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Cameroon locks down major cities before release of election results

The Guardian | Riot police on streets and opposition activist prevented from attending protest

Cameroon’s two major cities were tense on Sunday and riot police were on the streets as security forces try to prevent protests before the results of the country’s controversial presidential election are released.

Dozens of riot police, some armed with machine guns, surrounded the activist and politician Kah Walla’s house on Sunday afternoon, preventing her from leaving to attend a peaceful demonstration planned in the centre of Douala, the economic capital.

The election results are due to be released on Monday morning, and are widely expected to show a resounding victory for Paul Biya, the country’s octogenarian president who put himself forward for a seventh term. The protest was billed as a march “to say goodbye to Biya” who, in his 36th year as president, spends a significant amount of his time on holiday in Geneva.

The opposition has said there was widespread fraud and voter intimidation in the 7 October election, and rejected the results early on despite the fact that they had not yet been released. Legal attempts to have the election rerun have failed.

Walla told the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle last week that she was “bent on ousting the Biya regime”, and that the ballot box had been proven not to be a solution.

Anglophone rebels, who have been fighting for secession from the francophone majority in a spiralling conflict, boycotted the election and many English-speakers were unable to vote. Others who had fled to French-speaking regions faced raids and intimidation from the authorities.

Riot police were also posted to major streets and roundabouts in Douala and the capital, Yaoundé, on Sunday afternoon. Many internet users complained that they were unable to access Facebook and WhatsApp because they had been blocked.

A Reuters journalist, Josiane Kouagheu, was arrested while trying to cover the protests, according to Angela Quintal from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

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    Citizens of LRC should not allow themselves to be intimidated by the Etoudi Junta.
    It is high time they take their collective destiny into their own hands to free themselves from the evil hands of Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate.



      Yes, blood will be spilt in the resistance because dictators never relinquish power voluntarily.

      However, what matters now is the ENDGAME: Citizens of LRC will finally get rid of Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate.

      Southern Cameroonians have proven, beyond the reasonable doubt, that the BIR is very weak and poorly trained. The BIR terrorists are UNABLE to defeat unemployed graduates fighting with hunting guns. The BIR was created to sustain the dictatorship and NOT to protect the Country from external enemies.
      The truth of the matter is that the BIR is the most indisciplined army on planet earth.


      1. The killing of citizens in cold blood in 2008
      2. The Shooting of a motorist in Yaounde to make way for Biya’s motorcade
      3.Bank robberies in Douala, Victoria, etc.


      4. The harassment of Mamfe citizens because of the funeral of Chief Ayamba
      5. The killing of UB students
      6. Fighting with fishermen at Down Beach, Victoria

      Dictator Biya is now extremely desperate to cling to power. That was the reason fake members of transparency international were paid millions of US dollars by the occultic leader by name Biya. What a waste.



      Dictator Biya = 71.28%
      All opposition parties COMBINED = 100 – 71.28 = 28.72 %


      A unified opposition candidate would have received a maximum of 28.72%

      The ballot box is NOT a means to remove Dictator Biya from power.

      He can only be removed by

      1. divine intervention OR
      2. insurrection

  2. Ambazonia blood

  3. La force de l expérience soon ambazonias will be radicated from the map

  4. Why riot police when more than 70% of Cameroonians voted for Biya.
    Why would a landslide winner be concerned about a small minority.
    Today should be the celebratory parade for the winning majority.
    Who is fooling who?
    They teach children in Cameroon French history, I guess they must have learned about Bastile day, Hopefully they will one Day have a reason celebrate a Bastille type day in Cameroon.
    Like the slave plantation those who want to remain on the plantation should go back to picking cotton and continue to dream of the day the master (ie rigged elections) will set the free.
    For those slaves in Anglophone Cameroon who want freedom, escaping the plantation comes with a price, a price we are prepared to pay.
    France will after Biya choose the next president always.

  5. When vote counting takes longer, much longer than vote casting, there is some dirty game afoot !!!!!
    For indeed vote casting requires much movement, persons leaving their homes, traveling long distances to go and cast the votes. Counting on the other hand, involves zero movement and frankly, it is the moment to use some of the basic skills taught in school – COUNTING. What good is schooling that does not teach counting?

    Entertainment theater:
    Yesterday English-speaking citizens sang themselves hoarse as they intoned “How many people Paul Biya go kill?”. Their French-speaking fellow citizens stood by and mocked in silence. Today the latter are belatedly singing the very song in Cameroon and at various embassies round the world!

    He who laughs last, laughs best n’est-ce pas????????????

    • Swedes voted on the 9th of September, and ever since then, there’s no winner… and the Swedes are still struggling to find a leader that would form a government! Behold, Sweden is rated as one of the world’s most liberal democracies. But of course, the Cameroonian neophytes will always continue with inestimable lamentation; while life goes on in Sweden!

      Biya has won and anybody who objects to his victory is invited to prove that Biya did not win. Besides, the Nganangs and others have failed to convince the planet that they are more powerful in Bangante than Niat Njifenji… Same goes for Fotso’s Bandjoun etc etc etc. The big money people over there seem to have a better idea about their aspirations than Kamto ever imagined. Let’s see who is going to start a war!

  6. Surprising oh, that frogs are shouting `wata na wata` in the cameroon
    embassy in paris. Hello Ni Bah, how is paris today with those noise makers?
    Don`t go nearby, you are a beloved Ambalander. They have stolen our GZ
    anthem. It doesn`t, fit them. Can you please, tell Ras T etc supporters, to go
    tell them to be creative enough, to come up with their own formula? This
    attitude of stealing etc that is too much in their DNA and which Ambalanders
    detest and refuse to continue living along side them, again, is very bad. Or
    do they think that because they are frogs, they can shout louder and that is
    when biya will hear and back down? Is Biya, not also a frog? A beti yellow frog?
    Haba, the magida tchiroma, has a busy day today, cheering his master. He will
    be addressing the frogs tomorrow.

    • Josuah ,you still can’t understand that it’s people like you who allow Paul Biya’s diabolical strategies to work ?

      He knew very well that by isolating the southwest and north west, by opposing the cameroonians to each other he was going to maintain himself. He played the tribalism card and mumu like you helped him.

      Au finale les ambazombiens ne se sentent pas conserner par ce qui se passe du cote de ce qu ils appellent stupidement La republique , et de l autre cote les camerounais ignorent la barbarie de Biya sur leurs freres .

      Alors qui est gagnant???

      Comme le president francais l a dit ,
      ” Biya represente la stabilite”

      laquelle ?

      Celle des interets francais et de son clan of course.

      Ils ont laisse faire les ambazombiens , maintenant ils viendront .
      Biya c est Satan !

      • Ambalanders are not part of the election sham. You frogs, are now
        in the cold and confused. Even Chad, will rule you now.
        That, is what happens to a people who reason with their throats.
        When you got the dry bread and sardine, you were happy. Now the
        eyes can see well.
        Ambalanders, are smiling.

  7. no matter what they di we have lwft, Ambaland is free forever

  8. All the trolls on this site have suddenly gone missing