Cameroon Military Denies Civilian Deaths in ‘Successful’ Raids on Rebels

YAOUNDE VOA | Cameroon’s military says it killed at least 22 separatist fighters in a week of raids on seven rebel camps in the country’s troubled western regions.? Villagers, however, say the military killed at least 13 civilians in the raids, which involved hundreds of troops.

The commander in Cameroon’s English-speaking Northwest region said more than 300 troops were involved in successful raids this past week on rebel Ambazonian camps.

General Valere Nka spoke via a messaging application Monday from the town of Bafut, where he was praising troops on behalf of Cameroon’s President Paul Biya.

“A good number of Ambazonians were neutralized and we have [recovered] 50 guns, pistols, ammunitions, motorcycles and even a Fortuna car, two horses and so on,” he said.

Nka said troops on Thursday and Friday killed 15 rebels in Bafut, including an infamous fighter calling himself “General Aladji,” who in 2018 kidnapped dozens of schoolchildren.

He said Cameroonian troops killed seven other rebels during raids on camps in several villages and the town of Bamenda with no civilian casualties.

But villagers disputed that claim and said at least 13 civilians were killed in the clashes.

Thirty-two-year-old Oumarou Tanda said seven civilians were found dead after the military left his village of Bangolan.

Speaking through a messaging app from the village, he said three of those killed were fellow Muslims with whom he was praying on Friday when the military opened fire.

“The military men that are Muslims went into the mosque to pray,” he said. “The Amba boys break in [attacked the troops]. So instead of the military to shoot the Ambas, they instead turned and be shooting but the civilians. Now in the village we do not know who we are counting on, because we were counting on the military but now the military are shooting but us.”

Tanda said his village had welcomed the military in hopes that they would prevent rebel attacks and abductions.

In the northwest town of Tatum, farmer Innocent Ngumulah said crossfire during raids in three neighboring villages killed six people, including teenagers.

He told VOA that villagers had expected the army to protect them from the rebels.

“It is rather unfortunate. They had been hoping that the military will come in and solve their problems so that this killing left and right will come to an end. They regret that they are now like orphans. They are tired. They want peace and that the rule of law should reign,” he said.

The separatists on social media blamed Cameroon’s military for the civilian casualties, acknowledged their own losses in the raids, and claimed responsibility for an unclear number of military deaths.

Cameroon’s military denied suffering any losses and said only a few of its troops were wounded.?

Cameroon’s anglophone rebels?have since 2017 been fighting to carve out an English-speaking state from Cameroon’s French-speaking majority.

The rebels and Cameroon’s military routinely accuse each other of atrocities against civilians, which rights groups have documented on both sides.

The United Nations says the fighting in the?English-speaking ?regions has cost?more than 3,000 lives?and displaced more than?half a million?people.

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  1. Have you every asked why central Africa is the most under-developed sub Continent?..Its a place where u have these lazy BETI-BULUS in their numbers..
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    my second question is:- have you ever asked how many soldiers have been killed in Southern Cameroons?..
    By untrained southern Cameroonians?..
    If you van answer this question honestly, you will then know BIR, and all those feared primitive THUGS in Frog or francophone cameroon are an unprofessional ,dirty army.

  2. When did they ever accept any? Let the war continue. If only these stubborn Ambazonians with dane guns could rally behind the ADF and follow Ayaba Cho’s strategy, these criminals will be decimated and expelled in no time. Sako the infiltrator together with every genocidaire in Ambaland shall pay for their transgressions.

  3. The so-called ” one and indivisible” LRC is a Country ruled by a crime syndicate. The Dissemination of LIES is the Modus Operandi of the crime syndicate:
    1. Two women and their Children were massacred in the Far North Region by LRC TERRORISTS. The crime syndicate swore that Malian soldiers were responsible. However, when Amnesty International presented incotestable Proofs, the crime syndicate accepted her war crime.
    2. More than fourty civilians were massacred in Ngarbuh by LRC TERRORISTS. The crime syndicate swore that the war crime was the handiwork of the “secessionists”. However, after Human Rights Watch presented evidence, the crime syndicate accepted responsibility for the war crime
    3. Dictator Biya was recently N-E-U-T-R-A-L-I-S-E-D by COVID-19. However, the crime syndicate……

    • ……..continues to deceive the citizens that the dead Biya is still governing.
      However, the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” has now confirmed that Dictator Biya is already gnashing and grinding his teeth with EKEMA Patrick at the hottest placein hell. Israel knows much more About LRC than the citizens of LRC since the presidential guardsare being trainedbysoldiers from Israel.
      4. etc, etc

      In sum, the God-forsaken Country erroneously referred to as “one and indivisible” LRC is ruled by DECEIT, DECEPTION and TERROR. Little wonder, the Interior Minister is an EX-CONVICT

    • The criime syndicate ruling the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC rule by lies telling.

