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Cameroon, Nigeria to collaborate in anti-graft campaign

YAOUNDE, Jan. 16 Xinhua | — Cameroon and Nigeria have begun seeking ways to collaborate to fight corruption in both countries, according to officials of Cameroon’s anti-graft body on Wednesday.

Officials of National Anti-Corruption Commission (CONAC) and Nigeria’s anti-graft agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), met in the capital Yaounde on Wednesday to lay down the guidelines for the collaboration.

“Our coming here is to canvass for greater understanding in terms of relationship, exchange of ideas and information,” Mohammed Abba Umar, EFCC’s Director of Operations, told reporters.

“It (corruption) is not a problem of one country but all countries in Africa and we appreciate the cooperation between Cameroon and Nigeria,” CONAC Chair, Dieudonne Massi Gams said.

Transfer of illicit funds within Cameroon-Nigeria borders is on the rise and there is an urgent need to track down the funds and arrests offenders, the officials said.

“The joint operations can help us to recover lot of looted funds.” Umar said.

The collaboration is the first of its kind between the two countries.

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  1. Hihihi,
    Ambazonia will make you collaborate at all levels even under your beds but nothing will stop our state from emerging.
    Prepare yourselves because Amba is emerging by 2025 not in 2035 like a neighbouring failed state I know

  2. City-Twinning is a fantastic way of enabling the leaders of two geographically separated cities in two different countries to use creative exchanges and tackle problems of common interest.

    How marvelous! How wonderful! Imagine sending students in a given field of endeavor to go and acquire skills “out there” and come back to tackle the challenge of pollution, garbage collection and treatment, water treatment.
    Such ventures require a certain number of citizens of both cities meeting formally or informally to discuss and put ideas to work A remarkable example exists linking Mankon in Bamenda with Lowell in Massachusetts, thanks to a few dynamic citizens with foresight. If Geneva could link up with Mvogmeka, Paris with Douala, London with Nso, Garoua with Istanbul, et c. If…if…if…

  3. LRC can thank God Abaca died otherwise the Mongo border would have been drawn by now and Bakassi safely in the hands of the Southern Cameroons

    • No matter who dies, our freedom is at hand.
      We must work overtime, 3 jobs if necessary to support the IG and our people.
      Freedom, freedom, freedom