National Security Adviser Babagana Monguno discussing with President Muhammadu Buhari

Cameroon, Nigeria Announce Effort to Jointly Fight Separatists

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON VOA | – Cameroonian and Nigerian authorities have agreed to jointly fight armed separatists in both countries. The nations’ top security and government officials announced the deal during an emergency security meeting that ended Thursday in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja. The meeting was convened after Anglophone separatists in Cameroon and the Indigenous People of Biafra in Nigeria said they would join forces to fight for independence.

Babagana Monguno, national security adviser to Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari, said Thursday secessionist groups are uniting to destabilize Cameroon and Nigeria. The retired major general spoke at the end of the eighth session of the Cameroon-Nigeria transborder meeting in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja.

Monguno said the neighboring countries will jointly combat the rebels operating within their borders.

“President Muhammadu Buhari reassures you [Cameroon] that Nigeria’s territory will never be used by any group of secessionists to destabilize another friendly sovereign country. In addition, we would work closely together to ensure that any real or perceived attempt to form any alliances between secessionist groups in Nigeria and Cameroon are decisively dealt with,” Monguno said.

Speaking on Cameroonian state radio, CRTV, Monguno said Nigeria will continue to support the efforts of Cameroonian authorities to stop the separatist crisis in Cameroon’s English-speaking western regions. The United Nations says at least 3,000 people have been killed and 550,000 civilians displaced in Cameroon and in Nigeria by the separatist crisis that escalated into an armed conflict in 2017.

Governors from the Nigerian states that border Cameroon and Cameroonian regions bordering Nigeria also took part in the Abuja meeting.

Territorial Administration Minister Paul Atanga Nji led Cameroon’s delegation. Nji said militaries of the two countries are already at work to map out ways of stopping separatists operating in Cameroon and in Nigeria. He said the two countries have decided to provide jobs and improve the livelihoods of people in border areas. He said poverty is driving many civilians to join separatist groups in pursuit of food and better living conditions.

“To eradicate transborder insecurity in all its forms or, I believe, to reduce it to minimum, our security forces must intensify intelligence gathering and information sharing. It must include measures to check religious radicalism, foster education and promote economic and social development projects along our common border,” he said.

Nji said Cameroon is sincerely grateful for Buhari’s permanent commitment never to allow any part of Nigerian territory to serve as a safe haven for terrorists and separatist groups against its neighbor, Cameroon.

This week’s Cameroonian-Nigerian security meeting is the first since Cameroon’s English-speaking separatists said they were partnering with the Indigenous People of Biafra, a group that wants a breakaway state in southeast Nigeria.

Capo Daniel, deputy defense chief of the Ambazonia Defense Forces, a rebel group in Cameroon’s English-speaking North-West and South-West regions, said the Ambazonia Defense Forces and Indigenous People of Biafra are determined to foster an alliance the Nigerian and Cameroonian separatist groups created in April.

“The alliance generates solidarity between the military wing of the IPOB, that is the Eastern Security Network and the Ambazonia Defense Forces. We will continue to intensify the collaboration in areas such as operating training camps, exchanges in military trainers, open exchange of weapons and military personnel, as well as sharing intelligence across the border,” Daniel said.

The Indigenous People of Biafra has not issued a statement on the terms of their collaboration with the Ambazonia Defense Forces. Videos shared on social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp, though, appear to show people claiming to be officials of the rebel groups meeting. Cameroon and Nigeria say rebel and secessionist groups from the two countries have been meeting and trafficking in weapons.

Nigeria shares a 1,975-kilometer border with Cameroon. Militaries of the two countries have been jointly fighting violent crises since 2010. Nigeria’s northeastern states of Borno and Adamawa and Cameroon’s Far North region on Nigeria’s border report regular Boko Haram terrorist attacks.

Cameroon says separatists use porous borders to import weapons through Nigeria and collaboration between the Ambazonia Defense Forces and Indigenous People of Biafra is making the security situation very uncertain.

Other security challenges include conflicts over illegal exploitation of natural resources, highway robbery, drug and human trafficking, illicit trafficking of firearms, and agricultural conflicts.

