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Cameroon opposition candidate Kamto declares victory in presidential poll

YAOUNDE, Oct 8 (Reuters) – Cameroon opposition candidate Maurice Kamto declared victory in Sunday’s presidential election, saying he had “achieved his goal” and calling on longstanding incumbent Paul Biya to hand over power peacefully.

“I invite the outgoing president to organise a peaceful way to transfer power,” Kamto, who leads the Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon (MRC), told a news conference on Monday in the capital Yaounde.

The election was widely expected to extend the rule of Biya, one of Africa’s last multi-decade leaders who has held power for 36 years.

“My mission was to take a penalty. I did it and I scored,” Kamto said to chants of “freedom” by jubilant supporters in a courtyard outside. He offered no evidence to justify his claim to have won.

Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji said on Sunday that only the Constitutional Council would be allowed to announce results, and that any form of challenge to the verdict would “not be tolerated”.

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  1. Why are they keeping on making the same mistakes over and over again?!
    Why such a rush mr Kamto? Cabral has declared himself the winner too….

    • Your nightmare, a powerful bamileke international lawyer with strong connections have won the election. Your Bikusi dancing thief of a president will be forced out like it happened in Gambia.

      • Lol! Your comment is insignificiant like your name…
        I’m not pro Biya, but you guys have made Biya look smarter than all. Why all the noise? Keep playing drums, but for god sake, spare my Country from all the nonsense.

        • Your country is very corrupt.

        • [email protected] its not that corrupt and accusing an entire country of being corrupt actualy hinders atracting real investors so please refrain from this assumption ,many investors have made a mint in west/central africa and then, to scare competition off ,declare its corrupt.

    • What mistake? In America, this is done all the time. In America candidates declare victory and others even concede before the electoral board declared the winner.

      Aux États Unis, Les candidats se déclare vainqueur avant que l’office électoral annonce les résultats. Et d’autres candidats même se déclare pas vainqueur avant même la publication des résultats pas l’office électoral ici aux États-Unis. Vous copier la démocratie mais vous ne voulait pas copier comment ça fonctionne en vraie terme. Ce que Kamto a fait est une notion en psychologie politique et c’est toute à fait normale dans une démocratie. Mr. Kamto est un professeur de droit et il connaît cela.

      Le vrai problème est que les Camerounais ne sont pas habitués à l’alternance et no’ont pas Assez d’expérience démocratique

  2. This is purely a Franco problem. Kamto is the winner, so was Fru Ndi. There was no blood bath in the case of Fru Ndi. It will not be the same with Kamto. There is going to be Beti Bamilike confrontation. This time around, the Bamis will have an upper hand. The Anglos will sit back and laugh. Biya is on his way to his Swis garden. Let the fight begin.

    • I said earlier that Southern Cameroonians should just sit back, get an extra large bucket of popcorn and let the games begin.
      It’ll be long though…..


    Without Dictator Biya, ex-convict Atanga Nji will be in hell
    Ex-convict Atanga Nji will have nowhere to escape. The US and EU ALWAYS reject ex-convicts.
    That Conman is already Persona Non-Grata in SC. He can therefore not go to SC.
    The military hierarchy of LRC hates him. They even asked Dictator Biya to sack him. He can therefore not remain in LRC in peace.
    His best-case scenario is to drink poison and die like Adolf Hitler and Goebbels.


      1. Prof. Kamto’s press conference comes after he had spoken with officials of some Western embassies who have assured him of their support and determination to see that peace returns to the struggling nation. The U.S.A ambassador has already congratulated Prof. Kamto and he looks forward to working with the new authorities.
      2. Meanwhile, the Interim President of Southern Cameroon, Dr. Samuel Sako, has also congratulated Prof. Kamto, adding that he would be working with him to bring peace to Southern Cameroons.
      3. Currently there are negotiations going on between the Biya team and the Kamto team. Mr. Biya is a man under pressure and he has to quit before he gets humiliated.
      4. Cameroonians are prepared to defend their victory and no killing of civilians will change the decision.


