Cameroon opens office in France to support the diaspora willing to invest in their country of origin

Business in Cameroon | On September 9, 2020, André-Magnus Ekoumou (photo), Cameroon’s ambassador to France, announced the creation of an office that will provide support to the diaspora willing to invest in Cameroon.

The release published by the official in that regard does not explain the type of support the bureau will provide but this initiative will likely boost the diaspora’s involvement in the development of Cameroon.

According to a development finance assessment funded by the UNDP, the Cameroonian diaspora’s involvement in the development of their country is still very low compared with the level in countries at the same development level.

“The low involvement of the Cameroonian diaspora in the country’s development, therefore, deserves to be addressed by in-depth studies ranging from the evaluation (even if it is approximate) of its savings potential to the search for specific instruments that can encourage Cameroonians living abroad to invest more in their country of origin,” the study suggested.

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  1. Hahaha what a joke

  2. Ni Bah Acho,

    are you now going to seize this opportunity to raise capital and at last lunch the first beetle-farm in Ngemnboh ?

    I’ll suggest you cut down those plum trees on that our plot and try out beetles…


    Mr. Ambassador, we don’t need that support, Sir. Accept dual nationality and the money spent on visa fees could be transformed into capital for small-scale businesses that would quickly grow within a short time frame. Exonerate such small businesses from taxes, provide such businesses counsellors on the spot, free of charge. And if CMR doesn’t develop with a short time call diasporians LAZY…

    • @ZAM ZAM;- at home in cameroon, u will hear statements like;
      – An anglo cannot be president
      – A bami cannot be president
      – They will refuse to sell land to anglo or bami but give to a chinese..
      – So even if i want to invest in the south or centre, they will make sure i dont succed because of reason only these lazy rulers know..
      How can they refuse dual nationality when all ministers are foreigners?..

      MY suggestion:
      – let them open all areas cameroonians can buy land in the internet.
      -let them put all conditions to open business in cameroon in the internet so u dont need to bribe people all the time…
      -Let them abandon bread and sardine as francophone official meal to allow them start thinking..-)).
      – Teach them understand that only a united cameroon can progress.
      Lets chase biya away now

      • Your message is based on I hear say. same like your ambazonia country. hahaha
        If you do not have the capital to go home and invest stop ranting.

      • kumkum pass Garri

        Poor wretched ambazombie terrorist Biko!

        You do not have the resources to make any investment in Cameroon so you make up stupid stories as your excuse for being unable to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to all.

        If you want to buy land, all you need is capital. You do not need a Chinese passport to buy land in Cameron. The supply of land is greater than the demand for land. So, stop the lies!!

        So, wretched Biko will never be able to afford capital to buy land in Cameroon because he is dumb and lazy! There is abundant land available for sale to Cameroonians who can afford. Due to market forces, land owners tend to sell to the highest bidder. Sorry Biko! You have to keep hoping that Ayaba Cho will give you fred land in the delusional republic of ambazombies

        • mr KUMKUM: – I have never heard any interesting or mature discussion come out of your mouth..Seems you have been raised to talk without a brain..Do you think you love Cameroon more than all of us?..
          Can you show us a platform in cameroon where you can buy a plot of land?..
          Can you show us a platform where you can read on how to do business in cameroon?
          You can see all these in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, not to talk of most of the countries in the southern African region..
          IF you love your country, you should be critical , be honest and accept when things are not moving well..That is maturity and objective patriotism..
          Stop talking like Atanga Nji , running your smelling mouth in this forum and talking like a brinless CPDM militant ..
          BY the way who is Ayaba Cho?..Non creative MF..

        • kumkum pass Garri

          You are a wretched ambazombie terrorist nyamfukah! You will never hear anything reasonable from me because you are a dumb and delusional citizen of the delusional republic of ambazombie terrorists. I am here to expose your terrorist activities and your stupidity!

          You are so stupid, dumb and ignorant that you do not even realize people are buying and selling land everyday in Cameroon.

          You certainly do not own land in Cameroon, hence you do not know how to purchase land in Cameroon.

          I will not educate you on how to buy land because you will remain eternally wretched due to your stupidity. You will never be able to afford land in Cameroon.

          Those who have capital to buy land in Cameroon have no problem buying land., Sellam quick, etc!
          Dumb terrorist nyamfukah Biko

      • “An anglo cannot be president”

        True, but that was in the old CMR.

        In the new CMR, things shall rotate. That’s why it is imperative that we all get rid of equatorial Gaulists and Saxons—cleanse them out of our land—enemies of Africa. They must all be sent back to EU, where they belong. If not, you can forget it. They would always rather pledge their allegiance to Macron and Johnson.

        They all are on a safari trip in CMR/AFR—when PATRIOTS shall come after them they’ll all run while proclaiming their true nationalities.

        By following and helping them in destroying our land, we, PATRIOTS, are the fools. Do we have another country where we can run to when things get real rough?…

      • Why don’t you invest in your own land then ?! Na by force to sell you land !? Go and invest in your regions and turn them to Dubai …

  3. Mr Ambassador will you lie to them that the corruption they left in Cameroon has been defeated? will you lie to them that the electricity and water crisis they know if in Cameroon has been solved? will you tell them that roads have been improved? will you tell that that this crazy tax system is a thing of the past? police harassment is over? insecurity problem solved? i can make a list of two pages. If these vices continue Sah then you can open two thousand offices in France. They will not invest at home

    • kumkum pass Garri

      Liza…. There are thousands of businesses in Cameroon owned by Cameroonians living in the diaspora. There are countless Cameroonians form the diaspora making huge investments in Cameroon today. These enterpreneurs do not need an ambassador to paint a picture of a fake Cameroon to encourage them to invest in Cameroon. These entrepeneurs are fully informed on the socio-economic situation of the country and the specific business opportunities they want to invest in. They did their homework long before.

      This information is for Cameroonian entrepeneurs and investors in the diaspora and not for wretched, ignorant “frustratedamus diasporanos Cameronianus”.

      Thank you Mr. Ambassador, we will take advantage of this opportunity while the losers like Liza make noise in their misery.

  4. The simple Truth is that :
    – Cameroons economy is falling apart because of bad governance..
    – The country was once the Giant in central Africa but is today the sick man in Central Africa..
    – The country is being governed by a group of old people who have failed for 40 years..
    We need young and ambitious people to take the country forward..
    – we dont have good roads, no good hospitals and thanks to EQUINOX TV, many cameroonians are seeing how the people suffer daily..
    We need to accept dual nationalities to attract DIASPORANS to come and invest in their country of origin..
    We need to attract AFRICAN AMERICANS with capital to invest as they are doing in ghana and other African countries..
    Lets implement laws and make this country a place for blacks not chinese and Whites..

  5. lol invest in lrc!! Your odds are better off going to a casino or race track

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