Cameroon-Nigeria road link planned

World Highways | A new Cameroon-Nigeria road link is being planned.

A new road link connecting northern Cameroon with northern Nigeria is being planned. A substantial portion of the funding required will be provided via a new loan of US$186.4 million from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

This latest loan comes in addition to the $21.1 million that the AfDB has already provided for the project. The planned link is called the Ring Road project and the route stretches some 365km.

The construction of the road will help boost trade and transport between Cameroon and Nigeria. The northern areas of both countries will benefit immensely from greater trade as these are amongst the less economically developed of these nations.

The city of Maidugri in north east Nigeria is a centre for trade in the region and better communications will improve the economy. However, there has been instability in this region, which could provide a challenge to construction.

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  1. The Bamenda Enugu road was approved in 2008 and today the road is still under construction because LRC although signed the loan, was never very interested in the completion because completion earlier meant Southern Cameroons economic independence without firing a gun. The Nigerian portion was completed in 2012.

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          anti-regime/anti-amba Blackleg

  2. LRC don do crimes even worse than crucifying JESUS …
    These LRC Thugs will put projects omn paper, go collect money and dont do anything..
    These are the real crimes against humanity..Cameroon lack every basic necessity to make people its people live an average life..
    When most people live in the big cities in Cameroon, it is hard to understand when villagers complain for the following reason:
    -Cameroonians dont travel..
    – They dont visit other african countries to see how fast growing and developing they are..
    – cameroonians travel only to DUBAI, Europe, USA and south Africa to search for green pastures..
    If they will travel and visit other african countries, most of them will join the AMBA boys and chase the thugs ruling them , believe me..

    • “-Cameroonians dont travel..
      – They dont visit other african countries to see how fast growing and developing they are..”

      How can “Cameroonians dont travel all of a sudden become “cameroonians travel only to DUBAI, Europe, USA and south Africa to search for green pastures..”

      You have traveled. Why aren’t you in Lebialem or Kumbo fighting?

      You are more Cameroonian than you are willing admit. If that your logic isn’t from the Biya or Sako Ikome playbook, then i don’t know what they have done to some of you in that cult. Chai.

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