      5. Biya has to go. He has had more than his fair share of life. He has spilt Cameroonian blood, so he has no place in our country. He belongs to the past and must not be allowed to stay in power.

  4. The constitutional council / parliament, had been barred from this whole thing.
    Bringing either of them now, epecially to declare the results, is just wrong and eyebrow
    raising. Fraud oh fraud with this biya man and co syndicate.
    This is the time, for sleeping dogs to stand up. The past, is no justification for fear or
    intimidation. Two weeks to declare the results, is fraud already. Yes yes yes, yes yes yes.
    But SC – Ambazonia, will be laughing at the latest turn of events. What goes around,
    surely comes around.
    Biya and co, can not keep thinking that victory, is a one man`s thing.

  5. Be nice to take body temperature, BMW, blood pressure, etc for Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo, Governor Lele L’Afrique, Minister Paul Nji Atanga aka Peter Nji Atanga, Minister Laurent Esso, Ngo Ngo Ferdinand, Governor Bilaii, Charles Ndongo Pythagoras and a few others.

  6. There is certainly an end to everything. Even most of those in the military are fade up with all the wars they are fighting all round for old dictators when their salaries are not even paid in full. There’s always an end to everything. This time around I don’t think Biya and his old gangsters will get away with this. Atanga Nji gave all sort of traits this morning but yet the speech was made and the population still turned out. People have learn to overcome fear from the Anglophoneschool. If Biya knows what is good for him, let him leave in peace or else he might leave straight to Kondengui even though either way he’ll still end up there. I pity illiterate Atanga Nji, the best place he can go to hide will be Kondengui. Ambaland will never welcome him

  7. Kamto, the adventurer with an inestimable ego wants to try his hand in a coup d’etat but he might get brutally murdered. He has forgotten where Etoudi is located… and he is trying to deride the Northern folk… and mock the entire nation. He had enough time to do his homework but he refused to do it. Now, he might get arrested and charged for terrorism.

    • Some sumbu like you go soon run away from this forum or change your name.

      You nova see nothing.

    • Actually the charge is treason.
      If found guilty, if death penalty.
      This guys claims to be a jurist and unless I am a dummy in this area, I still believe the only institution that can declare a winner is the “Cour constitutionelle”.
      I am mesmerized by this move unless he has some guarantees from some sponsor somwhere.
      This Guy does not love his country as you can contest the results if you feel suitable to do so.
      In my opinion, this is treason simple as that.
      The laws of the land should apply fully in this instance

      • Treason is just an insignificant portion of the charges that might be slapped on the adventurer…. and the death penalty is not the worst punishment that can be given to a human being. One thing that is clear is that Kamto miscalculated gravely. For some really strange reason many unwise people seem to be begging for war in the country but when that war starts, not even the entire world combined together will be able to bring tranquility to that nation.

        • Oh, and by the way… unless Kamto wants to be a president in his native Baham, and then try to secede since secession has become somewhat fashionable to dream about these days. But even then, Kamto will find stiff resistance even in his very own backyard once his people start getting harassed in Douala and Yaounde where they have been quietly enriching themselves for years upon years! The European backers of his are not reckoning with these dynamics.

          Moreover, to be able to sit quietly and comfortably at Etoudi, Kamto knows what he must not do… and we all know that. Ahidjo was extremely lucky back then. Today, Ahidjo would be in serious trouble, knowing how we have evolved in terms of hospitality and generosity.

        • Whats wrong with this evil egoisitic fool called Ras Tuge? Is there anyone or anything you love in this cameroon? First you wanted the summary execution of Agbor Balla and now you wish death on Dr Kamto. You must be seriously sick. pls go get a life man.

      • @ Mpappe, What law of the land are you talking about? The law of the land that has been changed severally to match Paul Biya’s desire? This is an opportunity for Cameroonians to take out the Biya regime à la Burkinabe. We are dying for change as the country is falling apart with Biya as head of state.

        • Oh well, but the elections are indicating that Biya is extremely popular! So how exactly do you hope to achieve your goal?