The Cameroon-Nigeria Transborder Security Committee was created in 2012 in Nigeria to strengthen security in both countries.

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  1. is this not what i said will happen!remember i said looking at the geography of the area,once they are blocked from gaining access to nigeria and equitorial guinea.eveything is lost in advance ,no matter how long they try to is a question of simple calm rational calculated thinking not ideology.
    i wonder what naive people like the so called professor anyangwe think about developments like this!

    • Bah Acho the Bameta idiot overatken by Mettah disease. Since 2009, these idiots Chad, and Niger could not stop Boko Haram operating in a smaller perimeter and your dull self think they can stop the Ambazonia Alliance operating along a 1000KM border? Let Nigeria start with the slaughter of Plateau indigenes by Buhari’s Fulani herdsmen on a daily basis before moving onto this. We will beat them in this live. Idiots. Mighty USA just left Afghanistan with its tail in-between the legs.

      • L’ennemie,,,, that is not a rational calculated mathematical explanation as to what you will actually do to win the conflict.calling some one idiot doesn’t explain how you will annihilate a SUPIRIOR adversary. Controlling 1000 kilomèters is very little thing to do. Do not forget your président was handed over to younde by Nigeria.

    • AHhahha Bah you are really funny, you think Nigeria that can’t even secure it’s National defense academy from common bandits will scare anyone?

    • Shut the f up men .piece of sh*t stop pretending as if you care if people die in NOSO.



    because there is absolutely nothing, i repeat nothing, Nigeria and LRC can do to stop the present momentum.

    FYI, Nigria and LRC had been working together since 2017 to stop the momentum but to no avail. In 2017, the said Nigeria ABDUCTED SISIKU Ayuk Tabe et al. and sent to LRC. However, the momentum of the struggle INCREASED.

    The truth of the matter is that LRC has been defeated by the invincible Amba boys. However, the criminals ruling the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC are ashamed to accept defeat. That is the reason they are now using Nigeria as a weapon of propaganda in order to intimidate SC.

    The war can and will only stop at the NEGOTIATING TABLE since the war is UNWINNABLE.


    • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      LRC is planning to attack Nigeria and blame the attack on SC.

      Ex-convict Atanga Nji is planning to send his boys to attack Nigerian border guards. The attacks will be put at the doorsteps of Amba boys. This demonic plan of LRC is geared to force Nigeria to send troops to SC to fight Amba boys.
      The Nigerian authorities have already been warned of this diabolic plans of LRC.
      LRC has become EXTREMELY desperate since they know that SC is already gone for good. LRC will therefore stop at nothing to ask for help from Nigeria.


    • SC IS SC
      LRC IS LRC

      The above entities are different in almost everything. The only thing threy have in common is:


      Simply put, there is no place on planet earth known as the so-called “NOSO OF LRC”.
      The so-calle “NOSO OF LRC” is therefore another IMBECILE NONSENSENSE FALSEHOOD disseminated by the criminals ruling the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.

      The informal VIVRE-ENSEMBLE between SC and LRC was dismantled in 1984 . In 1984 Dictator Biya foolishly withdrew his country froim it when he changed the name of the country to LRC.
      From 1984 to date SC is being ILLEGALLY occupied by LRC.
      Thank ALLAH, Dictator Biya’s sh*thole war will put an end to the illegal occupation of SC by LRC.

  3. I thought lrc was going to crush the Ambazonian struggle in a matter of weeks, if not days? All those who were boasting, beating their chests how the colonial regime in Yaounde mighty BIRS and all what not will like God bring the revolution to a standstill are now turning to Nigeria for support. The problem here is that the Biafra People lie continguous to Ambazonia, which presents a logistic problem for the two countries. You don’t want to win against these people by further giving them motivation to fight together. The only solution to the Anglophone crisis is genuine dialogue. Mighty France has not been able to save LRC from its dilemma in three battle. Add Nigeria to the equation, that makes no difference. When a people have risen to claim their rights, there is no turning back.

  4. hahahaha ambazonia weeh. who are you fighting? you go and kidnap your parents and brothers and say you are fighting a war. you make your regions ungovernable and you take your investments to francophone regions. you say you do not want french but you take your children to french regions to study and became more franconized. buy weapons and send to fools that they use to kidnap your parents. anglophones shine your eyes.

