Cameroon, Nigeria Investigate Arms Traffickers Accused of Supplying Weapons to Separatists

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON – VOA | Authorities in Cameroon say weapons traffickers arrested last week in Nigeria have been arming Cameroon’s Anglophone separatists.

Cameroon’s military said Thursday that some of the 40 arms traffickers arrested by police in Nigeria last week are regular suppliers of weapons to rebel groups in Cameroon.

The 40 were arrested in the Nigerian border town of Ikom and charged with various crimes, including supplying guns, ammunition and explosives to separatists.

Separatists have been fighting to create an English-speaking state in the western regions of Cameroon, a majority Francophone country, since 2017.

Frank Mba, the Nigerian Police Force public relations officer, said some of the weapons intercepted were destined for the separatists.

“The suspect, in this case Ntui Lambert, was arrested in Ikom in Cross River state while trying to smuggle or traffic these explosives to Cameroon. He is believed to be working with some secessionist groups in Cameroon. This is not his first time supplying them with dynamites and other arms-related items,” Mba said.

In an interview broadcast by Cameroon state television, Mba said 13 AK-47 rifles, 750 rounds of AK-47 ammunition, and 58 packages of explosives suspected to be dynamite were seized.

He said criminal gangs and separatist groups in Cameroon and Nigeria use dynamite to attack government troops.

The 40 suspects have been charged with terrorism funding, arms trafficking, cybercrimes and abductions.

Thirty-six-year old suspect Ntui Lambert told local media he is a trafficker. He said his father is Cameroonian and his mother Nigerian.

“I was arrested in possession of dynamites, explosives and live ammunition of AK-47, with a Thuraya phone. They arrested me alongside three others. The people [police] that arrested me transferred me to Owerri and from Owerri, they [the police] sent me to Abuja,” he said.

Lambert did not say whether the weapons were destined for Cameroonian separatist groups.

Authorities suspect the arms were meant for the main separatist group, the Ambazonia Defense Forces.

ADF deputy defense chief Capo Daniel said the group is not intimidated by the arrests.

“If the Nigerian government and the Cameroonian government think that they are going to stop us from trafficking weapons and affect our ability to liberate and defend our people, this collaboration between Cameroon and Nigeria will fail woefully,” Daniel said.

Cameroonian and Nigerian authorities who met in the Nigerian capital Abuja last week agreed to jointly fight armed separatists in both countries.

Officials from the two countries said Anglophone separatists in Cameroon and the Indigenous People of Biafra, a group that wants a breakaway state in southeast Nigeria, are joining forces to fight for the independence of their respective regions.

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  1. The story, soumds like fake news and the kind of gumbo journalism practiced in Biya`s country.
    The writeup, is not adding up well eg, There is duress in play and the court verdit, is going to be
    hypocritical. I pray the arrested, have tough lawyers at least [`lambert did not say whether the
    weapons were destined for Cameroonian separatist groups`. `Authorities suspect the arms were
    meant for the main separatist group, the ambazonian defence forces`}.
    If i were to be the judge, i will dismiss the case of grounds of inadequacies.

  2. JOSHUA,,,,if we allow evidence to speak,does it not make sense to suspect that people caught with arms in an area geographically close to a conflict zone wanted to take the arms there?one can doubt that possibility,but if logic is allowed to speak then we can say it is more likely than less likely.when this conflict moved from protest to the current situation were youths were armed by irresponsible diasporans to confront younde militarily.i said looking at the geography of the region.once younde succeeds to cut ambazonian supply lines from nigeria and equatorial guinea.the rest will be empty talk,and here we are.

    some of you keep saying this conflict is not linguistic when i say we should transition from slave identities to authentic african identity by upting for a common african tongue

  3. but the reality is that if french and english was wiped 60 years ago for an african is more likely that we would not be facing this situation today.others say we should drop french and go with english since it is an international language.but the first uption that we should consider,that of upting for an authentic african language is rejected under pretext that everybody will not accept an african langua franca.those in favor of this theory say all linguistic groups would say thier language should be lingua franca.but this argument is quite superficial because no civilization has ever archieved linguistic unity by first considering everyones opinion.since it is a question of preserving group existence,a firm thoughtful decesion is taken and the rest is history.

    • if we accept that language carries a culture with organizational to bring people together and coordinate them to work towards a common objective.we can say that the countries that have preserved thier languages and spirituality have been the most successful.for example the territory of japan is not even half of nigeria,s territory.but japan has a five trillion economy that is almost ten times the nigerian economy.yet the japanese build thier economy using thier language and spirituality.since they are more succesful economically than england,why should we not chose this parth that has proved its efficiency?why should we chose alienation over affirmation of our centrality?

      • i know, that you have heard about intertribal wars. Someday,
        you will accept that it is a reality and so, language alone, does
        not solve the problem.
        LRC, under Biya Paul and the master France, had this agenda of
        assimilation, after Ahidjo, succeeded in fooling hungry anglos at
        Foumban. Also, you can not run away from this authentic history.
        Therefore, endeavor, to accept reality and join the struggle to free
        Ambazonia. Stop being on the side of the oppressors.