          Besides, Kamto is just one of the opposition leaders and that gives him no leverage, especially when some are already distancing themselves from him.

        • @ Bobjazz
          For now,
          With Kamto att Etoudi, we are definitely going into real chaos.

        • @ Bikutsi. My sister, it will still be better than having Biya in power again. Biya and France are planning to replace Biya with his son after Biya is declared the winner by the fake ELECAM. The reason his son took courses in ENAM. Do you really want this to happen? This is the only opportunity we have right now or we will have to wait for another 7 years. The only time you can change a sitting president is during elections or by a coup d’état and the military is not prepared to do that. We need change by any means necessary. All the African countries like Ghana, Rwanda, Burkinafaso, Ethiopia etc are leaving us behind despite our richness in natural resources.

  8. Whatever person who win the election should be handed the power peacefully.

    • For once, your sense is getting back. To get back fully, continue to read positive
      posts by matture people on the forum. Don`t feel shy boy, you are still breathing.

    • who is this? wonderful hahahahaha

    • My man Ras. Biya is popular in which country? Do you mean France or Cameroon?. You must be joking if it’s Cameroon. Even my neighbor here in Toronto who is from Biya’s village wants Biya out.

  9. Surely I sincerely home they -Libie & Kamto- know what they are doing/and saying.
    I will take any of they as PR over Biya anytime.
    So hoping change has happened already in my belove Cameroon!

  10. Congratulations to Our President Elect Professor Maurice Kamto!

  11. Félicitations au président élu du Cameroun, Maurice Kamto! Nous, les Camerounais, sommes fiers de vous et nous espérons pouvoir soutenir votre mission de mener le Cameroun vers une nouvelle ère.?

  12. Congratulations to Cameroon President Elect professor Maurice Kamto! We Cameroonians are proud of you and we look forward to supporting your mission to lead Cameroon to a New Dawn.?

    • Hahahahahaha, korak !

      You’re now CMR? Hahahahahaha!

      Njakri aside, if Kamto has won this thing as he’s claiming, OUR country would change overnight, especially with regard to the crisis.

      People who cast their ballot for Kamto knew his village, so let tribalists, the crazy pple of Africa, be patient awhile and let Kamto have his day in court.

      CPDM is lucky that Mme Walla is not there…she would have sent her congratulatory message to Kamto by now, while youths warm up for the last chance to scatter this current system—this is the LAST chance…

      • @Zam-Zam !When was I not Cameroonian? I didn’t choose m6 birthplace. I was born and Raised Cameroonian and sang praise to Paul Biya from primary school through high school and into University but I still ended up Frustrated and Left the country because nothing was working under Paul Biya’s Backward policies. A new president might bring a fresh take and A new impetus.

  13. Simply put the charge is treason.
    If found guilty, if death penalty.
    This guys claims to be a jurist and unless I am a dummy in this area, I still believe the only institution that can declare a winner is the “Cour constitutionelle”.
    I am mesmerized by this move unless he has some guarantees from some sponsor somewhere.
    This Guy does not love his country as you can contest the results if you feel suitable to do so.
    In my opinion, this is treason simple as that.
    The laws of the land should apply fully in this instance

    • Hah, hah hah @ Mbappe. I am sorry your papa Biya is gone and Cameroon is finally free. Obosso Cameroon.

      • Your are in so dreamland,but when you wake up, you might commit suicide and and a heart attach might catch up with you.
        Listen illuminati, i really don’t give a dam about the individual BIYA, but you want to be the president, you ought to win elections.
        I am pretty sure Kamto is a very light weight in Kamerun relative to his political weigth

        • lol at myself.
          … your are in some dreamland….
          you might have a heart attack when you do wake up

        • I will take Kamto any day over Biya. This has nothing to do with Kamto being a light weight. It is about taking Biya out by any means necessary. Cameroonians are prepared to support anyone bold enough to challenge Biya like they did in 1992 with Fru Ndi and now Kamto in 2018. We will go out in mass like the Burkinabes to support anyone who is bold enough to challenge the brutal dictator. Just wait and see my friend. This is not 1992. Times have changed due to information technology. Moubarak and Compaore supporters also said the same thing like you.