  5. Mighthy Nigeria, is behaving more like the fool they are. They couldn`t defeat Boko Haram.
    Then they called in neighbors, US and mighty France. Today, BH, is gaining more roots and
    advancing. To sit down and negotiate for a peaceful dialogue, they allow Atanga Nji to
    help them solve the problem. Here we go. Let`s see the Atanga formular and the results.

  6. You can’t fight separatists without addressing core issues. Nigeria and Cameroon can do whatever they want, someday they gonna sit in a seat with the so called separatists and iron out their differences. It feels bad that the current government of Cameroon still doesn’t realise that she ***** up when she altered the constitution in 1972. This *** ain’t going no where until we go back to a federal system. I hate the fact that anglophones are paying the price. One can’t even do business at home coz of fear

  7. Admin, the only reason this news website is **** up is coz there is no free thought of reasoning, every simple **** is moderated. What is this all for? Can’t be freedom of expression? Come on

    Admin: if you keep posting messages loaded with vulgar language, your messages will be held automatically. Sometimes we will hide your ‘f’ and ‘s’ words if we have time for that, else your messages will go where they belong, into the trash. You can ‘reason’ and make your point, without having to rely on words you clearly know are not appropriate.

  8. When your adversary is not a citizen then you may count your success as is the case with the USA & Taliban. That said, Cameroon and Nigeria won’t gain much trying to resolve internal disputes through armed conflict. I am not inclined to militia operations on the continent but I would state that long term dictatorships are breeding grounds for all sorts of problems. The West stands to gain by selling weaponry to these struggling economies. Buildings will be destroyed, towns, villages will fall into ruins and loss of human capital is inevitable. An idea is never killed by firepower.
    As corrupt as we accuse Switzerland to be, their model of governance of having NO president but a 7-person governing council is good. Biya got it wrong. Nyerere, Diouf, Rawlings, Lungu, J. Kabila, got it right.

  9. BAH ACH @only those winning a battle militarily can impose a negotiation. They often FIXE pre conditions for any thing like that to take place…..U can say that again.This is to tell u that Cameroon is losing.As u rightly said,only those winning a war militarily can impose negotiatioon and fix pre-conditions for the negotiation.The last time I checked,Cameroon called for national dialogue in Y’de and it failed becos Ambasonian leaders denied the venue…..About a year latter,Cameroon contacted Ayuk Tabe in jail,for talks and Ayuk Tabe gave his condition for negotiations which Cameroon seemingly rejected.That’s why we are still in the war.So,lets enjoy it while it last.

    • KONGOSSA,,,, so AMBAZONIA is winning the confrontation militarily? ?

      • Ofcourse they are Bah. Apparently u only read Cameroon tribune, Since the boys resulted to IEDs, RPGs and raiding controls they have reduced their number of casualties significantly while Cameroon gov’t troops have lost more troops compared to this time last year. Furthermore, if Cameroon was winning or had won as declared by Atanga Nji last year while is he running to Nigeria for help?

        • YOKONG,,,, are you saying that AMBAZONIA is now about to de clear its independence? Remember I said younde will use nigera to seround, cut and smoke amazonian fighters from thier holes. Who control limbe, Mankin, buea, kumba, mbengwi ? AMBAZONIA or younde

      • @ Bah Acho, what was the objective of the war? Make the territory ungovernable, is it? Yes, You asked who is controlling a few places I will say control is dynamic, the fact that councils like Mbengwi, Ndop are ran from Bamenda says it. ask all the drivers and business people to whom they pay their taxes. Again Cameroon and Nigeria military are only good at maiming unarmed citizens, the boundary is a porous one and I do not see Biafrans or Igbo people collaborating so much with Nigerian troops as far as intelligence. Infact local police and military along the Southern cameroon border with Nigeria are sympathetic to Ambas,. When you speak it gives me the impression you do not understand how the continent is. All countries around the lake chad basin have cornered Boko haram but it’s deadlier

        • YUKONG,,,,,if your objective is making the place ungovernable then you have no plan to win the war and establish an administrative system?for your information just like your president ayuk sisiku tabe was captured by nigeria and handed to yaounde nnamdi kanu has been captured and handed over to the nigerian the president of ambazonia and the biafra repuublic president is in prison.