        • JOSUA….all wars are economic ,thought,planned and executed for economic reasons.there is nothing like intertribal wars.this term was simply created to hide the real intention of those who plan,finance and sustain wars for economic and geographic control.

          the fact you use the word assimilation mean language is a central problem because you identify yourself by it.we can not allow the british and french to carve out areas in our own land and control through linguistiic is in our civilization interest to remove both languages and replace with one that is african.kiswahili will solve this problem because of its neutrality.foumban conference was pure distraction.a thaughtful observer will conclude that accepting an alien imposed system one or the other was a mistake.

  4. Clowns! Amba boys harvest 60% of their weapons from the weak terrorists army rapists. It doesn’t matter what routes you block or who you arrest; kill Gen Ivo and Gen NoPity emerges, kill him and another nightmare of yours emerges until independence. I wonder what became of the 2 weeks to crush the separatists as per Biya, Paul.

    @Mbappe what happened to the small stone in the shoe?


    Nigeria has more problems than LRC. Nigeria can therefore NOT help LRC to defeat SC.
    The so-called alliance should be considered as a NON-EVENT. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS

    The war will only end at the NEGOTIATING TABLE, not on the battlefield. This is so because LRC TERRORISTS can NEVER EVER defeat the BOYSES and GIRLSES in the bushes.
    Dictator Biya can therefore not avoid the negotiating table, where the ROOT CAUSE of the problem will be discussed.

    BTW, scientists at the Ambazonia Institute of Technology are producing IEDs 24/7 in SC using local materials. They do not depend on supplies from Nigeria.


    • It is common knowledge and a celebrated fact that Dictator Biya declared his sh*thole war on SC because of BAKASSI OIL.

      This is so because:

      1. without Bakassi oil there will be no SONARA.
      2. without Bakassi oil there will be no SNH
      3. without Bakassi oil there will be no money for the Kribi seaport
      4. without Bakassi oil there will be no money for AFCON
      5. without Bakassi oil there will be no money for Intercontinental hotel in Geneva
      6. etc

      Bakassi oil contributes at least 40% to the GDP of LRC.
      Little wonder, LRC will fight to retain the control over Bakassi oil “koste es was es wolle”:

      In sum, Dictator Biya considers the loss of Bakassi oil as an existential threat to the survival of his LRC.

      Unfortunately for the evil dictator, it is


  6. @BAH ACHO Did u say all wars are for economic reasons? including the one between Cameroon and Ambasonia,right? If I understand u correctly,u are saying that Ambasonians picked up arms to fight Yaounde,not becos of the whiteman’s but becos of economic reasons.Why then are u preaching and blaming Ambasonians for picking up arms becos of the whiteman’s language? why are u analysing the reason of the war base on language?

    • KONGOSA,,,all wars without exception are matter the pretext presented to the masses by its architects.what was behind the mind of those who armed youths to take up arms against younde was gaining access to the oil in oder to attain this objective,a motive had to be used and language was a perfect one.knowing that it is easy to manipulate youths who were brought up to worship the enemies language in position of thiers.but if we had taken the decesion to arace alien languages like vietnam did after american agression.this pretext would have been difficult to use.this is the reason why making plans to move away from alien patois in oder to prevent alienation is a salutory civilization decesion.

  7. @BAH ACHO Did u say all wars are for economic reasons? including the one between CMR and Ambasonia,right? If I understand u correctly,u are saying that Ambasonians picked up arms to fight Y’de,not becos of the whiteman’s language but becos of economic reasons.Why then are u preaching and blaming Ambasonians for picking up arms becos of the ”whiteman’s language”when u know that it was becos of economic reasons?why have u been analysing the reason of the war base on the white man’s language?U see why i say that u this so called pan africanist are agents of the Whites? Do u know that Biya’s policy of assimilation which is destroying our culture in SC was not practiced by the British that u have been condemning?So,between Biya and the British,who has destroyed our cultures in NW and SW?

    • KONGOSA,,,,there is no war between ambazonia and younde because ambazonia does not exist.what we have is conflict between younde and insurgences.will ambazonia ever exist?let us look at it.if it will ever exist,how are they going to defeat militarily a supirior adversary when the goverment of nigeria is against them?we must emphasis the negative rule that languae has playing in this situation.if we had taken the rational decesion of aracing alien languages and the decadent culture it comes with.this situation should not have occur because the irresponsible diasporans who wanted to become patrol presidents of the immaginary ambazonian republic would not have had the pretext to incite ignorant youths to take up arms against younde.

  8. the fact you made the following statement mean you have been brainwashed properly to like your enemy. U see why i say that u this so called pan africanist are agents of the Whites? Do u know that Biya’s policy of assimilation which is destroying our culture in SC was not practiced by the British that u have been condemning?if your affirmation is true,how then did you become a christian?why is your language of education and mental construction still english?if we allow evidence to speak for itself.we can say without possibility of doubt that the british had a clear objective,first eracing our spirituality(paying homage to the ancestors)by transforming us to christians and so docile then aracing our memory by replacing our languages by english.this guarantee our definitive domination.

  9. @BAH ACHO U are still not answering my question.I just asked u to tell me which political capital between Yaounde and London,the political capital that has destroyed the culture of the people of ”NW” and ”SW”.
    Secondly,u say that Ambasonia does not exist,in other words SC does not exist if I understand u correctly.Which means it is ”NW” and ”SW” of LRC that exist as a geographical region under LRC,right?Why then has the international community not declared SC… AKA Ambasonia as a terrorist organisatioon since it does not exist as an international political entity? Becos the international community is already aware of this name,Ambasonia as one of the belligerents in the conflict in the Cameroons.