    • Le président élu, le professeur Maurice Kamto, n’a violé aucune loi. Il n’a pas donné de chiffres et n’a pas prétendu que c’étaient les résultats officiels. Il a simplement exprimé son opinion, estimant qu’il avait gagné les élections, il appartenait à ELECAM de prouver qu’il avait tort. nous avons aussi le chiffre.

  14. @Ras Tug,

    it is thanks to the bamileke for buying all your village land that you are in Sweden and can write english or eat ok? ..bamileke are hard working peoples and the only one that can free cameroon from tour master “aryan” that you peoples idolatre and worships like God! it is not our fault if your parents sold all your land to us and cannot do bussiness or save penny ok?…we take your womens everyday and your wifes with money everyday ok? stop talking down on peoples that feed your village ok?your little jealousie because we took all ya womens them ..land and soul is not our fault ok? keep your advice to yourself..we’ve never fought cameroonians but aryans and wait when you will start your fight against us u will see

    • Oh well, this is the type of mentality that is costing Kamto dearly! You could also look at it this way… it is thanks to the generosity of other tribes that your Bamileke tribe has been able to breath. Imagine if people start chasing your people away like the Ambazombis are doing in the SW and NW?

      You forget too soon, me friend… Remember the last time the Bamileke tried to challenge the mystic Bakossi inside Bakossi land? Well, it didn’t go too well for your brave warriors… the bloodbath was immense. We don’t want to do that to your people any more. Let us be civilized people, and look after each other instead!

      • This Bakossi phlegm! I was sure I had planted a bullet into your big forehead in that forest. Let me sit back and oil my sniper rifle so this time I don’t miss your banga lips. Amba boys should take a break and watch this Bulu-Beti vs Bsmileke drama.

    • You are a low life and no one will entertain you.
      disappear as you do not add anything to the debate.
      your weakeness as a “bami” is your ignorance, the lack of education in your land.
      owning a “boutique” or “cacahuettes” hustling all day or starving you kids, having a diete with no protein does not make your “hard working”.
      think twice before spewing nonsense

      • yeah yeah yeah because you can repeat after aryans you think you are educated..biya was “educated” in France look what he did to cameroon..ahidjo..kadaffi…sankara etc . we’re not “educated” like you say and we know what they did for their peoples..noises makers..that is all you low life peoples like to throw around..phd in this and that..big suits 3000 euros but do not understand economie or aryans education..repeaters at aryans school i am confident i have more qualifications than you low brains

  15. yeah yeah yeah keep talking..in education we pass you look outside cameroon who are the first 20 cameroonians in any exams?? money wise we pass you…noises makers..like I said we never ever fought against other cameroonians we fought the colonial master and their mups like you…you speak of generosity? what a bouffon you are why are you not giving your land for free..what a dreamer you are ..you do not even understand economie…bla bla bla…we pass you at all level yes all levels…noise makers ..you are low life peoples trying to look lile aryans…noises maker and empty treaths..just wait when the time comes ok? you started with your treaths and I gave you the other side of the coins now you are all panicking..slaves to bams..you and your womens eye…

  16. I see nothing wrong in Kamto declaring himself president elect, we know what the CPDM is up to when they know that they’ll lose.

    Now, let Biya arrest him! It will give him the opportunity to publish his ballot reports, and we are going to compare them to Osih’s and Libii’s. Only so can we know the truth.

    Fru Ndi didn’t want war, he let it go. I am not sure Kamto is ready to let it go, and he has the youths behind him.

    Besides, Libii, Osih and Kamto are one of the few politicians I have seen in CMR who have shown ZERO sign of being tribalists. I see no reason why some are already brandishing their JOKER on the table in protest.

    KAMTO has spoken, allow him to bear the consequences!