      They climed they killed General Alhadji.
      However, General Alhadji is ALIVE and HEALTHY.
      He sent a Stern warning on the 06.05.2020 to the BULU militia who are causing havoc in SC.
      He vowed to neutralise them whenever and wherever he meets them.

      Of Course,

      LRC is “one and indivisible”
      SC is also ” one and indiisible”

      Two “one and indivisible nations can only form a FEDERATION OF TWO STATES EQUAL IN STATUS or gotheir separate ways.
      There is no other Option.
      The so-called SPECIAL STATUS is IMBECILE NONSENSE and therefore DEAD ON ARRIVAL.
      The Momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE. The war remains UNWINNABLE.
      There will be ZERO reconstruction in SC during wartime.

      MARK MY WORDS!!!!!

  4. Camerbeleiver (Colby)

    There’s no clean war who investigate the ones NATO AND US
    France have been killing for decades now?

    • The hypocrisy of the West is evident and I agree with you. The point is we are not doing any better for our people. We must be better angels and show much caring and respect for our people, the constitution and the rule of law. And that should begin from the top, the very top.

      IF I have to stand on any moral high-ground, I won’t point to the hypocrisy of the West to assuage ills at home. It’s noteworthy that while these countries have a corrupt and aggressive foreign policy at times, their domestic policies are tailored for the good of their people; right to dissent, change of power, respect of the constitution & prosecution of corrupt officials.
      Our leaders don’t have legitimacy at home or abroad and they kowtow the West to stay in office. Africans seek Western help against a despot.

  5. In 1996 Biya amended the constitution from five year mandate to a seven-year two term maximum for the presidency. Samuel Eboa, Ni John & Koddock opposed this move to seven years and expressed frustration that it was a ploy to get enough time to weaken the opposition. Biya argued that he was following the system in France but ironically Chirac in France had tabled a bill which already passed French parliament to reduce presidential term from seven to five years and still on a two term service.
    Biya decided that MPs would be paid CFA500,000 for each session. SDF and another opposition pulled out because that compensation was evidently a bribe by Biya. That said, the bill passed and supporters of the despot claimed that he was a religious man and would keep his word. In 2011 Biya reversed…

    • Biya took Cameroonians for lackeys and amended the constitution again to stay in power for life. He had been roundly defeated by Ni John twice in 1992 & 1997 but refused to step aside. Issa Chiroma confirmed this in a video snippet.

      A. Outtara of Cote D’Ivoire announced he is stepping aside this year for the sake of integrity, peace, democracy, rigor & moralization. A call came from President Condé’s (Guinea) spokesman expressing dismay at Ouattara’s decision as it would put Condé who’s trying to extend his stay on the spot but Outtara was firm even though he once contemplated that decision.

      Rogues like Biya are the reason why Africa is a laughingstock to the world and why Cameroon has descended into chaos and corruption. I won’t take the position of Amba but I know that Biya is evil.

      • Camerbeleiver (Colby)

        Corruption have been the way of survival of the [email protected] can you name me one opposition leader in Cameroon who is not implicated in corruption? This is not to praise the regime cause everyone advocates for the change of paradigm unfortunately there’s no one to trust that’s why we are all trap in the cave.Scambazonian in the diapora raised funds to sponsor terrorists in the NW/SW we all know where said money ended up by the way there are not part of the Cameroon government i can give you numbers of examples like this to show you that we know ourselves very very well .

        • @ Colby,

          If you noticed, I am writing and contributing as a freethinker and an independent voice for change in Cameroon. Like you rightly point out, there are members of the opposition who are corrupt and it has been the case in any democracy in the world and very pervasive in Africa and especially Cameroon.
          That said, I would not use the inadequacies of the opposition to mitigate my assessment of the regime in power because that’s who gets evaluated by the people.

          As with the Ambazonians, I am not on that platform and I do not take a lot of their proposals seriously. I barely mention Amba in my assessment of Cameroon. I haven’t gone that far into the weeds with seceding. You are addressing the wrong person here.

          The Anglophone issue is a legitimate one but my views are nationwide.

  6. “Cameroon’s military denied suffering any losses and said only a few of its troops were wounded”
    What a bunch of idiotic liers. There is a video taken by one of them (military) showing a bunch of dead military in the bed of a pickup truck by their helicopter. I suppose the said general didn’t know that one of his lunatics was taking the video.

  7. Time Will tell

    My brothers and sisters all this wuruwuru we di waste na time. Our main issue is France, all the formal french colonies and even some other Africans Countries are under the evil yoke of France. If we Africans do not break this yoke, we are wasting our time. The truth is that we need a new war of real independence from France, I don’t how we are going to fight it but it is inevitable if we need a prosperous Africa. This is a matter of the survival of our race lest we shall become remnants like the Red Indians and the Aborigines who now live as endangered species. They are using multiple fronts to enslave and exterminate us, unfortunately with help of our leaders and elites. It is not for nothing that nearly all top administrators belong with their Master in France…

  8. Time Will Tell

    Bole ana all freemasons!!!!!

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