIBLY and UNCONDITIONALLY resolved.
    Simply put, there will be ZERO ISLAND OF PEACE IN SC.

    • “As it is the case with many conflicts, it is always said that beginning a war is easy but ending a war is one of the most complicated things in conflict resolution.

      For violence to effectively end, the warring parties involved must be at the heart of negotiations to lay down their arms. Unfortunately, most often these people, especially the rebellious side, benefit a lot from the violence making it difficult for them to come on the table for dialogue. Therefore, any way out of this conflict must involve all the stakeholders( including the WARLORDS) of this conflict, whether direct and indirect.”

      BIYALOGUE is SURELY another ploy from him to please the international community in order to relieve himself from external pressure, something he has not been used to during his 37 years in power

    • When one has gone was born bred and ruled in DICTATORSHIP, it becomes near impossible to accept democratic principles. Biya in democracy is like a fish inside hot oil. The war will continue without hitches. The international community will also notice the lapses of such a cacophonie in the name of dialogue!

  6. I have constantly, said that cameroonians, are dull people. And that is why Biya,
    has his days and points.

  7. Only in Cameroon that we see things done in the opposite. The simple fact that Biya in his speech claimed he didn’t know whom to dialogue with baffles me why he is organising this sham in which he is the one deciding everything. How can you have a problem and you are the one setting the agenda of the problem? Biya has toyed with Cameroonians for too long that he things he can still play the same old games. This generation is fed up and too smart to continue dancing this old dance.

  8. What a joke! His Twitter Account via his Chinese tablet. if everyone was as dumb and lazy as him, there would be no internet. At least he has a tool to show his stupidity; he will re-clarify his intentions when he gets sober.

  9. Only one topic should be tabled and negotiated! The topic or subject should be to go our separate ways and find a common ground on how we can live side by side with each other bearing in mind that LRC’s army has killed and maimed thousands of the citizens of Southern Cameroons. The LRC president’s clarification is simply an indication that his vomit speech was meant for the UNGA and of no consequence as to how he would end the War he declared on Southern Cameroon!

  10. Peace in cameroon today and tomorrow can only come by way of SEPARATION,
    which Biya/ cpdm and position seekers don`t want to hear. Or else, why the
    going back and forth from 1960 / 61 on the same issues.
    LRC, will continue with marginalization untill thy kingdom come on SC. This will
    revive what we are witnessing today. And it is not called peace.
    Biya, did not buy cameroon from God, it is the people`s will, not his dictates.
    The truth about peace in cameroon, is known by everyone, but pressure down
    the throuts of people, is the problem. It should be peace ones and for all and
    not the one and indivisible bitter pill. The trickery in the dialogue called for
    september ending, is that it has been concluded behind before the dialogue

  11. When I say Biya is a living corpse, some people say no. Just look at the trash he is putting there as the agenda of the dialogue. To Biya, Anglophones must be very stupid I guess. Since, 2010, the have been saying the hastening the process of decentralization, for 9yrs now, what have they decentralized? nothing. Civil servants have to go to Yaounde for every single thing. There is nothing that bites my stomach like that word called decentralization by Biya because that word is useless in the context of which it is used. We are talking of US having a state where we elect our governors and have our houses where we approve or disaprove military deployment to our state and this idiot is on twitter writing nonsense. This man is still there because of useless francophone mentality.

  12. National conference without the president. There is some hidden agenda there.
    The country, has been narrowed down to cpdm party. Position seekers, are having
    sleepless nights.

  13. This demented thug has completely lost all his bearings! First, he said he didn’t know who to dialogue with. Next, he imposes his own views on what the dialogue should be about; completely leaving out the reason why he declared war in the first place! I don’t know why this mad man is not dying! Good will only come to Cameroon after this diseased rat would have died and long disposed of! What an idiot!!!

  14. La Ripoublique Quit Ambazonia

    La Ripoublique, allez ouste

    La Ripoublique, dehors,

    La Ripoublique bye bye.

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