    CMR needs new blood to solve our crisis, and of course put us back on rails—Kamto or whosoever…

    • ZZ
      Kamto joue tres mal son jeux. Et C’est tres dangereux et decevant pour bcoup de Camerounais qui aspirent au changement.
      Il devait attendre. S’il avait le peuple avec lui, on allait l’acompagner à Etoudi le moment venu.
      Ce qu’il a fait lui coutera tres unitilement cher et les Cmrnais avec.
      Je sais que C’est ton type, mais vraiment, il a dérangè.

      • I don’t agree Bikutsi. There is nothing in that LAW BOOK which says one cannot declare himself the winner. There is no crime in it. We can as well consider it as FAKE NEWS. However, the LAW BOOK says only the constitutional council declares the VALID winner – that means legal by law.

        I think Atanga Nji and CPDM are just scared at the psychological implications of what Kamto et al declaration will have on the people. As such the purpose of their deceleration is to control the fraud. I think it will limit it by 30%. If ELECAM, the CC and CPDM sense population agitation from this declaration, it will also reduce the fraud by at least 30%. So there is still going to be 40% fraud level to deal with… This is what Biya will use and be declared victorious.

        • @Fon
          I agree with you, but Kamto as an international lawer should know better.
          This his move is a very bad calculate one.
          I don’t understand what the purpose of such a move is, if not to implant chaos.
          Trouble and chaos is the last thing we need right now if we want to get ride of Biya.
          This move of Kamto will make him loose everything.
          It is so sad because people who are supposed to be leaders of change, still making such huge misstakes and by so doing, they are just giving more power to Biya.

      • Noo, Bikut! Kamto n’a jamais était mon type, NEVER.

        Je l’ai dis ici quelques jours avant le vote, la seule personne qui est déterminée à nous tirer par force hors du tunnel c’est Kamto et le MDR, selon mes analyses quoi.

        Ce qui me fait même croire en Kamto/MDR c’est le simple fait que mm le RDPC a peur de lui. Si ces vampires là ont une peur bleu devant kl1, il y a sûrement klke chose derrière.

        Je n’ai pas du tout confiance à ce RDPC, ils ont acheté tt le CMR. Il faut qd mm kon leur prouve aussi kils n’ont pas les cornes sur la tête. Faut kils sachent aussi ke 1992 n’est pas 2018—faut kils réfléchissent très bien cette fois-ci avant d’ajouter quelques zéros…

        • Hihihi ZZ
          Faut se calmer hein. Tu es tellement passionné que tu as meme ecris le nomn du parti faut. C’est le MRC pas MRD! Hihihi…
          Franchement pour moi personellement que ce soit Kamto, Cabral, Oshi Joshua, peut importe pourvu que les choses se passent dans l’ordre et que cette personne fasse avancer le Cameroun.
          Mais, je connais mes gens, et je souhaite qu’on fasse tout pour éviter le bain de sang inutile.
          Kamto était peut être le messi jusqu’a ce qu’il déconne hier.
          En tout cas, affaire à suivre.
          Allez seulement doucement.. La ” revolution ” là peut se transformer à autre chose..

        • Hahahaha Bikut, MRC…tu vois donc ke je n’ai aucune affiliation avec Kamto et son partie.

          C’est le chassement qui m’interesse !

          Kamto a marqué son péno, mm coe le gardien de but c’est Valsero! Biya a déjà raté pour lui depuis 36ans. Kil dégage!

          Il a qd mm fallu un certain kamto pour les faire ts sortir de leur gong, tour à tour. Du jamais vu, on égorge les gens aux SO/NO ts les tjrs, ts ses tchindas se cachent sans jamais broncher…

  17. Zam Zam, the battles lines have been drawn, judging from what Mbappe, Soyakutsi, Mbamois, are saying above! Pinguiss is coming for you soon. Since you are an experienced escapee, we will see where you will take refuge now! The senior blackleg Ras Metuge has taken his extremist position as expected! You and Pharaon are licking your wounds!

