Cameroon may face 2nd COVID-19 wave: Health minister

Anadolu Agency | ‘Clusters are multiplying. If we remain indisciplined, we will get to the second wave, says Manaouda Malachie

Cameroon’s health minister confirmed 44 COVID-19-related deaths in February while warning of a potential second wave of the pandemic due to a rise in coronavirus infections.

“From June 2020 to February 2021, 74 deaths were recorded at Orca. Of 215 patients admitted from 22-28 February, 25 deaths were recorded. We count a total of 44 deaths at Orca in the month of February alone,” Manaouda Malachie said Monday, according to Cameroon Radio Television (CRTVweb).

“We are not far from the second wave. Clusters are multiplying. If we remain indisciplined, we will get to the second wave,” CRTVweb quoted Malachie as saying.

He said, however, that a second wave could be avoided if people follow preventive measures.

“Cases are rising because we have gone back to social activities like marriages and burials without wearing our masks and respecting social distancing measures,” Malachie said, according to CRTVweb.

“Three months ago, we had no COVID-19 patients at Orca. We currently have 181 patients at Orca, and 36 are on oxygen,” he added.

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  1. We have already been hit by the second wave. Almost everyone is on Mr grip without truly knowing what has actually hit them. God Bless Afrika we are still standing strong so far as this race is concerned !

  2. The easiest cheapest ecological way to test people is with anti covid sniffing dogs who can be trained within a month to recognise the body change when someone is becoming posative ,sometimes even before a PCR test does ,through smelling gauze type sweat samples of people ….250 persons an hour each dog .Australia at airport is using them Dubai airport ,Helsinki airport ,Cameroon should start using them .look it up I wish I had one .