  10. @BAH ACHO The land is our land.I bet u,we are going to be in this war until Cameroon commits to surrender.

  11. @BAH ACHO Ayuk Tabe has declared the restoration of Ambasonian independence since 1st October 2017.Amba boys are fighting to uphold the declaration of that independence.What will happen is the negotiation for CMR to surrender and quit Ambasonia just as the US is willing to leave Afghanistan to the Afghans.Ambasonia is not going to declare another independence.Independence has already been restored.The next step would be the negotiation for CMR to withdraw her troops from Ambasonia just as the US gave the Talibans a deadline for them to withdraw their troops.CMR will not appoint administrators to govern Ambasonia the same way US appointed Asraf Ghani to lead Afghanistan.The day CMR commits to surrender,then we will negotiate on how and when they will withdraw their troops from Ambasonia.

  12. @BAH ACHO Just as YOKONG said,It seems as if u are reading alot of Cameroon tribune.Reason why u have lost touch of events.When Ambasonia is talking about negotiating with Cameroon on the day Cameroon will withdraw her troops from Ambasonia.You are busy talking about Ambasonia declaring independence.Ambasonia have gone passed that stage of declaring independence.Independence has already been declared.On the table of negotiation,each country will come with her own flag and negotiate like two entities of equal status.Am sure u know Ambasonia’s flag.

    • KONGOSA,,,,if your independence has been decleared,why have you not started governing?your presidential palace is a prison in younde where your president is held?

  13. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    The alliance between Nigeria and Cameroon should be rejected by all means, why because Nigeria is very good in this kind of operation.

    Forget about the Boko Haram war taken more longer than expected to end. The reasons behind the prolonged carnage of BH is because of northern conspiracies within the military ranks , high profile politicians involved to sabotage military intelligence in Nigeria, due to their ideology of an islamic nation call Nigeria. If Nigeria want to end Boko Haram it can achieve it in 1yr.

    Look at how Biafra agitators have been tamed by the Nigeria army, since the shoot on sight was declared by the authority, several Biafra secessionist have ran out of the country.

    Few months back news of how the Nigeria army have carried out a successful raid on arm suppliers to

  14. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    Ambazonia Militia fighting for independence surface, the Nigeria government have mounted military men along her border with Cameroon from Adamawa to Akwa Ibom to monitor Biafra secessionist activities. Now that there will collaboration the whole of Nigeria territory must be avoided by Ambazonia force if not, they will pay dearly from the Nigeria force.

    Dialogue and peaceful protest is the only solution to to the ongoing agitation on both side, just as i said before, Amazonian stand a better chance to gain independence than IPOB, both can still gain independence if the indulge in non violent act to pressed for independence. Many lives have been lost so far, and many will still die from this madness of show off, between LRC and Ambazonia. Biafra secessionist and Nigeria government.

    • Take your advise to your illiterate Buhari as if Ambazonia hasn’t exhausted all means of a peaceful resolution. You must be a novice in this struggle not to understand that Ambazonia change her motto from force of argument to argument of force! We will not negotiate from a position of weakness. No blinking! The war will see its logical end which is independence with or within Biafra. Noise makers who cannot protect their own military academy, have BH shoot down fighter jets and machetes slaughter left right Center want to bloat how good they are. Even the Nigerian Army combined with the LRC terrorists will meet their nightmare in the rainforest of the Ambazonian mountain jungle. God gave us that topography for a reason.

  15. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    I can see that what i stated above didnt go down well with you. I really don’t hate Ambazonia and their struggles for independence.

    The collaboration between Cameroon and Nigeria will create alot of setbacks for Ambazonia Militia if they don’t avoid operations along the borders with Nigeria, remember that Nigeria also is somewhat bless with such topographical terrain just like Cameroon or Ambazonia along the border.

    Maybe with time you will understand better, because right now you are emotionally bitter, and you can’t see the need for Dialogue as solution.