  18. Ha ha ha ha ha….I am laughing my lungs out.Francophones who were united against anglophones, are now divided amongst themselves becos of the presidency,while Ambazonians stand united.Whoever is the winner of the francophone election is not legitimate in the anglophone territory.Ambazonians did not vote,so,whoever emerges the president between Biya and Kamto,should know that he still have Ambazonians to deal with.I am seeing @Ras Tuge and @Pharaon who were united yesterday,but are now divided becos of the presidency becos of tribal [email protected] and Bikutsi who were united yesterday,are now divided becos of the presidency.We,Ambazonians are just watching,from a distance, the drama between Beti-Bulu vs Bamilike…ha ha ha ha ha…LRC is deeply divided…..

    • Having different opinions on one matter and express it without fear is a prof of maturity.
      But you can’t understand that.
      You should be more concerned about the silence that surrounds your “Ambazonian” dream. .
      It is like you guys don’t even exist right now. What does that tells you @Kongossa?

      • You think so? Rather, insinuating that a presidential candidate be charged for treason/terrorism because you somehow can influence a corrupt law that appointed your tribal thief paying 100% allegiance to the thief of president reveals how dirty, corrupt and sh*tty your rotten mind is. That is the reason your country with a 65% youthful population has one of the highest global unemployment and young people keep dying trying to cross into Europe on foot. That’s why you remain a disgrace and a giant scrapyard sewage drainage with always no accountability but the best and chop broke pot. You and this fool called @Mbappe need your heads checked. The constitutional council is illegal because it’s coming to be is dotted by illegality.

    • @Kongosa,

      wehtin consign you for our matters?

      Wait time wey Chris Anu or Ayaba Cho dem go declare themselves as IG leaders, then comment.

      Abeg lef me ah discuss witi ma kontri pipo…

  19. @ Ras Tuge ”Kamto, the adventurer with an inestimable ego wants to try his hand in a coup d’etat but he might get brutally murdered.He has forgotten where Etoudi is located… and he is trying to deride the Northern folk… and mock the entire nation. He had enough time to do his homework but he refused to do it. Now, he might get arrested and charged for terrorism.”..Ha ha ha ha ..Really? So Etoudi is located in the beti land and Kamto who from Baham cannot come and sit in Etoudi as president,but Biya,the Beti-Bulu has the right to send his governors to the west,which is Kamto’s Region,and D.Os to Baham,in Kamto’s village,to govern people from Baham,right?..We,Ambazonians are just watching the drama.Settle your scores in LRC.We are waiting for u in Ambaland.We will crush u like termites..

  20. We must stop burning energies on the wrong task. Candidate Maurice Kamto did not break any law at all. This may sound surprising to Atanga Nji Paul’s disciples. The electoral laws make it compulsory to display each polling station’s vote count for all to see. This makes the information public knowledge and nobody will prosecute a person for announcing what is public!
    What would be worthwhile exploring is where l’Hexagone fits into all of this. France has always pulled the remote control button. That is where attention should be focused.

    • And Pa’a John, what is your take where France stands? I have been asking myself the same question tme and time again

      • Believe me, you won’t like my take at all. I don’t like it either but since you ask, I can assure you that France will surely be playing a dirty game one way or the other. France will hang onto the out-going president while teasing the self-declared winner, so that if she misses Biya she still has Kamto. Did Muna not campaign in France? Let us just wait and see.

        By the way, Kamto is as appealing as Biya was in the early days. I made the mistake of boasting to my Muslim co-workers about a Christian taking over from a Muslim and therefore going to show Christian love, benevolence, humility etc. I was wrong, very wrong.
        As for Maurice Kamto, I weigh very heavily the rebuke Ben Muna made of him. Ben Muna is the elder brother of Akere Muna, a lawyer too. After the Bakassi case at the African

        • Court, Maurice Kamto became the wonder boy, courted here and there, made minister under Vice Prime Minister Ali, given the contract via his BRAIN TRUST CONSULTING Company to renew the Penal Code etc. The rest is history if you can recall the massive protests of lawyers who felt scandalized and sidelined when the National Assembly sat deliberating on voting it into law. Of course President Biya acted promptly and put an end to it. Thank God! That Professor Maurice Kamto’s Company could work on such a sensitive document without sharing its details with colleagues was very telling, n’est-ce pas?